Yoko Ono snubs the Fab Four in desert island picks.

It looks like Yoko is not the world’s largest Beatle fan.  I can’t say that I don’t blame her.  Somehow, I just can’t picture Yoko jamming out to The Beatles alone at home.  It truly just doesn’t seem her style.  I picture her selecting Philip Glass, maybe some Mingus, and some classical and dance tracks for her top playlists on her personal ipod.  The Beatles, even at their most experimental seem a little pedestrian for Yoko.  That is not a knock on the Beatles by any means.

Lennon Family

It’s all just a matter of taste I guess.  Maybe the songs are too close to her past.  Maybe she just can’t listen to them anymore.  Maybe she doesn’t want John’s body of work to be that close to her?  Whatever her reasoning, The Beatles manage to steer clear of Yoko On’s desert island picks.  It’s just a bit weird that she wouldn’t acknowledge John’s group with at least one selection.  I guess you’ll have to tune into the BBC to find out the whole story.

Here’s what we’ve read.

It is one of John Lennon’s most famous love songs – and it’s written about her.

Yet, surprisingly, Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono chose not to include Woman in her Desert Island Discs selection.

She picked just one song by her late husband for the BBC Radio 4 programme – Beautiful Boy, a solo work about their son Sean, born in 1975, five years before his father was shot dead.

And, in an apparent snub to Lennon’s writing partner Sir Paul McCartney, Yoko did not select a single Beatles song for the show, broadcast today.

Instead she chose an eclectic mix including Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien by Edith Piaf and the Gracie Fields song When I Grow Too Old To Dream.

Bizarrely, she says in the programme that Lennon approved of her choice of Beautiful Boy, claiming he “jumped out” during the interview and told his 74-year-old widow it was a “good idea”.

The Japanese artist says: “I chose this because of Sean. I really appreciate the fact that John made this song for Sean and of course John didn’t know he was going to pass away very soon.”

She adds: “When I was listening to Beautiful Boy I felt John just jumped out in the corner saying, ‘Good idea. That was a good idea to select Beautiful Boy.’

“He is always somewhere, jumping out and saying things.”

The absence of any Beatles songs may reignite a long-running feud with Sir Paul McCartney, which appeared to have ended when Yoko kissed him at a Beatles reunion last year.

She blocked Sir Paul’s attempts to change credits on songs he had written from Lennon-McCartney to McCartney-Lennon.

She also apparently suggested in an interview that Lennon was the better writer, implying that McCartney’s ability was to rhyme “June” with “spoon”.

• Yoko Ono is on Radio 4 at 11.15am today, repeated on Friday at 9am.

Source: Daily Mail


20 Responses

  1. To be fair, Yoko had barely heard of the Beatles when she first met John, it’s hardly surprising that she doesn’t listen to them that frequently.

    And as far as I know, my friend Jeff is the only person who listens to both the Beatles and Edith Piaf.

  2. thanks Tom!your post was a great help!i’d like to write what have you written!i would also adding that,this woman one day will making me crazy!how can she omitting,all that belonged to her loved(????,by her,i don’t think so!)husband????just:”Beautiful boy”!apart from this song that for me is really a love message that i ever heard by a father for his son,she didn’t mention anything else!and she told those banal sentences about that all that she chosen John would been agree with her,just for justify herself,because she would always put herself in the focus of attention,like always!and in fact,she just told something evident:”i chosen Beautiful boy just for my son Sean”!don’t you realize???i’ll tell you just a thing:once,i read that Cynthia told that she never been a Beatles fan,and that sometimes she prefered listening some others songs written by some other artists,but she never omitted,and i say NEVER all that was written by her husband and his workpartners:sir Paul,George and Ringo!even,she mentioned (in her book) some solo John’s works(when he was with Yoko) like for example:”Nine dream”or “Give peace a chance”,or even “the ballad of John and Yoko”!for summing up what i would really say is that a wife,a famous wife married with a famous singer,songwriter etc.and now widow,can’t do all that she done!because,it’s not right!i know,maybe she didn’t like some songs of the Beatles,but to refuse and to omit something which was the most important part in her husband life,is absolutely illogical and for me,an act without love!i think,after reading this article,that she’s really not got a heart!

  3. I think it is very sad that she didn’t pick a song like ‘Ballad of John & Yoko’, ‘Woman’, ‘Dear Yoko’ or many of the other songs that John wrote about her. His ashes are probably on fire again for being so omitted from his widow. She probably didn’t pick ‘Ballad of John & Yoko’ while this song was recorded only by John & Paul. John had written the song and couldn’t wait for Ringo & George to return from their vacations. Instead, he called up Paul and asked him if he would help him finish the song and record it with him in the studio. Of course, Paul agreed because he simply loved working with John. This probably pissed her off more because John wanted Paul’s help to finish off and record this song! She will never learn not to grow up. She is 72 but still acts like she is an immature teenager!

  4. for Curt Fell:thankx for your posts!you’ve written something which is the reality!

  5. Once again the media is making a big deal over nothing, Where is the snub hear? Yoko picked “Beautiful Boy” because it obviously means a lot to her. Why wouldn’t it? It was written by her husband, who she loved very much, about her son, who she also loves. What am I missing here? Doesn’t anyone out there have children?

    Besides, it is none of our business what songs she picks. It has got to be extremely painful to lose a spouse. Obviously Sean represents and is a reminder of their profound love for one another. He wouldn’t exist with out the two of them. How could the song not be the most important song that John ever wrote as far as she is concerned?

    I can’t believe I even need to explain this to anyone. The only people acting like “an immature teenager” are the media and the people ranting against this on this thread.

  6. for Andy:well,i’ll tell you this:if you are a Yoko’s lover and you will always by her side,do what you want ,but if we can,can we tell our true opinion,or not?just because of you loving her?that’s not right!you believe in love,i think also i believe in love,too,i believe so much in john,but in her i don’t!sorry!this is my opinion!bad or good it is!and if you want accept it,that’s ok,if you don’t,well i say you bye bye!

  7. for Andy:and i can adding to my post for you that you are blind for not see well what she really is as a person!all that she wants is to be reminded,just her,not her husband!she is always on the focus of attention,she is so self proud,she doesn’t care about that she stolen an husband and a father,in the past!she doesn’t care about two people, important people in John’s life who suffered too much because John followed her,in a terrible way of living!every time John taken drugs where was she?where?what she said about it?what?and when he was drinking a lot ,and he was beating someone(even a girl who was a waitress in a pub,where he went for drinking something with his friend!)where was she?what did she say about it?she didn’t interesting about him,she never helped him to throw drugs away and cure himself,and when he went to live with May Pang?do you think he met her for a strange case or because once again Yoko manipuleted John’s life just following her interests?she decided that May should be for a period an assistant,a work assistant for him and a lover!understand?a lover!do you really think that a wife who loves her husband would like to leave her husband ,so he can living,making love,being in love with another woman?do you really think???this isn’t just a big deal like you told before,but it’s history!

  8. Ulla,

    I have no feelings towards Yoko one way or another, other than I respect her as a member of the human race. I’m not a fan of her at all.

    Sorry, but I can’t respect your opinion because it shows no compassion for another human being whatsoever. I just think that you and the media don’t understand human nature. If you don’t have children than it is difficult to explain the unconditional love someone can have for an offspring.

    I’m sorry that concept is so hard for you to grasp.

  9. for Andy:i don’t think that i said something which can hurt you,something bad,so don’t tell me absolutely thati don’t understand the human race!you don’t know me at all,so you cannot sayin’allthese things!absolutely not!so,you know otherwise i think you don’t understand what is really happened in John’s life and how many people are involved into it before Yoko came into it!and how many suffered!don’t you care about Cynthia,Julian(when John left him and Cynthia for goin’away with Yoko,Julian was a child like Sean!)?don’t you?me,yes!absolutely!and even,don’t you care that Cynthia was hidden in John’s life like if she was a stranger after Yoko came into John’s life?for you is it right?no,just tell me your opinion,because i think at this point of our “conversation” to be a crazy person,the only one,between us!if you tell me i have no compassion for human race,i should have no compassion even for Cynthia e Julian!don’t you think?and even i shouldn’t have no feelings for no one involved in John’s life!sorry,but i also think media given ,gave,and already now give her the attention,maybe too much!if it wasn’t so,you could or can already seen Cynthia instead Yoko!instead of this,you have seen always and continue to see Yoko!and no one else!”great thing”,really “great”!you think i don’t understand cause i haven’t children,yes maybe it could be,but i lived something like Julian,and i know very well,maybe too much how a son could suffer for losing twice a father(mine is not dead!)but,i think you don’t understand what i’m saying now because you have always had your dad next to you!and i seen my mother like Cynthia,in the same position like Cythia was when John Leave her for get together with Yoko!maybe i’m feeling too much this story inside me but i cannot and i want absolutely telling my private life,because it’s my own business.but you don’t try to tell me again that i have no compassion for human race,please!because you don’t know me,and you don’t know how i feel inside me!

  10. for Andy:i would also tell you,that i don’t want no compassion by you!absolutely!(cause of my life experience)but i’m so proud to hear for the first time that Yoko loves her son!every parent should loving her or his son or daughter,because it’s a right and a duty!but,i think she doesn’t care and never didn’t care about how John really felt inside him,why he was so agressive,why he couldn’t stop to drink too much and to take too manydrugs and to find a better solution to help,to cure him,and above all she never didn’t care about what she created when she appeared in John’s life.so, i’m sorry that she stolen too an husband like Cynthia,and she had to bring up her son all alone(it’s an hard and complicated thing to do for a lonely mother)but,sorry,i don’t respect her like a wife,like a woman,i mean.probably,you ever could understand because you are a man!so,don’t tell the first things that appearing instead in your mind! and don’t try to understand what really thinks a woman,because you’ll never know!

  11. for Andy:sorry,but there’s a mistake in my sentence above i would say i’m sorry that Yoko lost too an husband like cynthia!

  12. Ulla,

    I understand what you are saying about Cynthia and Julian. I also feel bad for what happened to them. However, I can’t blame Yoko. John Lennon was a grown man and he is the one to blame for his actions. Not Yoko. John is the one who decided to leave Cynthia and Julian. No one can force someone to leave their family. Who knows why he left. Obviously he wasn’t happy, but clearly he handled it poorly. No one can dispute that.

  13. for Andy:sorry,if i’m really angry about this.is really difficult for me and rarely, too becoming angry about something,but this story always given me a strong and deep impact.in rude way.i even thought that he wasn’t happy with Cynthia,anymore so he treated her so badly and even Julian,and he had his faults,it’s obvious!but Yoko isn’t a saint!an innocent woman!she had and has her faults,too!haven’t you ever heard about she had a daughter,Kyoko and in the first times when Yoko was married with John,Yoko tried to take away her daughter from her father,Tony Cox?and John tried to help Yoko to do this.but this plan failed cause Tony tried to protect his daughter from a mother who leave her daughter without a reason.do you think it is normal?i think no.she always would to have a baby by John,so in that way she thought John could easily leave her wife Cynthia and he could love another son and forget Julian.and what’s happened?this!i think John was the dog under control of its owner.i think you know what i really mean.sometimes he behaved in a terribleway,i know(he wasn’t also a saint,too!)but don’t think of her like the poor widow,all alone with a son,who continue to suffer for her dead husband that once was innocent,pure,but when she met her husband she become terrible like him.John had some negative aspects in his personality but sometimes he had beautiful aspects,all that i can see in Yoko is a very great indifference,and she always been in this way.she never changed.

  14. for Andy:i want to add something else:after John died,the next day Yoko invited Julian to her home in Dakota Building for give him a gift,like a memoryof his father,when Julian went there,she told him for choosing a guitar,and Julian would really like a white guitar that he saw it when his dad used to play it.do you know,what Yoko told him?”sorry,no,you can’t have it,cause i already chosen it for Sean”and she chose another guitar for Julian and gave it to him.understand?”The widow lady”said no,for a simple request,not made by a stranger,but by the first son of her husband!you know,Julian hadn’t a father,anymore,and all that he could give him a beautiful memory,was a thing used byhis dad,and for Julian that guitar was very much!but like (you know,The Walt Disney’s character,uncle Scrooge?)uncle Scrooge when someone who wants to steal his money,she refused Julian’s request!after so many years,Cynthia tried for a special occasion(a concert for remembering John)not to create a friendship with Yoko,but to try to create a kind,peaceful collaboration,just for the benefit of their two sons,who were involved in that concert,together.she refused what Cynthia thought and after a few days,do you know what she told about that?”Cynthia just aked me to do only for having success,and because she wants to earn some money,and grow rich herself!just for that!”she understand nothing about Cyn!Cyn is a real lady,and she never would to grow rich herself behind John’s image!she never done,she doesn’t and she will never do!she doesn’t need of this!Cyn never told about all was happened in her life since she me tJohn,during her marriage with John,during her pregnancy for having Julian,the hard times when beatlemania was at the top John became famous,rich and started to take drugs,when John betrayied her with Yoko in her and John’s house,duringe the divorce and after when he was married with Yoko and became Sean’s father,never she did!Cyn was always in silence,and just for give a position under the sun to Yoko!and for all that she lived,i think Cyn was and is a special woman. maybe,you can disagree with my opinion,but you cannot denying that she really lived an hard life,and she knows well the sufferance,because she lived it on her skin.

  15. Ulla,

    All I can say is that everyone makes mistakes in their lives and I really can’t judge John and Yoko. None of us know the real details of their lives. We only know what the media reports. I’m not on anyone’s side. Whether or not Yoko or John were bad People is not for me to decide.

    I would say to you, don’t worry about it.

  16. for Andy:thanks for told me don’t worry,but i don’t really know if i could try don’t think about it.all that i can tell you is that these things it’s not just media reports,it’s Cynthia memories and she written it on her book about John and her,and it’s called:”John”,if you have the possibility buy it!it’s a really very good work,well done,and there’s much more than you can imagine.when i finished the book do you know what i said?”it seemed to me lived twice.it’s incredible!i don’t believe it!”

  17. I agree with Andy’s first point, concisely and intelligently made. Not entirely sure what Ulla’s trying to say. Yoko’s picked her eight disks that mean something to her, end of story. I love lots of Beatles tracks to bits, but they still might not make my Top 8.

    Why this should end up as another loveYoko hateYoko goodCyn badJohn debate is beyond me.

  18. For Jerry Bakewell:sorry,if you found my comments too long!but i would try to say my true opinion and nothing else.for me the couple John & Cyn shouldn’t be broken.for me,they belonged together.and i never told John was bad,cause i know he had some faults but i repeat who hasn’t?but i continue to love him and respect him.i love Cyn,too.you see,everyone has an own opinion so,maybe you can disagree with mine,i can disagree with yours,but…..if you don’t talkin’about these arguments,why should you comin’into a forum again?if i wrong,just tell me!and i would like to ask you what is about my comment that doesn’t make you not sure?if you tell me,i’ll try to explain you.i’ll waiting for your answer.

  19. for Jerry Bakewell:and if you think i’m a fool(cause you’ve written that Andy’s comment was intelligently made)well,i’ll tell you that people are different one from another!and i’m sorry,for you cause you would like to “talk” with someone who is just as you are or just like Andy is!but,i’m sorry,but it’s impossible!

  20. very imposible.

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