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Beatles reunion set for LOVE anniversary.

No, no.  Don’t read anything into that post title.  I would like to see Paul and Ringo play together too.  It’s not that kind of reunion.  The Beatle clan is getting together once again to celebrate all things LOVE in Vegas.  It seems that they are celebrating the one-year mark of the Vegas show with a reunion type get together which will bring the entire enclave back to celebrate.  Don’t forget to bring your cameras.

It also seems that Larry King is even getting into the act as well.  I look forward to seeing an interview with him and the entire Beatle clan.  I don’t think we’ve seen an interview with all of them together at the same time.  That would be a cool thing to see.  We can’t wait.  Set your TIVo’s folks. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

The surviving members of the world’s most celebrated rock band, The Beatles, will attend a special dedication ceremony in honor of the late John Lennon and George Harrison, in conjunction with the one-year anniversary of Cirque du Soleil’s “LOVE.”

Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will be joined by Yoko Ono Lennon and Olivia Harrison for the dedication, taking place on June 26 at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.

“LOVE,” which celebrates the musical legacy of The Beatles, was born out of a personal friendship and mutual admiration between George Harrison and Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté, who will also be on hand for the event.

During the show’s rehearsals in May of last year, McCartney and Laliberté discussed how best to recognize Lennon’s and Harrison’s contributions to the show. Cirque du Soleil designers have since created two plaques that will be unveiled at the dedication ceremony, and then permanently displayed in the “LOVE” Theatre lobby at The Mirage.

McCartney spoke with Access Hollywood last year as the Las Vegas show was ramping up, and confessed that he still marvels today that he was part of the band that forever changed the face of popular music. “I wake up some mornings and think, ‘I was in The Beatles?,’” McCartney said. “There’s only four people can say that in the world, in the universe — and I’m one of them, you know.”

“LOVE” has played to sold-out audiences, won critical raves, and spawned a best-selling soundtrack of remastered Beatles classics. Celebrity guests such as George Clooney, Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban, Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson have all seen “LOVE” and raved about their experience.

Following the ceremony on the 26th (which will also recognize the 40th anniversary of quintessential Beatles album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band”), CNN’s Larry King will interview Paul, Ringo, Yoko, Olivia and Guy for his one hour broadcast from The Beatles REVOLUTION Lounge at The Mirage in Las Vegas. The distinguished guests will then attend a special one year anniversary performance of “LOVE.”

Source: Access Hollywood


20 Responses

  1. Larry King interviewing anyone is a painful experience. Make a game of counting the dumb questions he asks them.

  2. paul and ringo together again….

  3. i’ve seen some parts of the last show in Las Vegas,(by Youtube,and The official Beatles website),”Cirque du soleil”company working very good,but i would like if this album(that i don’t really like) was used maybe in a musical,or a theatrical opera,it would be better!anyway,i liked that sir Paul sentence in the article!(it’s funny!),but about the interview…….if i could see it,i would follow the whole interview and listen to all the characters involved into it…..but until when……..try to guess when i would turn off????

  4. i agree that the coming interview is going to be a once in a lifetime thing….it will be so wonderful to see paul and ringo together again…..i am interested to hear what yoko has to say, too……i wonder if ringo’s wife, barbara, will be on as well…..i plan to be right in front of the t.v., not answering the phone, paying very close attention to the non-verbal cues as well as what is said….i will be interested to see how paul and yoko interact. they seem to have given peace a chance at last year’s “love” event. how great it would be to have one or more of the “kids” on, as well…..sean or dhani, but especially i’d love to see julian interacting with everyone else….just a wish, i’m entitled to a wish!!


  5. Julian is an amazing talent!


  7. for Sue:have you seen in the last “love”show the widow(THAT) with the hat and sir Paul kissed each other on their cheecks?is it a good sign?uhmmmm,and then i noticed that she observed him during some photos for the press,but he never looked at her!neither once!is that love????LOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!oh i didn’t notice Sean!but where was he?that boy everytime seems to want hide himself!i would really really really really like if Julian was there!Julian must to be there!and even Dhani!about Barbara,i would really like if she could talk a bit more!but not too much!just a bit!i think in the audience next to Ringo there isn’t a wife who knows how to talk,but i think there’s a really beautiful doll!P.S.Maureen spoke (not much)but always more than Barbara!

  8. hollywood access did a special on love last year with all kinds of video of paul, ringo, olivia, and yoko in it. it lasted an hour ,45 minutes without commercials…i recorded it off the t.v. and i still watch it……i will definately record the king interviews…fact: larry king was in newyork when the beatles came over, he interviewed them from the phone and there are videos recorded of john speaking to larry. larry king is a fan of the beatles….. i like larry because he said ” andy griffith and paul mccartney are two of the greatest icons in history”, i totally agree.

  9. is anybody going to ask them about NOW AND THEN THIRD BEATLE REUNION SONG-since they will all be sitting in a room talking about Beatles music?-I ask all of you write the beatlles steve jones at apple yoko olivia and ask HEY WHAT ABOUT NOW AND THEN?

  10. I cant afford Love in Las Vegas,the album was just all the old songs, I liked the original versions,with all the talk about the new Beatle single if they don’t put it on the market they are gonna have one less fan who spends money on their products.forever

  11. for Mr Happy:hey let’s make it together!let’s making what awc said(Look at Ringo’s article!)all together!just one person writing it down and then we will asking for the adesion and will collecting the signature!

  12. for Mr happy:sorry for the French word”adhesion”but i wrong!i meant to say asking for the ok by all the people who are with us and then collecting the signature!

  13. it would be very nice to have now and then out, maybe while the four of them are together someone can ask that question. anyone know how to email larry king and see if he can ask them that question. i don’t beleive ringo went to paul’s birthday party, so i wonder if they are speaking these days…..mr. happy we are all behind you on this thing…..

  14. By pure luck, I’m going to be in Vegas for a conference that same week and I’m staying at the Mirage! I was so happy to hear they would be in Vegas at the same time, and at my hotel for the ceremony and Larry King Interview. Then I heard just yesterday that they will be guests at a special performance of Love that same night. So, of course I bought tickets for the LOVE show on the 26th when I heard they were making a special presentation and would be there to see it. I must have bought the tickets shortly after they became available because I got 3rd row seats and the ticket office didn’t even know about the Tuesday show that was just added to the bill. I hope there’s an after party and that they would invite me! Well, I can dream….

  15. good luck jeannie. hope you get to meet paul and ringo. enjoy the show.

  16. for Jeannie:oh that’s really fantastic!you have a great opportunity,don’t waste it,girl! 😉 have fun and give (by me) so many kisses and hugs to sir Paul,Ringo,Olivia,Sean,Barbara,everybody except,The widow with the hat!BON Voyage!!!P.S.WHEN YOU’LL COME BACK,JUST TELL US HOW IT WAS,HOW MANY PEOPLE DID YOU SEE,, FOR SUMMING UP EVERYTHING!!!

  17. now and then would have been the highlight of love. i know the press takes words and twists them a bit, but i hope there is something good going to happen with now and then…..i’m going to email larry king and ask him to ask them that question….

  18. mr. happy……www.cnn.com/CNN/Programs/larry.king.live/………..here is the link we all need to go to and ask the now and then question at. maybe with enough people asking that question, it will get answered. i also put this link on the yoko ono thread further up, but i feel i should add it here too. as you said, put your hands together because we want to know the truth about now and then, is it going to happen or not……

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