Amnesty International allowed permission to use Imagine.

We all know that Yoko is very protective, maybe too protective of John’s musical legacy.  It is all with good reason I suppose.  His solo musical catalog is one of the most cherished bodies of work in rock and roll.  Imagine is the cherry on the sundae.  Arguably, it is Lennon’s greatest solo legacy.  It was his reminder to the world. 

Yoko, is now lending that singular message of peace as an anthem for an organization that truly deserves its use. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Yoko Ono says she finally granted permission for John Lennon’s peace anthem ‘Imagine’ to be used for an awareness campaign after deciding she trusted the charity’s intentions.

Since the ex-Beatle was murdered in 1980, Ono has turned down hundreds of requests from organisations wanting to use ‘Imagine’, but has now finally decided to give the OK to Amnesty International.

The 1971 song features on a new CD, ‘Instant Karma: The Campaign To Save Darfur’, otherwise made up of Lennon covers. The double album is raising money to benefit relief efforts in the war-torn region of Sudan.

Ono says: “I’m not afraid to say no. There are so many people and organisations who’ve had that same request, and I’ve said no to everybody.

“The Amnesty International people brought this proposal to me and I responded very quickly because I had been doing some projects with them before that and had a very good feeling about them.

“So in this case it was a big ‘Yes’.”

Source: Irish Examiner


4 Responses

  1. i would really like to know,apart from this right request,which other kinds of requests she says:”yes”which ones?this fact,makes me think that she’s really superb,while John was really humble!this is a very good cause,i’m really happy and glad that once again “Imagine”is reminded for a very good cause!but this woman,i think neither Freud analysis could defining her!

  2. sorry,people i meant to say with superb ,that she’s not in a positive way,but only and always in a negative one!

  3. why is she superb in a negative way?

    she’s granting a great cause the use of a great song… i don’t see what is so horrid about that

  4. for Alex:what is horrid is that she refuses everything!i never heard or read that she accepted always everything!everytime she becomes the owner of everything which belonged to John like if she created all those things!i think she must remember better her husband and doesn’t try to own herself of everything just for obtain merits!don’t consider this case,because like i told before this is a perfect cause and the song is very important.but she’s superb in a negative way just because she wants put under her image,John!she wants to be always the first!

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