AUDIO: Pete Best podcast interview.

The often forgotten, and onetime Beatle, Pete Best, has been in the news recently for a few reasons.  He is touring with his wonderful band as usual.  He has put together a video for the early Beatle haunt, The Casbah Coffeehouse, with a certain knighted member of The Beatles appearing in it, and it looks like he is talking to American television (Wisconsin Public Television) about his experiences being a member of the Beatles.  It seems that our friend Pete Best is in a talkative and nostalgic mood himself these days. 

It’s good listening to hear some of these early stories of the pre-Fab Four.  There’s nothing earth shaking with Pete’s stories, but it is nice to be able to hear him talk about the old days with the boys, before they were the boys.

Here’s what we’ve read.

We spoke with Pete Best, one of only three people alive that can claim to be former members of The Beatles, via telephone from the Casbah Coffee House in Liverpool, U.K. The mp3 podcast conversation can be downloaded here and can be enjoyed on your personal computer or loaded onto your personal mp3 player for on-the-go listening. You can also subscribe to our monthly podcasts via iTunes by clicking here.

For more than 1,000 shows until 1962, Best was the drummer for The Beatles. Along with John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison, Best performed to packed houses in Germany and throughout England as the early stages of Beatlemania grew. He was there when the group signed its first recording deal, but was quietly dismissed just weeks before the release of the “Love Me Do,” the band’s first in a long line of hit singles.

Now, 40 years later, Best is spreading his inside knowledge of those early days of what would become the most influential rock group ever. He has a band that performs many of the Mersey Beat songs from his Beatles tenure and has created a documentary, Best of the Beatles, which will air on WPT at 10 p.m. on Monday, June 11.

In our interview, Best discusses how he became a Beatle, why his mother had a hand in the band’s inception and the possible reasons that he was replaced in the band by Ringo Starr.

Source: Wisconsin Public Television Blog

  • For those of you who missed the direct link to the podcast with Pete Best, you can listen to the podcast here.

11 Responses

  1. pete was a good drummer, maybe it was because he was a very quiet person that he was let go. i have heard the early songs he drummed on, they actually sound preety good. he and stuart sutcliffe were a major part of the beatles history, and to omit them would be an injustice. it is so good to see pete doing well these days, and to think he tried suicide……. married to his high school sweetheart. his grandfather’s medals were used by john on the front of sgt. pepper. the beatles road manager , and head of apple records, neil aspinal dated pete’s mom mona and even gave pete a baby brother, roag. ringo, paul and pete are the only people on this earth who can say they were once beatles…….

  2. i always dreamt that this day would be come!i’m happy to hear what really happened in the early days of the Beatles!about those days i’ve read something (in Cynthia Lennon’s book:”John”),and i even seen something in a English movie about John Lennon called:”In his life-the John Lennon story”,and also i read in some biographies always the same story:Pete was replaced by Ringo cause of a Brian Epstein’s choice!cause when Brian managed the Beatles he told them for changing their images,so rough with their leather jackets and their hair like Elvis Presley’s fashion style,and he would also change their drummer,so no one would tell this to Pete,and all of them accepted this idea,and told Brian:”Brian,you are the only one!so,you’ll tell it to him”because they were so sorry.i even heard some early takes of The Beatles with Pete at the drum:i’ve got a collection about their songs sung from 1960 to 1962 just before recording:”Love me do” and signing up their contract with Brian.apart they were really young and their voices were really innocents,and some of those songs were covers,Pete was a real good drummer!someone always said:”well,Pete was just a nice guy,and nothing else!”that isn’t true!well,i couldn’t make a comparison between Ringo and him!Ringo is a “monster” and his attitudes at drumming are so amazing!but,Pete,was very good!maybe not so exceptional,but really good!i think it’s an honour knowin’all what is really happened by who was in the Beatles in their first years of their career!

  3. Thanx for the podcast link.

  4. Pete was probably a great guy and not a troublemaker but he wasn’t a very good drummer. Listen to the Decca tapes and the Love Me Do from Anthology 1 and you will notice that. George Martin even thought so to bring in a session drummer (Alan White) for the next session after the band’s first try at Love Me Do.

    Revisionists would love to say he was sacked for non-musical reasons but Ringo was the best drummer in all of Liverpool and when he took over you can hear the energy and quality rise. Listen to the Star Club Tapes to hear that. Pete had one basic drum style that he used on every song. Ringo emphasized backbeat which made the band’s sound unique.

    That said, I would love to see Paul and Pete have tea and discuss the old days. A certain healing for both would be great. Just hope Ringo doesn’t get too insecure…ha.

  5. for Raj:hey,my friend,why do you always repeating this thing?that you would like to see them together for a tea moment?but they are singers,musicians!not old ladies,who just relaxing at home!ok,you’ve shown us your opinion,that you don’t like their early tapes with Pete at drum,but we can’t make comparison!Ringo is the best one!it’s obvious!no one can deny it!but try to see Pete,without making comparison!do you still consider him a second level drummer?c’mon!don’t think of him like a loser!(because when i reading your posts about him you give me this impression)and above all,don’t making too much comparison!because from one to another one the bridge is really long,and the difference,is deeper than the sea!and i don’t think Rngo will become insecure,i think he will happier to know better an ex old member of his so much loved group!maybe,if you really want,we (you and i)could have a cup of tea,together….. 🙂

  6. Most 65-year-olds I know enjoy tea and a quiet chat. I keep forgetting McCartney is the yougest 65-year old this side of Dick Clark! HA.

    I enjoy listening to the Pete Best Beatles recordings and while I don’t think he was great, he certainly wasn’t that bad either. Just not anything spectacular. Besides, he didn’t seem to fit in with the band by his own admission. Looks like he’s had a very happy life so far despite being dumped so I’m glad for him.

    Speaking of Ringo, I wonder if he ever hooked up with Rory Storm & the Hurricanes over the years?

  7. for Raj:sorry,i was joking about the tea!anyway,i think what have you asked to youreslf,it could be possible!why not?maybe he remembers his ex friends with love,maybe not so very much,but with love.well,i don’t consider Pete so exceptional,either!but i think he’s good!i listened in my collection those tapes that have you already written above,and maybe it’snot perfect,but i think it’s ok!

  8. for Raj:so,sorry,again for my joke!

  9. neither ringo or pete were good drummers there were alot of underated drummers out there at that time who could easily stepped in.but hey who cares the beatles became the worlds best four piece band in the world.THANK GOD FOR THE BEATLES.AND LONG LIVE ROCK N ROLL

  10. rory storm killed himself along with his mum, in 1974.

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