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More secret McCartney gigs at US venues.

From unconfirmed reports, we have a rumor that Paul is planning a two secret gig appearances in the U.S. to promote Memory Almost Full.  It’s promising news for you folks in NY and LA.

As with the recent Camden appearance it looks like tickets will be free, and in short supply to a few lucky fans.  Again, so far this is merely a rumor, but we have it on good authority.

Check out this post from over the weekend about Paul’s “secret gig” in a small London club.  It’s got pictures and some video too.

New York “Secret Gig” is June 12th or 13th
McCartney’s New York “Secret Gig” is June 12th or 13th. 300 people will be invited via radio station contests. No tickets will be onsale for the event. Radio stations from around the world are participating and are flying winners to New York for the concert. All tickets have been issued.

There might be a limited number of tickets available the day of the show. Check this site for details…

The venue is reportedly (unconfirmed) the B.B. King Blues Bar and Grill and the concert, which will be limited to songs from the new album, will be presented in an intimate concert setting. Songs in the setlist include: “Dance Tonight,” “Only Mama Knows,” “House of Wax” and “That Was Me.”

The Los Angeles gig is on June 16th.
Location TBD.


8 Responses

  1. The local “Classic Rock” radio station here in Boston, MA has been promoting this ticket givaway for a week or so with the drawing today (Monday). This sounds like a show not to be missed, too bad it is such a limited engagement. I feel that Paul has locked himself into the big stadium event type of show that features mostly Beatle tunes. I personally would like to see him do a more intimate show showcasing his solo stuff (maybe a Beatle encore). We can just hope Paul is getting a feel for this type of show and is concidering bringing it on a tour.

  2. by the way,i think it’s a special event,and for some people who cannot go for listening him or watching him on tour,this could be a real good chance!no matter where you can go for listening your favourite music or for watching your favourite singer,what is really important and listening a very good music!and this is the case!so,why not to go there?i like these gigs,so quiet,but full of a happy atmosphere!maybe its better than concerts at the stadium!

  3. a radio station in austin texas says paul is doing a secret gig there and they will be giving tickets away…..i would drive a few hundred miles for paul…….the song list is cool…..

  4. I would love for Paul to do a whole tour of small club dates. Heck, he could spend the next several years touring small clubs and never have to worry about not selling out a show. I always thought that he was better with a smaller audience anyway. I would love to be at one of these “secret” gigs!!!

  5. http://www.kgsr.com/promos/index_mccartney.aspx?JoinCode=DABF4F66&CID=9335 HERE IS THE RADIO WEB SITE ADDRESS IN AUSTIN, DOING THE PROMO…..FOR PAUL’S AUSTIN SECRET SHOW……..

  6. for awc1967:thanx awc for sending it!

  7. for awc1967:what’s wrong with me,boy?you are quite welcome you said,maybe i should starting worrying me?p.s. look at the article about Mccartney and Bilboard,and look at that adress i written in my second comment.

  8. for awc1967:oh sorry!i understand what you meant to say!now,yes!you know,sometimes,i have to use my English vocabulary,when i want writing cause sometimes something isn’t so clear to me!(unfortunately,i’m not English or American!:-( oh God knows how would!)so,sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry,SOOOOOORRRRRYYYYYY!!

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