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VIDEO: Paul thanks all of his fans.

In a follow-up to the online debut of his new video for “Dance Tonight,” Paul McCartney fans are treated to another small tidbit of video. Sir Paul can be seen in a short clip thanking all of his fans for watching the video for “Dance Tonight.” What a nice gesture.

We are all suckers for even the smallest, shortest, glimpse of our favorite Beatles.

Paul thanks all the fans for watching his new video ‘Dance Tonight’ on You Tube

If you haven’t seen the video for Dance Tonight, you can watch it right here!


One Response

  1. oh well,i appreciate this man cause of his immediateness,and fastness!can you see this kind of message?short,kind,but that is all!in this message there’s only the essential,and it’s done just for thankin all his fans!really amazing!really good sir Paul!i want to thank you,like every your fan!we must to thank you,not you must to thank us!and we thank you just for every single little or big emotion that you given us through your music!THANK YOU ALWAYS!

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