Sgt Pepper celebrates 40th anniversary on the BBC with a little help from some friends.

It looks like the BBC is celebrating the Sgt. Pepper anniversary in the own right. They are broadcasting a “new” cover version of Sgt. Pepper in it entirity on June 2nd to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Beatle’s landmark album.

Oasis during a Friday Night With Jonathan Ross appearance

The British radio service has marked a group of rock and roll superstars to pay tribute to the album that birthed the LP. It seems that they are gearing up for what looks to be a summer long celebration of all-things Fab, as well as remembering the Summer of Love. I wish we could say that we were there when it all happened, but we are second-generation Beatle fans. We’ll tune into the Pepper special on the BBC, and hope that you do too. It looks like a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

Sgt Pepper’s 40th Anniversary can be heard on BBC Radio 2 in a two-hour special on Saturday 2 June 2007, 4.30-6.30pm

Here’s what we’ve read.

Sgt Pepper celebrates 40th anniversary with a little help from his 21st century Lonely Hearts Club friends

Oasis, Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers, Razorlight, James Morrison, Travis and The Fratellis are amongst the special guests helping BBC Radio 2 celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic Beatles album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Artists are going back to the studio to record tracks from the album as part of Radio 2’s Sixties Season – a series of programmes to be broadcast over the summer to mark the network’s 40th birthday in September, and the anniversary of the “Summer of Love”.

Geoff Emerick, the album’s multi award-winning audio engineer who recorded the original version at Abbey Road, will be using his ground-breaking techniques to record the new interpretations on the analogue, one-inch four-track equipment used back in 1967.

Lesley Douglas, Controller, Radio 2, says: “This will be, not only a unique radio event, but a very special musical moment.

“The range and quality of artists involved ensure that this will be a fitting tribute to one of the great albums of all time.”

Des Shaw, from Ten Alps, the company producing the programme, says: “The documentary will highlight how important this album was to each artist and capture their feelings as they record their interpretation of one of the Sgt Pepper tracks.”

Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was The Beatles’ eighth album and is often cited as their most influential by critics.

It was recorded by The Beatles at Abbey Road over 129 days and was released on 1 June 1967.

The album was an immediate critical and popular sensation – innovative in every sense, from structure to recording techniques and Sir Peter Blake’s stunning cover artwork.

Sgt Pepper’s 40th Anniversary can be heard on BBC Radio 2 in a two-hour special on Saturday 2 June 2007, 4.30-6.30pm

Radio 2 Publicity

Source: BBC


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  1. oh i can remember something connected to another sgt.Pepper’sanniversary:it was the thirtieth anniversary and in my country made a big radio live show for celebrating its thirty years!i remember that i was listening all the whole show with so much excitement and i sang and danced a lot with my headphones on!it was a wonderful moment to remember!and i think this show will be the same,too!

  2. Pretty sad that we have to hear other artists on a SGT. Pepper celebration show than to hear remixed/remastered or outtakes from the Beatles themselves… Once again, thanx EMI/Apple for nothing!

  3. for Raj:wel,i agree with you in particular in this case.if i could listening a version of sgt.Pepper made by the Beatles or one made by Oasis,i’d like to listen the Beatles,one with no doubt!but,unfortunately,this seems to be the only way for celebrating sgt.Pepper!what could we do?i hope in the future,some genius mind will deciding better for making a right celebration.

  4. I was hoping for a remix, but I am still going to watch this, for the fact that I like thier songs,not just the sound, but the words too. At least they are doing something…

    (Ulla, do you have myspace or anything? If you do, click on my name to go to my myspace. Maybe email, but you probably wouldnt want 2 post it. Maybe on an old article or Youtube or anything. Are you a member of any website? I’m just saying this because on a past comment you said that you liked John Lennon too. Remember the “Dance Tonight comment?)

  5. for Kristen Boyd:sure!i remember very well!i’m really glad for this!unfortunately,i’m not a member of any website of your country or of English-speaking country.i’m a member of Beatles website of my country.but i haven’t got my space,if you want i have MSN messenger for chattin’ and i can adding you,if you want it.or we can sending emails,only if you want!tell me what have you chosen,ok?i hope you’ll replying me soon!xxxx **Ulla**

  6. to: Ulla, I’m not a part of any Beatles website

  7. for Kristen Boyd:oh but,anyway if you want to talkin together about John,his songs etc,if you want we can chattin on msn messenger?do you have a msn messanger adress?if want you could give it to me ,then i will adding it in my msn messanger adresses list so,we could chatting together…..just tell me if you want or agree and if you want let me your msn messanger adress everywhere you want

  8. well no, but my email is Email me!


  10. for awc1967:really?do you like my posts? 🙂 well,it’s not nothing special!anyway,thank you very much!well,now maybe you’ll starting to laugh,but,i’m from Italy,near Rome.i hope you don’t mind!oh Dallas…..really nice!i know a boy who was born and lived in Texas,not just Dallas,his country is Wichita Falls,and he moved from there into my town.i like knowing people from other countries,and discoverin’other many news about the Beatles from other countries.well,in Italy The Beatles went twice for making two concerts,once in Milan,and another time in Rome,and in my opinion those times was very few!but in Italy we love and remember always (even on tv) them!and i’m really proud of this,although some important events are missing!like that trip told in that article above.anyway,i’m really happy to know you!thank you very much,again!**Ulla**

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