Sgt. Pepper album cover gets a modern day makeover.

The Sun Online, you know that little newspaper in England,  has created an updated cover for Sgt. Pepper to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its release.  They have “modernized” the classic rock album with contemporary images.  It surely looks like someone in their graphics department was having a whole ton of fun.

Who would you have put on the cover of a revamped Sgt. Pepper cover? Let us know in the comments.

Here’s what we’ve read.

It is one of the most famous and influential albums ever recorded, and its cover has become part of pop music history.

Homage ... Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band cover gets a modern-day makeover

Forty years ago this week, The Beatles released Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band to instant worldwide acclaim. And almost as iconic as the anthems within was its eye-catching pop art cover featuring the Fab Four alongside a collage of life-sized cardboard models including famous writers, musicians, film stars and Indian gurus.To celebrate Sergeant Pepper’s 40th birthday, here DEREK BROWN gives the classic montage a modern-day makeover.

Who's who ... see which icons of yesterday have been replaced with today's icons

1. Indian mystic Sri Yukteswar Giri replaced by Buddhist leader the Dalai Lama.

2. Sinister occult leader Aleister Crowley replaced by Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard.

3. Bawdy hellraising actress Mae West replaced by rehab hellraiser Lindsay Lohan.

4. Offensive stand-up Lenny Bruce replaced by edgy stand-up Ricky Gervais.

5. Pioneer of electronic classical music Karlheinz Stockhausen replaced by electro-wizard Moby.

6. Comedian and actor WC Fields replaced by pint-sized funnyman Danny DeVito.

7. Founder of analytical psychology Carl Jung replaced by hypnotist Paul McKenna.

8. Dark crime writer Edgar Allan Poe replaced by darker crime writer Ian Rankin.

9. Dancing movie legend Fred Astaire replaced by Dirty Dancing’s Patrick Swayze.

10. Leading artistic chronicler Richard Merkin replaced by graffiti commentator Banksy.

11. Painting of air force icon Varga Girl replaced by Forces beauty Nell McAndrew.

12. Big-faced actor Huntz Hall replaced by big- faced actor Nicolas Cage.

13. Genius builder and designer Simon Rodia replaced by architect Sir Norman Foster.

14. Cutting-edge beat poet Bob Dylan replaced by a crustier but still cool Bob Dylan.

15. Fifth Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe replaced by fifth Arctic Monkey Andy Nicholson.

16. Controversial cartoonist Aubrey Beardsley becomes Simpsons creator Matt Groening.

17. Old mannequin replaced by Topshop mannequin.

18. Police founder Robert Peel replaced by Sting, the founder of The Police.

19. Drug-dabbling writer Aldous Huxley replaced by off-his-head writer Will Self.

20. Poet Dylan Thomas replaced by Irish rhymer Seamus Heaney.

21. US screenwriter Terry Southern replaced by Goodfellas director Martin Scorsese.

22. Doo-wop singer Dion DiMucci replaced by R&B star Usher.

23. Comedy actor Tony Curtis replaced by funnyman Adam Sandler.

24. Cutting-edge artist Wallace Berman replaced by shark-pickler Damien Hirst.

25. Radio favourite Tommy Handley replaced by gobby radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles.

26. Blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe replaced by platinum starlet Scarlett Johannson.

27. Drug-inspired writer William S Burroughs replaced by serial-caner author Irvine Welsh.

28. Spectral yogi pin-up Sri Mahavatar Babaji replaced by Celeb BB pin-up Shilpa Shetty.

29. One half of comedy double act Stan Laurel replaced by Dec’s other half Ant McPartlin.

30. Painter of heroic figures Richard Lindner replaced by Spider-Man creator Stan Lee.

31. Tubbier half of comedy double act Oliver Hardy becomes Ant’s pal Declan Donnelly.

32. Creator of the Communist Manifesto Karl Marx replaced by Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

33. Time Machine author HG Wells replaced by 2001 creator Arthur C Clarke.

34. Yoga guru Sri Parama-Hansa Yogananda replaced by yoga obsessive Madonna.

35. Desert hero Lawrence of Arabia replaced by Gulf War veteran Andy McNabb.

36. Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud replaced by Sun Agony Aunt Deidre Sanders.

37. Mannequin replaced by New Look mannequin.

38. Pin-up cartoon of a Petty Girl replaced by cyberbabe Lara Croft.

39. Wise-cracking stage man Max Miller replaced by cheeky pop star Robbie Williams.

40. Another Petty Girl replaced by cartoon sexpot Jessica Rabbit.

41. Moody actor Marlon Brando replaced by grumpy thespian Russell Crowe.

42. Cowboy actor Tom Mix replaced by spaghetti western gunslinger Clint Eastwood.

43. Writer, poet and wit Oscar Wilde replaced by writer and comic Stephen Fry.

44. Zorro actor Tyrone Power replaced by Mask of Zorro star Antonio Banderas.

45. Modern artist Larry Bell replaced by unmade bed artist Tracy Emin.

46. African explorer David Livingstone replaced by British adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

47. Tarzan actor Johnny Weissmuller replaced by King Of The Jungle Phil Tufnell.

48. Writer Stephen Crane replaced by Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown.

49. Music hall comedian Issy Bonn replaced by stand-up Jimmy Carr.

50. Legendary Irish writer George Bernard Shaw replaced by modern Irish writer Roddy Doyle.

51. 3D artist and designer HC Westermann replaced by iPod designer Jonathan Ive.

52. Liverpool FC legend Albert Stubbins replaced by former Everton star Wayne Rooney.

53. Indian spiritualist Sri Lahiri Mahasaya replaced by spoonbender Uri Gellar.

54. Alice In Wonderland writer Lewis Carroll replaced by Harry Potter creator JK Rowling.

55. Boxer Sonny Liston replaced by British Olympic silver medallist Amir Khan.

56. Waxwork of George Harrison replaced by waxwork of Arctic Monkey Alex Turner.

57. Waxwork of John Lennon replaced by waxwork of Arctic Monkey Jamie Cook.

58. Waxwork of Ringo Starr replaced by waxwork of Arctic Monkey Nick O’Malley.

59. Waxwork of Paul McCartney replaced by waxwork of Arctic Monkey Matt Helders.

60. Albert Einstein replaced by Brief History Of Time genius Stephen Hawking.

61. John Lennon replaced by son Sean.

62. Ringo Starr replaced by son Zak.

63. Paul McCartney replaced by daughter Stella.

64. George Harrison replaced by son Dhani.

65. Child star Bobby Breen replaced by off-the-rails Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin.

66. Hollywood actress Marlene Dietrich replaced by Aussie screen star Nicole Kidman.

67. Legionnaire from the Order of the Buffalo replaced by anonymous British soldier in Iraq.

68. Shapely actress Diana Dors replaced by curvy Kelly Brook.

69. Child star Shirley Temple replaced by Britney Spears in Disney TV show.

70. Japanese Fukusuke doll replaced by Teletubby toy.

71. Snow White figurine replaced by Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear.

72. Statue from home of John Lennon replaced by statue of Bobby Moore.

73. Plastic doll replaced by Bratz doll.

74. Doll with Rolling Stones jumper replaced by ITV Digital Monkey with Arctic Monkeys T-shirt.

75. Figurine of Hindu goddess Lakshmi replaced by Barbie doll.

Source: Sun Online
(The images at the top of this post are theirs too.)


8 Responses

  1. AHAHAHAH!!!OMG!(oh my God),what a hell!maybe,i don’t really now if it was better once,or it’s better now!well,i can always say that the originalcover,is been a symbol,a myth for years,and i think no one can changes it!said this,probably,if someone could ask me:”who would you put instead of those people?”well,i could choose my favourite English or American people that i know.but,probably,i wouldn’t do it!never!for me sgt.Pepper cover,is legendary,and i will always remember like it is!

  2. and there’s one thing ,too:what’s Stella got to do with it???it’s not something against her,absolutely!but do you really think she could replace her daddy???i have so many doubts……..i think she could replace just Linda,her mother(about her beauty,business etc.)

  3. I wished they mentioned the Artic Monkeys more, I only caught 15 or so references to them which seems below par for the sun.

  4. i would also adding that for me put Stella between 3 young men,it’s a great thing for a woman!and could be even great if for example they put Lee Starkey instead of her brother Zak!but,i told that Stella couldn’t replace her father,because she never playied,never sung and never written a song!just for that!my opinion wasn’t and isn’t something against women!i’m a woman ,too and for me to see Stella there between Sean,Zak and Dhani was a real victory,at first sight!

  5. I agree with Judas. What is with the Artic Monkey references. The Artic Monkeys are a bunch of talentless imbeciles in comparison to the Beatles, in no way shape or form are they any form of replacement for the Beatles. The Sun should be slapped.

  6. To conclude this was a humouous stunt by The Sun, but for chrissakes, get some proper fnas to have some fun, ya monkeys.

  7. Thanks! You have a great weekend too!

  8. George Bernard Shaw, legendary Irish writer? Yeah, plus a Fabian Socialist who wanted to find a humane way to kill people who didn’t believe in his way of political thinking. Great guy. And Karl Marx, creator of Communism, the political system that has killed about 80 million of its own people, another great guy. It’s a shame such great musicians were cursed with such colossal ignorance as to revere such people.

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