Paul McCartney Studies ‘Yesterday’ Covers

I find it really hard to believe that Paul hasn’t really, really listened to cover tunes of what is arguably his most famous song.  I mean it is the most covered song in the world, of all-time.  You would think, you would hope that he has at least paid attention to a few of those covers. 

Has Paul heard Sinatra’s version?  Nope. Ray Charles’ cover?  Nope.  Elvis’ take on the classic?  Nope.  It seems that our beloved Beatle just never paid attention. 

So, my dear readers, here’s the question for the day….

  • What is your favorite cover version of “Yesterday?” 
    Let us know in the comments section below.
    (And, sorry you cannot say that the originial is the best.  Paul’s version cannot be touched. It must be by an artist other than Paul McCartney.) 

    Here’s a list of “Yesterday” covers to get you thinking about it.  By no means is this list complete.

Also, check out John Winn’s beatleg podcast on how Paul wrote Yesterday in a dream.  It’s quite funny actually.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Paul McCartney caught up on the phenomenon that is his “Yesterday” tune recently after a pal recorded the 10 most amazing covers for him. The former Beatle still can’t believe the song he wrote after waking one morning with it playing in his head has become the most covered tune of all time, and admits he hadn’t heard many of the renditions by other artists.

McCartney says, “I realized I’d hardly heard any of these 3,000 cover versions, so I had someone make me a CD of the 10 most amazing covers… Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles.”

But in playing the covers, perfectionist McCartney realized the greats had tweaked his lyrics.

He explains, “The funniest thing was, three or four of them changed the lyric very subtly. Fabulous. In the middle I go, ‘I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday…’ But they don’t. They go, ‘I must’ve said something wrong,’ like, ‘I doubt very much whether I did.’ Certainly Elvis does. He’s not admitting a thing.”

Source: Starpulse


8 Responses

  1. My favorite version of Yesterday other than the original is Paul’s own ‘cover’ version he did on the 1984 LP “Give My Regards To Broad Street”. My second favorite “Yesterday” is the live version the Beatles did in 1966 with full instrumentation (Bass, drums, 2 guitars). Totally different feel to it. Made it sound more like a Rubber Soul track. Check it out on the Live in Japan ’66 boot if you can.

  2. ok,i hope this concept that i’ll writing don’t mind anyone,above all Mccartney’s fans!maybe i have strange tastes,but”yesterday”is not one of my favourite Beatles songs.idon’t like that negative and sad mood like for example:”I’m not half the man i used to be,there’s a shadow hanging over me,oh i believe in yesterday…..”for me telling this sentence at the age of sir Paul was when he sung it,it makes you go down.but this thought is completely different from my consideration about the qualityof song,because maybe i don’t prefer it,but i tell with no doubt that a song like this so all over the world most covered is surely an high-level song,like a Mozart masterpiece!i can tell anything,absolutely,about its quality! it’s a classic and an evergreen song!by the way i heard the Sinatra version and Elvis version,i would like to tell that both are very elegant and charming,too and they could be put into a top best classics chart next to sir Paul’s version!in my opinion i am really shocked by Sinatra’s version!i found it so much beautiful and the Sinatra style is rare,and is the one!i really like this version!

  3. and think that this song before becoming”Yesterday”,it was “Scrambled eggs”!!!cool for a world success born by fried eggs cooked in a frying pan!

  4. the broadstreet version is so beautiful. it made tears flow, since john left us too early. here today, all those years ago, truly express their emotions of the loss of a great artist, friend, father, son, husband, peace lovin man. as barney fife once said”the tears on my pillow bespeak the pain in my heart”, so right barnard p. fife…..

  5. Ray Charles did the best coveron yesterday.

  6. I was always surprised to hear that this was the most covered song ever, because I;d just never come across any. I heard the four mentioned here, on Youtube, and I have to say Marvin Gaye’s slow soul version is so much more emotional and varied than the others. I always thought the original was a bit too simple for my tastes, so I actually do like Gaye’s version better.

  7. wow Tito, I completely agree. I have always said that Gaye’s version of yesterday is one of the VERY few cases where the cover is better than the original. I mean the original has that “original” feeling to it, but ‘cmon.. Gaye’s version is just OVER the top perfect.

  8. Best cover version – Ray Charles’ 1967!

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