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Last Lennon piano up for auction.

Lennon piano (courtesy of Moments in Time)If I could collect any specific type of memorabilia and I had unlimited funds, I think I would opt to collect real Beatle-used instruments.  I know this is totally a pipe dream, but it would be nice to furnish my house with these babies.  Maybe it’s the musician in me, but I would love to simply horde the tools of their trade. 

Fans of Double Fantasy can now own a piece of Lennon history.  This piano is up for grabs to the highest bidder.  I guess it would be the second-tier of Beatle instruments.  There are two other Lennon pianos that grab the top spot as the most iconic.  Those other two Lennon pianos would be the white Imagine piano that can be found in the Dakota, and the George Michael-owned piano that Lennon used in the early 1970’s, now dubbed the “peace piano”. It can be seen out on the peace trail on tour throughout the United States.

If money is no object, and you collect instuments, then this news bit is for you. 

Here’s what we’ve read. 

A piano used by John Lennon on the night he died has been put up for sale for $375,000 (£189,000). The upright grand piano was part of the Record Plant Recording Studios in New York where the former Beatle recorded his 1971 Imagine album.

The Moments in Time memorabilia website says the piano was a favourite of Lennon’s and he used it hours before being shot on 8 December 1980.

It has also been played by artists such as Don Mclean and Bob Dylan.

Last signature

Lennon was said to be so fond of the instrument that he had it moved to whichever studio he was working in.

Staff afterwards nicknamed it the “John Lennon piano”.

It has been in storage since the recording studio closed in the 1990s.

Moments in Time is also selling the album Lennon signed for his killer Mark Chapman and a signature he penned for one of the studio’s staff, which is believed to be the last thing he wrote.

Source: BBC


6 Responses

  1. what can i say?i am like Matt!if i would be rich than now well,i would buying even every little thing belonged to them!when for the first time,many years ago i went to London,i went to a Beatles shop,but for me comin into that shop didn’t mean just comin’into a shop,but comin’into a magical world!if i could i would bought all the shop included the place,the location!well,i would like to have every John’s thing,everything,is better!about the piano,i like very much that white piano that he used to play even in “imagine”video!that was very elegant just like him!;-)

  2. Oh! I want that so bad! I wish John were still alive, he’s my favorite Beatle…

  3. why oh why dod he have to die.
    it’s sad to think that the signature he presented to his killer was the last thing he wrote.

    but i do want that piano. if only i were rich. and not 14 years old. which means i am not rich. nor would my parents buy it. so yeah. i just wish so badly to own that.

  4. and kristen, he’s my favorite too. but not just my favorirte beatle. because he didnt die a beatle. he died an amazing revolutionary man in our world, and i mean he is my favorite, as in, he is my favorite person to have ever walked, dreamed, slept, breathed, cried, laughed, screamed, and born on this earth. no one could ever come close to how much i love him.

  5. for Alex:i’m so happy,really happy for have known you,too!you have written something which deeply touched my heart!cause,it’s true!Johnny was a great man!maybe he could have many faults,but everyone of us has it!who doesn’t have?i love the man,thewriter,the singer,the husband,the father and the son that he was!and if he made some mistakes,just looking on his life,and all he lived…….he suffered a lot,and all that he needed were just being loved,and helped!now,i can say you,that he’s really a part of my life,a big part!!!the most important one!!!

  6. ulla, no flirting , ok…

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