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Beatle fest will mark quartet of occasions.

Have you been to any of the Beatlefests in recent years?  We have been to them, and we must say if you haven’t then you have absolutley no idea what you are missing.  There are scores of tribute bands with impressive live music, there are tons of authors to meet, and lots of Beatle celebrities to mingle with.  Oh, and did we mention the dealer room that has boatloads of Beatle booty to drool over and purchase? 

I you haven’t experienced it, then I encourage you to book your trips now.  This round on the Beatlefest circuit is even more impressive when you couple it with a trip to see the Cirque du Soleil show LOVE.  Hopefully the Beatlefest keeps the Vegas trip, which is new this year, on their permanent rotation.  We couldn’t imagine a better match than this fest with the glitz and glamor of Vegas.

Here’s what we’ve read. 

The Fest For Beatles Fans, a marathon of music, film, art, tributes, memorabilia, talent contests and trivia game shows, will unfold July 1-3 at The Mirage in Las Vegas in a salute to four historic occasions: 40 years since “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and the satellite broadcast of “All You Need Is Love” to 400 million TV viewers, 50 years since John Lennon and Paul McCartney first met and one year since the debut of Cirque du Soleil’s Love.

Staged by Mark and Carol Lapidos, who’ve produced 104 Beatles fan conventions in 33 years, the event will include such guests as original Beatles drummer Pete Best, Welsh comic actor Victor Spinetti (“Help!”, “A Hard Day’s Night”), British duo Peter & Gordon and former Wings members Denny Laine, Laurence Juber and Denny Seiwell. Details and ticket information: http://www.thefest.com/.

Source: Star Gazette


8 Responses

  1. GREAT!GREAT!GREAT! for me this isn’t just a news,is somethin’ who makes me die!!!oh but why these kind of things don’t happening even in my country? I WANT CRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP!!!! yes,in my country there are some Beatles days for celebrating them with Many concerts where playing Beatles cover band,but there aren’t these kind of things,at all!this is something which broken my heart!!!

  2. It would be easier to get more excited about the annual Beatlesfests if they weren’t organized by Mark Lapidos, whom is not well liked among Beatles fans. He’s just in it for the money. BTW, don’t believe Lapidos’ claims that he organized the first ever Beatles convention in the U.S. That honor goes to my late friend Joe Pope of Strawberry Fields Forever Magazine – his first “Magical Mystery Tour”, held in Boston in 1974 I believe, preceeded Lapidos’ first convention by a few months.

  3. Does anyone know of any such events in Ohio?

  4. I’d like to go to one, but gosh, like my parents would take me there…

  5. pete best and denny laine. what a night. too bad i live outside of dallas{ no, i’m not homeless.}

  6. i wish :[

  7. awesome

  8. I have not been to Beatlefest since 1979. Paul McCartney was my inspiration to learn bass guitar (self taught, and I still play just for myself, but I am addicted to the harder stuff, like Metallica, Megadeth, but I am still very loyal to my roots)

    And another reason I am a fan stil is my cousin, Tommy Roe, got to tour with the Beatles and Chris Montez in 1962.

    As for the Beatles themselves, we all owe them a major thank you for the gift of the music they made then and after. It has helped me cope with the bad times and helped me celebrate the good times. This gift came at the cost of having a simple, quiet life.

    So y’all better say “Thank You” to the makers for sending them to the world when the world needed something to feel good about.

    A trivia question for you all, How many “Paul is dead” clues are there on the Abbey Road cover?

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