Yoko Ono seeks eternal youth.

No, this article is not a joke.  No, there is not satire going on here.  Much like Ponce de Leon before her, Yoko is in search of the fountain of youth.  It’s not enough that a new crowd of indie hipsters dig her music.  It’s not enough that her newest batch of albums have been widely successful.  I know she is making at least one live concert appearance this summer.  Maybe Yoko is simply getting younger? 

It seems that mortality has become a running theme in the Beatle crowd.  Have any of you heard the track “End of the End” on Paul’s new album? Maybe there is something to finding the fountain of youth.

Photos of her for the past year or so show Yoko in a stunning way.  She does not look anywhere near her age.  Neither does she dare act her age.  I mean really, what 74-year old releases a dance album filled with techno remixes of her work?  It has been a busy time for Yoko, promoting two releases, and still out questing for peace, as well as guarding the Lennon legacy.  I find it a bit out of left field and weird that she would announce her quest to find a fountain of youth, but I wouldn’t put anything past our dear Yoko.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Yoko Ono believes she will live forever.

The Japanese artist, the widow of Beatles legend John Lennon, is convinced scientists will discover a cure for aging within 10 years and she will be able to regain her youth.

She said: “I think finally we have come to a point where we can choose between living and dying. “I had a rough life in the sense that there were times when I didn’t treat my body right. But you can help your body to recover – that’s what is important now.

“It’s probably going to take another 10 years for me to be young again, but I will be young again. And isn’t that just so great?”

Yoko also believes curry is good for the brain and can prevent diseases. She added: “Curry powder is very good for the brain cells. Think of all the Indian people you know who have Alzheimer’s, then you’ll see what I mean.”

Source: Post Chronicle


19 Responses

  1. listen,for me this woman is completely off!!!off of her head,i mean!ok,i know too that sometimes vegetal cures are better than chemical ones,i can accept older people want to feel themselves younger and try to do some activities,sports etc that could give them that sensation,(but it’s just a sensation,nothing more).but,try to discover a solution for being forever young,no,that’s really absurd and illogical!this is a clear evidence that she doesn’t believe(i mean about God,bible,genesis etc)i know she’s japanese,so she should believing in another kind of religion,but i think even she doesn’t believe in another one!cause the concept of life and death is an old concept even known in the history and in philosophy,too!we born ,we grow,we reproduce ourselves and unfortunately,we must die!someone before,someone after,and we can’t stop time because it must going on!it’s a natural,ethic,religious,philosophical concept and it’s simple and clear!what i have written about her some articles ago?she understands always nothing!so i want to say something useful to her: dear Yoko,before sayin these completely crazy and absurds and illogical things,try to study on some books,as if you was at school,and above all accept your age like every older woman like you,and stop to think too much,or your brain will boom!

  2. always for Yoko:ah,and i’ ve forgotten to say you.that you are a woman and like every woman you have an advantage and that is: female biological age is become longer than male one!some scientific texts have accepted this new theory,so female situation is no more like in the past,that women died too soon!and if you think that women bringing to a head soon than men and live longer than them,this is a fortune!don’t you think,so?so,now i asking you: what else do you want from life???

  3. Had he not been killed, imagine going to a John Lennon concert in 2007 where half of the songs are Yoko warbling in a bag… Every time I think, “what if John had lived,” I am faced with the reality that Yoko would be half of whatever he would end up doing and we would all have to pretend to be interested…

  4. Yea, but the other half might have been songs he would write with Paul or George. I would gladly take them all!

  5. Assuming Yoko would have allowed John to play with Paul & George…

  6. for Raj and Joefo:boys,listen to me if John was be alive again maybe Yoko wasn’t be his wife,anymore!if you think that during their marriage he had so many lovers,this is somethin clear,i think that he wasn’t happy with her anymore!in my opinion,i think if he was be still alive he already had another woman,that could be a third wife,and surely he was happier than when he was married with Yoko!

  7. David Geffin, the producer for John’s last session right before he was killed, still won’t talk about what John and Yoko said that night. Sounds to me like a big ol’ fight. Maybe he was going to leave her. Maybe he was caught in an affair? Who knows other than Yoko and Geffin? I’m dying to know but I bet he will never talk about it.

  8. for Raj:listen my friend,in fact i know a story about what have you written!i’ve heard that Yoko leaved him just few months before the month he died,and i don’t know if she was fallen in love again,but she had a love affair,and someone told that the unknown man with who she had a love affair was an art critic,because you should know that she is (or she feels herself like) an artist .so i think John and her broken-up their marriage cause of her love affair,but probably they wouldn’t separating or divorcing themselves because they had a baby:Sean,and for giving him no pain,because he was a child, John and Yoko probably were separeted but not in legal way and they lived in the same house with their son,but they could living their own privates singles lives

  9. While I love her positive attitude, you cant name one person who has eaten curry and has lived forever. 🙂

    But All you need is Love, luv, Love is all ya need

  10. from all the info that i have heard, most likely every album john would have released after milk and honey, would be john/yoko albums. if you enjoyed double fantasy and milk and honey, then it’s good news. most likely every album john released hence forth would be a half john, half yoko album. that’s from all the info i have heard from different people associated with those 2 albums, ex……members of cheap trick……various engineers coming out. whether it’s true, who knows. too bad it had to end. john was and will always be, my favorite musician of all time.

  11. I’m not betting on Yoko turning 100 years old with all the drugs and tobacco smoke she’s injested over the decades.

  12. for awc1967:hey,John for me is the only one!and no one will replacing him,NEVER!!!Yoko never known how to write a song,never couldn’t singing!all that she learnt is thanks to his so much loved husband!and i think for singing better she needs still to learn very much!at first she has an unpleasant voice,she’s completely out of tune!once,i listened:”Luck of the Irish”and she sang with John,i have a riddle for you:in your point of view,who sang better?it’s a very simple solution that’s for sure:naturally,John!then i’ve tried to listening something sung by her for example in the 80’s,i found a song on you tube,i’ve listened to it,but…..oh my god!what a terrible sensation listening her!so,i think new younger producers trying to offer her these little jobs like for example singing in their records,with an innovative music just for two things:try to renew her,to renew her image as famous woman and famous wife,and then because she was one of John Lennon’s wives!i think just for these reasons!but absolutely,not for her musical attitudes,or because she worked very hard in her life for assuring to herself a very good life and a very good career in music world!she done nothing!John always done everything for make her happy and Sean,too!and,then when i reading she consider herself a real woman,i put my hands through my hair!oh my god!i think she never known a WOMAN!a REAL WOMAN!for me (maybe i will exaggerating ,but i really think this) real women who were very good wives and above all real singers are:Tina Turner,Cher,Marianne Faithfull,and Courtney Love.these are an example of real divas,not like Yoko!and she should learning very much by them!

  13. I think she’s just crazy. Was she under the influence when she said that? She looks really young for her age, I think she’ll probably live to be 100, unless somebody shoots the crazy woman.

  14. well, i admire her passion for life.
    although, i hvw to admt it may be a bit insane, but then again so am i.

    and to Ulla,

    Yoko did influence John. No, she couldnt sing, no she couldnt write the songs that he wrote. but you cannot say that she didn’t influence him.

  15. i only hope paul and ringo have that energy at 75. yoko did do a couple of songs i like, such as from fly, “mrs. lennon”, of course john’s piano is so haunting. from milk and honey, ” your’e the one”, and from sometime in newyork city, ” were all water”. but those songs on live peace in toronto 1969, are finger nails on a chalk board.

  16. for Alex:and maybe if it was the contrary?i don’t really know how much she influenced him,or how much he influenced her,but what is sure(in my opinion)that when i see her in many photos,interviews etc.she seems to be a strong woman,that she can do everything,but in the same time she gives me a sensation:that since John died she lost a protection,and she feels herself alone against the world,against everybody!for summing up,she’s not like an independent woman,that she knows what she wants.she’s really insecure,and for me,she tells all these things because she doesn’t know what she wants.

  17. While I actually like Yoko, that does seem a bit batty. We’ll see, but I agree with Raj. She’s abused her body too much to live a lot longer.

  18. Well, I thought she might live longer because she didn’t really act old… If she wants to look young, why doesn’t she get a face lift or something.


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