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Dhani Harrison records Lennon tribute

It seems that we missed the news of a Traveling Wilbury’s reunion.  I mean, weren’t both of their dads in the supergroup that just released a new, and might we add, brilliant reissued package?  It seems that the sons of the Wilburys (OK we know they did other music, I mean c’mon, but we’re having fun here) have gotten together to pay homage to the late John Lennon, and to support a good cause.

I am not surprised by their choice of song. To me this song is no more relevant today, than when it was recorded back in the 1970’s.  John would be proud that it is being used for such a good cause. 

You can listen to the Dhani Harrison/Jakob Dylan track on NPR’s All Songs Considered website.  We happen to think it’s a pretty good rendition. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

The son of late Traveling Wilbury George Harrison has recorded a cover of his father’s bandmate John Lennon’s 1971 song Gimme Some Truth. Dhani, whose mother is Harrison’s widow Olivia, has teamed up with Bob Dylan’s son Jakob to record the track for the upcoming Lennon tribute charity album Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign To Save Darfur.

A music industry insider says, “Dhani and Jakob’s version has been heard by fans on the internet and has gone down very well indeed. It’s very apt to have the son of a Beatle singing the song and the pair have known each other for years, as their fathers were close friends and were both in the Traveling Wilburys.”

Source: Starpulse


6 Responses

  1. Love this song, and Dhani is such a cutie. It’s eery how uncannily he sounds and looks like his Pop!

  2. dhani seems to very level headed. he has his parents beleifs. hope he records his own cd soon. by far my favorite beatle off spring.

  3. oh that’s the most wonderful news of this day!i knew this boy was really good and handsome like his daddy,but i never knew it until this moment!also Jakob is good too!their daddies loved John,and were brothers for him,so,that’s really good that two great sons (born by two greatest fathers)singing and playing John!”gimme some truth”is really a hard -rock song,and the John’s voice tone is really bothered,agressive,and like he was angry.i hope this song will playied and singing like it was by John!i asking the impossible,i know,but i’m sure these two guys could do it!c’mon guys!ROCK ON!!!

  4. “Gimmie Some Truth” is indeed a still-relevant song! Good for Dhani and Jakob! With all the Rush Limbaughs and Michael Moores of the world, we really do need some truth!!! Help!


    & he is one fine hunk of a man, just like his father. & I love the pair up with Jakob.

  6. Geez, this song sure hits the spot, huh? I hope Dhani puts more stuff out…

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