Beatle Memories.

Over the next few days we are going to barrage you with lots of Sgt. Pepper stories, consider this a warning.  It is a really busy time to be a Beatle fan!  It’s time to celebrate the old with the Pepper anniversary, and usher in the new as well with Memory Almost Full, Ringo’s two new CD projects, The Wilbury remaster, and the ever present promise of the remastered Beatle back catalog.

Hold onto your hats folks, it’s going to be a wild ride.  In that vein, we thought we would pose a question to you to kick off the party!

In honor of June 1st being the 40th anniversary of the release of ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,’ we want to hear your favorite stories and memories of ‘The Beatles.’

Where were you when ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’ came out? Is it your favorite album? If not, which one is? Favorite songs and why? What about ‘The Beatles’ impacted you the most – their talent, their politics, etc.? What do ‘The Beatles’ mean to you now?

We want your thoughts in the comments section.


11 Responses

  1. oh my god!nice questions,really nice:ok,i am the first to reply to them,so i’ll starting:when “sgt.Pepper”came out i was in the sky,on the moon ;-)!because i still should borning and still i wasn’t projected for borning,and my brother and sister were teenagers!i like “sgt.Pepper”like others many Beatles albums,but is not my favourite one,because i love The white favourite songs are:”if i fell”,”i call your name”,”i should have known better”,”i need you”,”i’m happy just to dance with you”,”something”,”blackbird”,”i will”,”Martha my dear”,”she’s leaving home”,””she came in through the bathroom window”,”don’t let me down”,”dig a pony”,”two of us”,”i,me,mine”,”because”,but my most favourite one is:”Lucy in the sky with diamonds”(i adore even the John Lennon with Elton John’s version!)sorry for this longlist but for me all of their songs are wonderful!well,i love these,cause some of them are really sweet and romantic,too and they give me so many emotions,that everytime i listen them i starting to tremble,and others are very rockin’and i like their music(even without lyrics).what impacted me most of the fab4 was their simplicity mixed with their originality,in fact for me their songs were at first sight simple for playin’,singin’ but if you analyze well they aren’t,they’re very difficult,in fact the Beatles were genius for me for creating these kinds of musics!finally,for me The Beatles are a reason for dreaming again,for being always myself,for learning somethin more about music,life,feelings etc!they were really real teachers!

  2. sgt. pepper is good in many perspective. it showed the world that the beatles were more than mop tops. it showed that album covers were works of art. it showed that songs that are different could be put together and work. it started the summer of love along with all you need is love. in fact there are songs that would have fit on pepper…only a northern song….penny lane…strawberry fields forever…baby your a rich man…all you need is love…hello goodbye. magical mystery tour is a baby brother to pepper, it is too underated. both covers are artistic. a day in the life is one of the beatles finest moments.

  3. I wouldn’t say that Pepper is my favorite album but I believe that it was the starting point from where many of my favorite albums came from. In a way it all goes back to Sgt. Pepper and the creative bar that was raised through its completion. My favorite track has got to be “When I’m 64” simply because of its early Beatles history. I’d love to hear what this song sounded like back in the early 60’s in Hamburg…I’ve dreamed about that actually! Wow!

  4. Well, my favorite songs on the album are: Getting Better, Lovely Rita, A Day in the Life, and With a Little Help From My Friends.
    To celebrate the anniversary I got the CD last week, and yesterday I got a Sgt. Pepper’s record album on Ebay.
    I really like this album.
    My favorite songs that are not on this album are: Paperback Writer, Hey JUde, The BAllad of John and Yoko, Lady Maddona, Yellow Submarine, I am the Walrus, Eleanor Rigby, and alot more.

  5. fo Kristen Boyd:can you look at my reply for you in the next article written after this,please?

  6. on the day that sgt. pepper came out, i was in my freshman year at college. i went downtown early that morning; a truck was just delivering l.p.s to sam goodys. i bought 8 sgt. pepper l.p.s off the truck, went to my class, sold all except one of those records, listened to it all that night. looking over at my wall, there it is, still in my life and in my heart, where it will always be.

    i just got the beatles’ faces tattooed on the inside of my right wrist- my mom and dad are on the front of my wrist-i figured it was the time. the images i chose are from winter ’67, when they did their film for “strawberry fields”. to me, this is the era that they are at their height of artistic achievement as a group.

    clearly, “a day in the life” is a masterpiece; the album, their greatest inovation and their crowning glory. although “strawberry fields” was intended for inclusion on sgt.p., and was not, finally, included, to me, it, along with “a day in…..” are their greatest works of art.


  7. Here goes…
    Top album – Revolver
    Top five songs – Strawberry Fields, Rain, Paperback Writer, Penny Lane, Hey Jude.
    I was 7 years old when Pepper came out, my neighbor across the street bought the record, and remember especially hearing Lucy in the Sky and Getting Better that first time. I also remember being kinda spooked first time I heard A Day in the Life. Of course I put on the cardboard mustache!
    The Beatles impacted me most by making songs that forty years later make me feel great and provide endless entertainment. So their talent as songwriters, musicians, singers and performers are really at the top for me. Having been lucky to be just old enough to remember them when they were around, The Beatles will always be with me “every single day of my life”.
    They had an impact on popular culture that hasn’t been matched yet.

  8. My brief but sincere bisrthday wish for the 40th anniversary of Sgt. Papper’s…

    It was 40 years ago today
    That the Beatles taught the world to play

    It was 20 when they sang the song
    Can you believe that now it’s twice as long?

    So let me just announce to you
    Paul and Ringo have both made it through
    From Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Baaaaand…

    Russ DiBella

  9. Today is the 40th anniversary for the Sgt. pepper release in the U.S.! (Not that I didn’t celebrate yesterday…)

  10. today, june 4th….. english mccartney fans are standing in line after midnight to get memory almost full. i shall do that tomorrow night….. billy shears is the man…….

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