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2008 date set for The Beatles on iTunes?

Could it be that the hype surrounding The Beatles imminent digital debut online, and on itunes is all just a bit premature?  There is report from, what we believe to be a reliable source (Olivia Harrison) stating that the Fab Four may not be available on Itunes until 2008.  This news report is quite surprising to us.  We fully expected to see the remastered back catalog this year truly.  Maybe we were just a little drunk with the hype.

It has been a while since we had heard anything in the way of news regarding the remastered catalog, and the release of the Fab Four’s body in the digital realm.  No news was good news to us.  This report leaves us shrugging our shoulders and still asking “why” it should take this log.  Maybe they are trying to truly reissue these babies the right way.  I fully expect to see pristine artwork, remastered sound, mono and stereo versions, and bonus tracks and video footage.  That should be the expense for having to wait this long.  That is our hope.  Instead, Beatle fans are still left holding their collective breath waiting for the announcement.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Beatles fans will probably have to wait until next year before they can buy the Fab Four’s tunes from online retailers such as Apple Inc.’s iTunes store, George Harrison’s widow said on Friday.

A recent settlement to a lengthy trademark dispute between Apple and the Beatles’ company, Apple Corps Ltd., has cleared the way for the band to distribute its catalog in cyberspace.

But Olivia Harrison told Reuters, “We just have a few things to work out elsewhere.”

Specifically, all the Beatles CDs have been remastered — good news for fans who have long complained about the poor sound quality — and the organization wants to get the artwork ready for the physical packages.

Asked if the catalog would be available online by the end of next year, she said, “Oh God, yeah. Hope so … I don’t know if it would be the end of this year, but it would be nice. Imminent, let’s put it that way.”

Paul McCartney, who has adopted an aggressive digital marketing strategy for the release next week of his solo album, “Memory Almost Full,” told trade publication Billboard last month that an online deal for the Beatles catalog was “virtually settled.” But he, too, shied away from saying that anything would happen in the short term.

The Beatles are the highest-profile omission from digital retailers. While the dispute with Apple did not help, the band’s organization has traditionally adopted a conservative approach to new technology, including CDs.

“I think we’re a little bit behind,” Harrison said, noting that it was “ridiculous” that properly remastered CDs of the band’s catalog were not yet available.

“We (the band’s members and widows) all agree. It’s been done. It’s just trying to now get it out there.”

She said that Neil Aspinall, the recently retired businessman who oversaw the group’s complex business affairs, had been busy in recent years on the remastering project.

“That’s a big job. That means you have to go back through all the archives and find great photographs and really give a nice package to the fans.”

Aspinall retired in April and was replaced by Jeff Jones, an American music industry executive who specializes in deluxe reissues of classic albums. Harrison said Aspinall’s departure was voluntary, dispelling fan speculation to the contrary.

But she said Jones would “pick up the pace” now that the most recent project, a Beatle-inspired Cirque du Soleil stage show in Las Vegas, was underway after years of preparation initiated by her husband before he died in 2001.

Source: Yahoo


10 Responses

  1. I noticed your editoral negected to mention Now and then the beatles 3rd reunion song—beatle re-masters are ok-but now and then-thats where its at ! how come you didin mention that–also I personally believe theres more than one reuion track in the can-I think there well might be at least 2 !–but I’ll settle for now and then!–frankly-half the catalogue is already out in re-mastered condition aready!-what with the capitol re-ssues-the Yellow sub sondtrack from 99-and the love lp andprbably the ONE lp–thats probably half their reordings right there–plus Let it be naked–don’t get me wrong–downloads and re,masters are ok-but Now And Then is where its at that trumps simple downloads or remasters-for sure–we know theres more good anthology type tracks as well things like Bad To Me sour milk sea- carnival of light and quite a lot more!–lets talk about that—you know in that anthology dvd–where the threetles play blue moon of kentucky-etc etc-theres a bunch at least several more tunes they cut out of the movie–lets talk about that stuff-keep your eye on the ball–sometimes theres more than meets the eye–but you gotta keep the issue in the public awareness right !–who’s with me!!!

  2. now and then should have been included on 1, the greatest hits…..for some strange reason, i too get very excited about now and then…… just one more song, and the fans can let it be…..something must be up with it if paul let david kahne listen to it…..the media keeps bringing up dates on it….. since paul, ringo, yoko or olivia have not said that it will not come out, there is still some hope……………i’m with you, mr. happy…….

  3. i’m not against Olivia,but all that i read before,it’s just chattin!you know,like words in the wind……..i think if we haven’t seen this project,yet we will never see it,anymore!and there are some ipothetical voices about the date cause they don’t know what they can tell about it!they don’t know more than us!this is,the fact!anyway,MR HAPPY,REMEMBER I’LL ALWAYS WITH YOU!!!!

  4. One more year? Listen….do you hear that sound?
    That’s the sound of thousands of core Beatle fans passing away as someone claims that they still need more time to properly process 40 year old music!

    As for “Now and Then”, Threetle music…etc. That is what the ‘net is for. If you think the people that have all this stuff care, you are mistaken (remember the 40th anniversary box set of Sgt Peppers?). If I sound bitter, it’s because I am. I have purchaced every item released in the past 43 years, but the stuff I really want, I get off the internet: Decca Demos, Esher Tapes, 5.1 mixes, Alternate takes not on Anthology, live performances such as Tokyo and Shea…etc.

    “They” obviously do not care about the fans, so I do not care to give them any more money. I will wait (with my last breath) until all this stuff is realeased and look for it on the internet.

  5. for joefo:listen,i always thought that they needed more time!i always thought that dowloading Beatles music was better!(if you don’t believe me,take a look at my posts in every Beatles article about downloading or digital Beatles music).but,now,i’m trying to not be som uch negative,i know they need much more time,but…………………it will happen?are you really sure?well,sorry but if i don’t see it i can’t believe it!i’m trying to wait,too!(like you do)but,for me now,this is just chattin and nothing else.

  6. if you wish for something-it can happen–paul mccartney is king beatle these days and he wants now and then to come out–thats what I infer from all I have read!-and I have read a lot about this!-yoko and olivia ay have reservations–but who would have thought free as a bird an real love were possible before it happened?-almost no one—as to the internet rarities available we have those –heck many of us had the majority of anthology before it was ever compiled—but there are a few treasures that have never been booted–like you joefo I a embittered by forty years of loyalty to the beatles and they cant-wont give us those last tracks-especially now and then–and other reunion recordings—keep positive keep your eye on the ball clap your hands and say beatles downloads are ok-but we want the good stuff !-now and then—and he stuff that has never been booted–like you and many of us-joefo–they risk losing our beatle consumer dollars if they rehash the same old songs weve bought six or eight times already–but remember we have an ally in paul mccartney-ad with mr jones -the new head of apple–theres a lot of horse trading behind the scenes—maybe paul wans to add amusical bridge or verse to now and then and yoko doesnt want songwriting additions-or maybe oliivia is trying to honor georges sentiments–we will never know all the facts or horsetrading going on but we can make certain deductions or assumptions–no one not yoko not olivia wants to be blamed for keeping the last beatles tracks from the planet–keep thefaith write steve jones -olivia -yoko-ringo&paul keep the faith and believe it just might happen in 6-12 months I base this on many years of observation-instinct-and yes hope–if it was false an official spokesperson would have said so by now–the fact that they havent denied any of the 4-times now and then has hit the press this year is very telling–these are smart people–basially decent people and I think we shall see new beatle tracks from the archives–and quite likely now and then–no one lives forever I hope they hurry up–now whos with me I need your help write those letters make those calls clap your hands!


  8. ALriiiiiiiiight! now and then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Listen to Now and then:
    You can find The Threetles version on that site.

  10. When will the “Let It Be” film finally appear on DVD?

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