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Iconic Beatles artwork to go up for auction.

There are separate camps of Beatle fans.  What I mean by that is we are all collectors of something.  Some people are strictly all about the music.  That is their Beatle passion.  Some people collect all the 1960’s toy merchandise that they can get their hands on.  I, for example, am an avid bootleg collector.  I prefer to collect the outtakes that I can find.  You know, those gems of studio cuts, the home demos, the occasional live performance.

Rubber Soul

I cannot afford to collect the heavy merchandise.  I’m talking about the stuff you see on auction that no real person can afford.  I would love to collect used Beatle instruments and artifacts, maybe an autograph or two, but that is just a pipe dream.  I do have one prized piece of memorabilia that was given to me by my mother, but that was just luck.

I just want to know who would collect album lettering?  I mean it is kind of rare, and kind of cool.  I guess you really have to be hardcore into design and lettering to really get excited about purchasing this little baby?  It’s looks neat, and I guess it is a one of a kind.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Original artwork used by the Beatles on their Rubber Soul album goes up for auction on Wednesday having lain forgotten for 42 years in its artist’s attic. Charles Front was a little-known art director in London when he was approached by Bob Freeman, the Beatles’ photographer, to create artwork for a new sleeve.

‘To me it was just another piece I’d done and I had put it away and forgotten about it,’ says Front, now retired. ‘When I took it down to Bonhams I went on the underground with it in a carrier bag. When I came back after discovering its value I was absolutely clutching it in a case.’ The lettering will be auctioned at Bonhams in London with a guide price of £10,000.

Front designed the iconic bubble-shaped lettering, heralding a style that became a staple of poster art for the flower power generation. But he said that the design for the typography was not, as many critics have since claimed, induced by psychedelic drugs.

‘Whether the Beatles were into LSD or not I don’t know but I certainly wasn’t. It was all about the name of the album,’ he said. ‘If you tap into a rubber tree then you get a sort of globule, so I started thinking of creating a shape that represented that, starting narrow and filling out. I was paid 26 guineas and five shillings.’

Source: Guardian Unlimited

  • You can read an additional story about the auction here: Design Week.

7 Responses

  1. well,i’m a collector,a Beatle collector but i’m interested in everything about and belonged to them!i know,that so many things are very expensive so i couldn’t buy all the things!but i trying to do it when it’s possible!about lettering,well,i don’t know,because i like the albums covers,the photos,the images,but the titles……i don’t know!

  2. Some people will collect anything and then spend hours boring people to tears explaining why it was worth the cost.

    It’s about the music, baby! No music, no 10,000 pound artwork.

    Besides, most “collectors” are looking for investments, not memorabilia.

    Give me the music.

  3. BTW, my privious post was not aimed at you, Ulla, my friend.

  4. for Joefo:yes,but you told baby!i think to be a collector,but i don’t understand your point of view.can you try to explain me what do you really think in a more simply way?i read it your comment twice and i think you don’t aprecciate people who telling lies that they feeling themselves collectors and then they boring you because they want talkin’about costs,and you told that if there isn’t music there aren’t these prices!right?but,what would you really make understand to the people?P.S.you couldn’t ever imagine how much Beatles things i had to paid for!

  5. Holy cow man…I clicked on your prized possession thing..and that is a story right there. What an awesome surprise. I can’t even imagine opening those. I would’ve just passed out!

  6. ulla, i once owned one of those baby on board yield sign things with suction cups, but mine said travelling wilbury on board, i did sale it , because a dear friend of mine became ill, and needed the money. the wilbury’s on board yield sign is still giving me pleasure. my friend is doing much better. wish i had signatures of each beatle.

  7. for awc1967:oh i love Beatles signatures!i have a Beatles photo and on it there are all of theirs signatures,and i put this photo with all the others Beatles photos and mine photos (about me) on my mirror,and for all the guests who coming into my house and coming into my room i say:”well,i’ve known them so many many years ago(LOL)and after so many times that i asked them,they given me one of their photos with their signature!”what an actress!;-)

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