Paul McCartney Says Oasis Has No Chance In Achieving Beatles Fame

I remember the summer day when I went on my a visit to the college that I was to attend.  I walked around campus, talked with some advisors, took a tour, and then hit the small college town in the afternoon .  First, I went to a coffeshop that wreaked of hippys, and had been there since the early 1960’s virtually unchanged.  I would frequent it quite often over the course of the next four years. I also wandered my way into a record shop.  No, it was not one of those headshop/music stores.  It was a music store.  They had vinly,45’s bootleg albums, import albums…the works.  It was a site to behold.

The record shop also had a second-floor.  On the second floor they had T-shirts, movies, and posters.  I stopped and flipped through the posters, hoping to find something to adorn my soon-to-be dorm room walls.  As I flipped through I came across an Oasis poster.  It had what looked to be a crane shot of the band performing.  On the left-hand side there was writing with what looked to be a dictionary entry. 

Here’s is something along the lines of what that entry said.

Oasis: (noun) 1. British musical rock and roll group.  2. What The Beatles would have sounded like if they were making music today.

I read it in disgusted, and instead opted for the door-sized Sgt. Pepper poster as the first decoration for my dorm room to be.  Imagine the gaul it took to create that poster.  I have never seen that poster since that brief encounter in 1996.  Just for nostalgia’s sake I’ve been trying to find it with periodic stops into indie music stores, and ebay searches to no avail.  Imagine the nerve of those Oasis boys.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Sir Paul McCartney laughed off Oasis’ claims they would be “bigger than The Beatles”. The Fab Four legend pities musicians who try to compete with The Beatles’ success.

Paul told Newsweek magazine: “When they started out, Oasis boasted that they were going to be bigger than The Beatles. And I felt sorry for them. It’s a prediction that just doesn’t come true. It’s a fatal prediction. I sort of sit back and go, ‘Good luck, son.'”

The 64-year-old recently released “Memory Almost Full,” his first album with Starbucks’ Hear Music label.

The Beatles, who also comprised John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, became one of the most famous bands of all time after shooting to fame in the ’60s.

According to the Recording Industry Association of America, the group, who hail from Liverpool, are the biggest selling musical act ever in the U.S. Oasis brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher constantly name The Beatles as one of their big musical influences.

Noel said: “If you’re not in it to be bigger than The Beatles, it’s just a hobby.”

Source: AHN


36 Responses

  1. there are a lot of groups inspired by the beatles…..i for one love u2 and coldplay. oasis have a few good songs, but they have so many problems. back in the late 90’s, they called george many bad names…. paul is right about noone comes close to the beatles…it’s been 37 years, who has come close?…….madonna, michael jackson, not even close…..not to make jackson fans angry, but michael has really made a fool out of him self….. the old michael {1969–1983} was o.k., that was years before his botched plastic surgery, look at kenny rogers, too scaaaary….. just be who you are is my point….. paul is growing older gracefully…..

  2. for awc1967:YOU ARE GREAT!!!! always you say right things!i’m with you,completely!i would also sayin that Oasis were created by sir Paul!and one song recorded in his album”Fleming pie”,called”young boy” was dedicated from sir Paul to Liam Gallagher!it’s incredible for me reading Liam teling:”we are bigger than the Beatles”oh my God!maybe,he doesn’t know how does it take to be bigger than the Beatles!!!!no,i think he doesn’t!but this sentence,reminds me of another famous sentence…….uhmmmmm……..let me see……. ah yes! “we becoming bigger than Jesus”(sorry,but this is JOHN LENNON,not Liam Gallagher!!!!);-)

  3. hey…

    i must agree with paul. i’m a great oasis fan, and have been in some of their concerts, although they sound great, they can’t never aprouch the beatles. they make to much noise for me.
    i remember oasis claiming that they sound like the 90’s beatles, but the fab4 knock them on the head with “free as a bird”.

    and nothing to do with this, i just wanted to say that i just came back today from the trip of my life: i went to liverpool and drunk a beer in the cavern club. =)



  4. Oasis would be great if they got rid of Liam. Noel is the real talent and voice. Just listen to the Unplugged show from ’96.

  5. i don’t even believe anyband would even try to come close to what the beatles did. as for what
    Noel said: “If you’re not in it to be bigger than The Beatles, it’s just a hobby” , then he is screwed up. to even attempt to be bigger than the beatles, is like suicide. not to mention, if they are trying to be bigger than the beatles, then why have i heard a beatles cover by them? obviously they’re just trying to associate themselves with the beatles fame. don’t get me wrong, im an oasis fan, but after reading this, my respect for them has diminished incredible. i agree with paul 100%.


  7. sorry,but i don’t live in U.S. so,in my country now it’s 0.34 a.m.!(so,now for me it’s the 18th)

  8. There was a time in the UK when there was big rivalry between Oasis and another group called Blur (incidentally I was at school with their drummer). I was a young teacher at the time and my kids would ask who I preferred, Oasis or Blur. Neither, I said, why have the copy when you can have the original? The thing that probably stopped Oasis becoming bigger than they have done was their lack of versatility – pretty good at mid-paced rock but their act seems based on a handful of Lennon-Beatles tracks (Rain, I Am The Walrus spring to mind). If only they could have used Revolver as inspiration then they might have been bigger than the Beatles. No, only kidding. But they would have been better.

    Does anyone have a good word for Oasis?

    PS Mary Hopkin was in a short-lived group in about 1980 called Oasis – was Macca referring to them?

  9. for Andrew:LOOOOL!!!!it’s funny what you told before,but i don’t think he was referring to that 80’s group!i think he was referring to brothers(or like i called them:knives brothers!)Gallagher!sorry,but i haven’t some good words for them,apart that Liam tried to be the worst copy of John Lennon!Liam thought that for being John just he must sings very close to the microphone like if he would like eat it,just growin’up his hair,wearing sunglasses,drinking too much and beating his wives(before Patsy Kensit,then Nicole Appleton)!but he should think that no one could ever being John!and his group could ever and never,being The Beatles!i like only two songs sung by Oasis:”Stop your crying out”(or something like that)and “Let her be loved”(and if you listen this song in particular the beginning it reminds you of the beginning of a Lennon song:”Imagine”)!it’s absurd!if they think theirselves bigger than The Beatles why they reproducing The Beatles music in every their song?just look at the Oasis video:”All around the world”,don’t you think it’s a bad copy of “Yellow submarine”?or the Oasis video:”Right here right now”don’t you think it’s a bad copy of:”I need you”?(taken up from the Beatles film:Help!)or just look at Oasis video:”Go let in out”don’t you think it seems like:”Magical mistery tour”?so,they are sayin’we becoming bigger than the Beatles,but i tell them you’re becoming the worst,so so so bad copy of the Beatles!!!i think you will never have the honour and the pleasure to stay even in:”Madame Tussaud” museum like statues like them!neither you will never have the MBE!soJUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!!!

  10. Ulla, I like what you say. Oasis are just a tenth generation xerox.

  11. for Andrew: 🙂 thank you very much!it’s my true thought and is the reality!wow,but am i talking with a music teacher?sorry,if i wrong something,but i love music above all the Beatles and John!

  12. Ulla, I teach science but love music. I have always found Oasis too samey. I want something interesting in the lyrics or in the music, preferably both. I’ve been listening to the Beatles since I can remember – my dad was a fan – and I still find fresh bits in their songs.

  13. for Andrew:oh well!i agree with you!and i also think that Beatles music contains a full list of different kinds of music!in fact,someone says they are belonging to rock music,but someone else says no,that isn’t true they are belonging to pop music(i think because you know John was fond of rock music and playied rock music,and sir Paul was fond of pop music and playied and playies pop music)what do you thinkabout it?in your opinion they could put themselves in a rock chart or you think into a pop one?i think rock one!anyway,if there are no solutions to this question,well i can say they made a perfect rock and a perfect pop,too!

  14. for Andrew:the only positive thing in Oasis,do you know which is?it’s Zak Starkey!(the first of the three Maureen & Ringo sons)he is a good drummer like his dad,but apart Zak all the rest of the band go home!

  15. Ulla, I also note that Zak has played with The Waterboys and he Who, so although he might redeem Oasis a little, there is much better on his CV. Apparently his idol was Keith Moon.

  16. yes!in fact i don’t know if you know this(sorry for the words game!)that Keith Moon and Ringo are big friends,and once Ringo told that Keith is the biggest drummer in the world,and nobody could ever playing like Keith does,because Keith (in Ringo’s opinion)is a “crazy” man and just him can playing like he does!also,Ringo called him “Moon the Loon”.

  17. You have to put things into perspective. Liam was probably 21 years old when Oasis made it big, and the entire UK media was telling them they were the second coming of the Beatles. He could have said “not us, no band is ever going to be bigger than the Beatles”, but give me a break. That’s not what you’d expect a rock star to say.

    Also, recently Liam said that no band will be bigger than the Beatles simply because music isn’t nearly as important these days as it was in the 60’s. And he’s right btw.

  18. The greatest four men to walk the earth and all scousers could they get any better?!

  19. Jesus Christ! Will everyone calm down and stop talking such utter sh*te! Oasis are the best rock band of their generation and walk it like they talk it. They are rock stars, REAL rock stars. They write great songs and perform with a real passion. They don’t do prog rock, if you like stuff like that go elsewhere, if you like workng class rock n roll with a bit of grit listen to Oasis. Everyone is trying to analyse everything too much and taking offence to Oasis saying were gonna be bigger than The Beatles. Noel has said that he never believed it but it has to be the aim. When you’re a boxer do you just aim to get into the top 100? NO! You aim to be the best, you aim to be the best there ever is and if you fail, at least you have tried. If John Lennon was around today he would love Oasis cos’ they speak their minds and they are Rock n Roll, just like John was. Oasis educated a lot of kids all over the world to listen to the classics. Kids that knew nothing other than depressing, skaggy grunge started listening to The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, The Who and yes The Beatles. Oasis actually helped The Beatles appear cool again to a young generation who tuned it to listen to what all the reverence from The Gallaghers was all about. I was 18 when Oasis first came out and had ALWAYS been a Beatles fan but I took stick for that cos’ they weren’t “Cool”. The Frog Chorus and Mull Of Kintyre really helped their image…Oasis were cool and helped get young kids into them. Oasis had at least a 30% part to play in The Beatles upsurge in popularity in the UK in the 90’s. If you truly are a Beatles fan you should actually thank Oasis. I know I do. The Beatles are back where they belong….On the toppermost of the poppermost…

  20. The Beatles started out to be bigger than Elvis, let everyone have their dreams.

  21. I can’t believe the disrespect Oasis has for The Beatles! They have absolutely NO TALENT.

  22. I don’t know much about Oasis, but I’ve heard a few of their songs which are great, but I think that no one can ever touch The Beatles, not in a million years. If anyone is allowed to have a big head, it’s Paul McCartney.

  23. I do Believe they were bigger than the beatles, they had the biggest indoor and outdoor concert in British History and have 27 singles, and have 3 of the best and most selling albums of all time! dont get my wrong i love the beatles but their songs where just 2:30 second long oasis just where a little bit better..

  24. I love the Beatles but Oasis is unbelievable too and in an age with much more competition. The Beatles didn’t have much to contend with to be original and lived in a great time for music when inspiration was everywhere. How many great bands co-existed with the Beatles? Not many. Oasis had to crush many great bands to be on top. And I respect Noel for saying it’s only a hobby if you don’t try to be bigger than the Beatles. Anyone truly committed to their art strives to be THE BEST.

  25. I saw the beatles in Australia in 1964 and with the technology back then they had more pull that Oasis does today. If the Beatles were together today with todays technology they would be putting out 100% better quality music than that of whats their name OH YEAH! OH YEAH! oasis…..Well oasis has been in the game for a long time and they aren’t there NO WHERE NEAR THE BEATLES, and there are only Ringo and Paul left. If Paul and ringo did a world tour doing all Th Beatles Hits, they would get bigger crowds than oasis.
    Just disapear oasis the music world does not need your egos, they belong in a jar on the bottom shelf of a laboratory….Thank you.

  26. The Beatles are legacy. That’s what Oasis waned to be. And, if you think about it, they sorta achieved it. They had that cocky attitude, that made you love them more. For that same reason they made it big, they were a great modern band. The reality is that they will never be legacy. And, this is coming from an Oasis and Beatles fan….

  27. The Beatles wouldn’t sound like Oasis if they were playing today… They’d be incapable… Oasis is far superior in every aspect. Especially live, and it’s not close.

    • Go and sniff some more glue….or eat it,im not sure what you’re on,but whatever it is…I’ll not partaje in any of your tomfoolery.

      • Typo…partake.. 🙂 if someone writes a decent enough song for Sir Paul,or Ringo to nod their head at respectivly theyat should be good enough praise,otherwise keep you meglomania and delusions of grandeur to yourself.

      • Damn auto text. On this phone sucks!!!

  28. […] procedures rips through the aether in unison, I’ll remember the words of a band that once thought they’d be bigger than the Beatles: I won’t look back in […]

  29. […] procedures rips through the aether in unison, I’ll remember the words of a band that once thought they’d be bigger than the Beatles: I won’t look back in […]

  30. […] procedures rips through the aether in unison, I’ll remember the words of a band that once thought they’d be bigger than the Beatles: I won’t look back in […]

  31. This is absolutely terrible. Do you know what grammar and spelling are? You can’t be a good writer with shite writing like this…

  32. I remember this time in Summer of 1996 on the height of The 90s Alternative Era here in the Philippines,I was visiting this girl who I would just like to name Heather to protect her identity because she is happily married already in Sikatuna Village and she was suprised that I bought 1 banyera(crate) of Milkfish(Bangus)to her household.Heather was very hospitable and courteous to me as she led me to their living area where she told me to sit down and make myself feel at home.She told me to watch some TV while she attended to something and all of a sudden the video of”Champagne Supernova”by Oasis played.First I was just amused by the facial hair of Liam Gallagher(Vocalist) but later on I just couldn’t keep my eyes away from the telly.The lyrics of the song”Where were you while we were getting high” struck me and I was just glued to my seat the whole time.I ALSO WANNA ADD THAT LIAM SOUNDED LIKE AN ANGEL ON THIS OCCASION.Heather was trying to talk to me but I didnt mind her anymore because I was just dumbfounded because of the damn song….

    David Dylan Malana Puzon.1V

    • Production tricks and glossy videography,champange supernova has a very weak hook,just cause a melody moves up and “rebounds” back down,doesn’t make it interesting without tonal variation.check out alan pollock’s critical analysis of the entire beatles canon,it’s an eye opener,outlines why and how the beatles broke from conventional music of the day,and styles from which they borrowed to innovate.

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