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The BBC will feature a radio documentary – “The Day John Met Paul.”

There are a ton of Beatle anniversaries.  As fans we all know that.  Some are great than others. The anniversary of Sgt. Pepper is a pretty big one.  The anniversary of The Beatles’ appearance on Ed Sullivan looms quite large.  The Shea Stadium concert is quite the event to celebrate.  As fans, we observe different Beatle moments in time in different ways.

This anniversary, to me though, may be one of the most important events in Beatle history.  Heck, it may be one of the most defining moments in modern musical history.  It is the day that John met Paul, and history was sealed. None of the other Beatle moments would be possible without this first encounter.  It boggles the mind to think what the face of rock music would be like without this moment.

We here at the blog have cooked up an audio celebration for remembering this anniversary, but you all will have to wait until July 6th, the actual anniversary, to hear that.  Next week, however, the BBC will be airing their own special to commemorate this event in Beatle history.

Here’s what we’ve read.

The Day John Met Paul marks the 50th anniversary of a day that was to change music for ever.

Featuring a new interview with Sir Paul McCartney and the music and memories of John Lennon’s group the Quarrymen, this programme re-creates the moment when John and Paul met for the first time at a Quarrymen gig at a sunny garden fete in Woolton, Liverpool on 6th July 1957.

Made with the help of Colin Hall, custodian of John Lennon’s childhood home ‘Mendips’, and with the support of the Liverpool music community.

Source: BBC


3 Responses

  1. oh this is a real great event!and i’ve seen it in a film,in some documentaries on tv,and for me this is incredible,amazing,and everything you want,that two young men with their own different personalities tried to create a big union!and i think any band will ever could try to recreate that feeling and union like John and Paul did!it’s fantastic!and like John said in one of his songs”two minds,one destiny”and this is what makes the difference!

  2. so right ulla. john and paul are the greatest song writers in history. i love your posts, they are so interesting. GOD bless you lady.

  3. Looking forward to this special! I hope that we will finally be hearing both available songs from that precious reel tape that was discovered in 1994. Songs were
    Puttin’ on the style and Baby let’s play house. Only a short segment of the first
    song was previously aired long ago.

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