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Yoko Ono says she still might write a memoir

If you really think about it this is the one last Beatle story that has not been truly told in full.  She is a woman of mystery.  Love her or hate her, most fans don’t know that much about Yoko Ono personally.   There are a few Beatle books and stories that I have been holding my breath for.   I can’t wait to see the 3-volume opus that Mark Lewisohn has cooking in his brain.  I think it will be the closest thing that fans will have as a definitive, non-whitewashed, biography of The Beatles. No doubt about it he is the authority.  It will be exhaustive at best, leaving no stone unturned and no story untold.  It is the other story that we haven’t hear that really excites me though.

We have only gotten snapshots of Yoko.  Most of the time these stories are through some filtered lens.  I would love to know what her take on things was.  For instance, we have heard John’s take on the Two Virgins cover-shoot, but we have never really heard Yoko’s version of events.  I wonder what Yoko was thinking during The White Album recording.   Here is this woman, madly in love, in the midst of the biggest bad in recorded history, and there is nothing but tension.  I wonder what her complete thoughts might be on the turn of events.  Well, folks it looks like we may just get the chance just yet to hear her story from her directly. 

Until the Yoko memoir surfaces, I guess we’ll just have to anticipate the Pattie Boyd memoir that is due to hit shelves in August.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Yoko Ono may yet write her autobiography despite a reluctance to deal with hostile critics — Beatles fans who still blame her for breaking up the band.

But she also is worried about hurting the people she would write about.

“I want to one day do that probably but still don’t have the time,” Ono, the widow of slain former Beatle John Lennon, said at a forum in New York.

“There are things that I can’t write because it may hurt someone,” Ono said. “I think about how it might hurt (their) children, and I don’t want to do that.”

Discussing her own art and music, Ono said she always thought of her work as Asian and rejected being categorized as part of the Fluxus, or minimalist movement prevalent in New York in the early 1960s.

“I knew John Cage and all that,” Ono said of the composer associated with the movement. “But I don’t think that was how I should be explained.”

She said that after Lennon’s 1980 murder in front of their home at the Dakota building in Manhattan she considered moving because there were so many people hovering around the place.

But Ono stayed put because it was the home she had created with Lennon and “it means a lot to Sean,” she said, referring to her son who was 5 years old when Lennon died.

Ono said the scorn heaped on her art and music, which now receives more favourable treatment from critics and dance music fans, never bothered her. But she was concerned about how bad Lennon had felt because her work wasn’t appreciated.

She fears a possible backlash from Beatles fans who blame her for breaking up the band, despite what she said were statements from Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and the late George Harrison absolving her.

Source: Reuters


8 Responses

  1. read “woman-the incredible life of yoko ono” by alan clayson, b. jungr & r. johnson. it explained alot. i was transfixed by the story of yoko’s early years. i feel this book helped me to better appreciate the life of a unique, super-intelligent, true artist.


  2. i realy used to hate yoko, but not anymore. john loved her, so she must have something good inside her. she is the keeper of john’s solo music and i beleive she has done a great job. we got milk and honey, live in nyc, the john lennon anthology, plus free as a bird, real love and hopefully soon, now and then. yoko did not have to give the threatles those songs. i wish paul and yoko could just put aside their differences and act civil. paul seems to want everything his way, the songs were lennon and mccartney and i hope they always shall remain as that. ringo and yoko were not happy with paul wanting to change the writing credits. jerry lee lewis can be a big ego person now, because all the other sun records guys have all passed, but elvis dead is better than jerry alive. paul tries to play one man standing except he forgot one small detail, ringo starr, two if you count pete best. one thing i hate in any person is ego…i love paul, and i love memory almost full, but his occasional ego is a bit too much….down to earth is the way to be…dave gilmour of pink floyd was floyd to me, his music, his attitude, his kindness and giving nature. paul is great, but come down to earth with ringo, and finish now and then……………

  3. by the way,my only comment is this(and i will adding anything more about my opinion to her):when i try to understand what goes on in her mind,for me is like reading a book,a 10 pages book,when i think i arriving to the end of the book,i think it’s not the end!because by magic,it starts to add some more other ten pages,then other ten,then again other ten,so this book will never have an end!so,i prefer to put this book in a hidden place away of my sight!and that’s all.

  4. http://www.cnn.com/CNN/Programs/larry.king.live/ ……….. here is the link you need to get in touch with larry about questions for the guests…..i left a question for the fabs about now and then…those who want it answered should go here and send an email, the more the merrier……

  5. awc1967- I don’t think you know all of your facts. Paul only really talked about changing the credits on “Yesterday.” Although during his DVD he changed all of them, but he got over it. I think every person goes through their egotistical stage and that was Pauls. And to be honest, I think he has a right to have an ego, what hes done in his lifetime is amazing. And as for “Now and Then” it was George who didn’t want to do the song, not Paul, Pauls the one who wanted to do it and still wants to do it so I don’t understand how he has an ego when it comes to that.

    As for getting along with Yoko, although I don’t think they’ll ever truly get along, they’re at least civil with each other, also, it’s a two way street, if Yoko wanted to truly be friends with Paul she’d give it more effort. And even a few years ago they were talking about how they had lunches together and stuff so I think that shows that they’re learning to get along.

  6. chelsea — not everyone goes through an egotistical stage that drastic. it was horrid for him to try ot change the credits. and i agree, he has done incredible amazing things, but most of them would have been capable without john, so he can’t have an ego about that.

  7. CHELSEA– i love paul. as far as now and then, paul is the main force driving that project. what i meant about paul coming down to earth is, he needs to work with people who care about him. paul has a bit of an ego, but it’s o.k. since he has done the work to prove it. i love every paul solo cd, each one is good in it’s own right. it just seems that the press always act as if paul is the only surviving beatle. ringo was as much a beatle as paul. i didn’t like the answers paul gave for wanting to change the writing credits around, it needs to always remain, lennon and mccartney. it will be good to see paul and ringo together again next tuesday. i beleive larry king live is really live isn’t it? ULLA you are right about yoko’s constant changing of her beleifs, she is the john kerry/ john mccain of the music world. i guess i read too much press and it’s sad that they exaggerate about everything, oh i mean lie.

  8. maybe i was a bit easy on yoko and a bit hard on paul in my first post. i just wish paul, ringo, olivia and yoko could get along . some people feel that olivia and yoko have no right to be with paul and ringo, they are representing george and john. if it seemed that i was angry at paul, maybe i was more harsh than i thought. there are so many forums on the net and too many people have blasted memory almost full, i feel it’s a great album and dance tonight does not sound like an album filler….top 40 radio is that though…..when paul comes to dallas, i will be there just as i was in 1990, twice in 2002, and once in 2005. forgive me if my first post sounded angry…it wasn’t meant to be….i really hate …..HATE forums………

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