Heather Mills – “I want my Beatle back.”

I just don’t trust her at all.  Maybe Heather Mills really does want to take another go at her marriage, but there is something there that I really just don’t trust.  I know there have been recent reports of Paul and Heather cooling off their divorce proceedings for the sake of their young daughter Beatrice, but once something like this is broken, it is my opinion that it is too far gone to fix.  This is especially true due to the fact that it is soooo public.  I think that it is almost too far gone to go back. 

For the sake of Paul, I really do hope she is sincere.  Yet, in my gut I just can’t allow myself to believe that it is true.  Yes, I’m sure that she loves him and misses him.  I just find it hard to believe, after all the stories, all the name calling, all the slanderous things being thrown about, that she loves him truly deep down. A reconciliation to me would be disastrous, and I really don’t think that it would be good for either person involved.  Once you go down the road of divorce and separation it is hard enough to put it all back together between the two parties in private.  I couldn’t imagine trying to navigate picking up the pieces of this marriage in a public setting.  If it is so, then I wish the two of them best of luck.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Heartbroken Heather Mills now wishes she had not split with Sir Paul McCartney.

Mills, 39, who stands to gain tens of millions of dollars from her high-profile divorce from McCartney, has told friends that his money can’t buy her love.In a surprise confession, she said she would give up the cash for another chance to make a go of it with Sir Paul, 64.

Her admission came in a heart-to-heart with a friend at the American Idol aftershow party in Los Angeles last week. It comes just a fortnight after the couple, who have been at war with each other for months, were photographed together having a friendly chat as Mills handed over their daughter Bea to McCartney.

“She said she’d been devastated by the divorce and has become an emotional wreck,” the friend told Britain’s News of the World newspaper.

“Heather doesn’t care about the huge load of money coming her way.

“She’d much rather be happily married than rich and miserable.

“She said she would gladly give back every penny for another shot at happiness with Paul.

“She loved being married to him and it was the biggest regret of her life that things became so awful between them that divorce was the only option.”

The party was held at the Mondrian Skybar, one of Los Angeles’ hottest nightspots.

“She didn’t sound like the total money-grubber we all thought she was. It’s clear she still cares for Paul,” another guest said.

The warring couple had resorted to using nannies as go-betweens when handing over their three-year-old daughter Bea to each other.

McCartney released his latest single, Dance Tonight, on the video sharing website YouTube at the weekend, attracting about 300,000 hits in less than 48 hours.

The video features Hollywood actress Natalie Portman of Star Wars fame.

McCartney’s new album, Memory Almost Full, is set for release next week.

Source: News.com AU


24 Responses

  1. Oh, give me a break!
    If this story has any truth to it at all, I offer Paul this solution:

    Get a divorce. Settle on some nice tidy sum, say 10 million.

    Get re-married with a pre-nuptual agreement that only provides for Bea.

    Live happily ever after.

    Let’s move on.

  2. i cannot believe her. she has a lot of nerve. i understand that she loved being with paul, but WHO WOULDN’T?!?!?! i think its all to get more attention. after she did dancing with the stars, i knew she only wanted attention. they wouldnt have asked her to do it for any other reason but because she was married to paul before and the divorce was bringing her attention. now she doesnt have that since the divorce mess is essentially over – until now that she brings it back up to gain even more attention for herself. i think its despicable, and you know this hurts paul.
    for paul’s sake, i hope she’s sincere, but i have plenty of doubts.

  3. ……and now,i’ll tell you mine(thought):at first,i would like to tell one thing to Matt:sorry man,but i trust in her!why don’t???can you tell me why do you think some broken-up marriages couldn’t be re-united,anymore?but,i would really like to know who told you this???WHO???if you thought this,just by your mind….well…i want to say you:sorry,but YOU HAVE TOO MANY TWISTED THOUGHTS!YOU BETTER CHANGE YOUR MIND WEBMASTER!!!!and i like now to say my true opinion about this news:well,yesterday evening i read this news on tv,and suddenly i thought that my dream come true!you know,knowing many couples who was fallen in love and then they breaking their relation-ships,or love affairs, or marriages like in this case for me it’s always a pain,a strong pain!maybe,i’m so much romantic,but i’m not joking!and i believe,that (what Matt said about broken relation-ships,that once destroyied can’t returning back again,anymore) isn’t true,or it can happening like in only one case i think:when a couple aren’t be in love anymore and if they are VIP they want to safe their images as public people and they shouldn’t have some sons above all babies!in this case,Heather is still in love with Paul,it’s sure,i don’t know how much Paul is now but one thing is really sure:if this marriage could reborning,it would be a real happiness for little Bea,their daughter,cause she’s a child and when you are a child you will always have your two parents near you,and always together!and for me,Paul is very intelligent,so i know he’ll understand why Heather doing this and i hope soon to see all three of them happy together like a beautiful family ‘s portrait,a real one!

  4. this is just tabloid trash. heather does not know how to love, when so full of hate. paul is doing fine without her, she needs to jump off a large hill. heather mills is a gold digger and a hate monger. she is even worse than yoko ono, if that is possible. memory almost full would not have happened if heather was still with paul, bye heather. paul can and will do much much much better. divorce is the only answer……

  5. ***sorry people but there’s a mistake in what i’ve written above:and when you are a child you would always have your two parents near you,and always together!(this is the corrected sentence)

  6. for awc1967:my dear friend,not for their little daughter!try to think of that!they are adults and we think just of them,but who thinks for Bea sake?who???that isn’t right,at all! 😦

  7. for awc1967:Heather Eastman(first Linda’s daughter),Mary,James and Stella had they two parents together!they lived a happy,quiet childhood,why Bea can’t live it,too?what is her fault?i think she doesn’t have any fault,she’s only a little girl who needs so much love and above all her parents together!and that’s all!

  8. for beatric, i hope something can be done to make sure she is treated right. with all the horrible mess this has been, could they ever get back? i guess it’s all up to paul and heather, now. paul has not commented on this as of yet. whatever decision he makes, i will still be a fan. hello, ulla…… whatever they decide hopefully will benefit beatrice.

  9. Ulla…

    It’s not that I don’t think broken marriages can be reunited. I firmly believe that they can. I just really don’t think it can be fixed in this case. Would I like to see it fixed for baby Beatrice? Yes I would. I just don’t think that its possible.

    Do I like Heather Mills, or at least the public perception of her. Not really. I don’t know her as a person, but something about the whole situation rubs me the wrong way. I’m sure she really is a nice person. If they do get back together, and they are happy, and they are doing it for the right reasons, then more power to Paul and Heather. I would just hate to see them get back together and be miserable. That’s not fair to anyone involved, especially Beatrice. I think whatever Heather and Paul do in this situation, they will have the best interests of Beatrice in mind, and do what’s best for her. Whatever way you look at things, divorce/separation is a messy thing. It gets even more messy when you through the media, and public lives into the mix. The whole situation just makes me sad. I just hope it will come to a decent resolution for all parties involved, and that means Paul, Heather, and their families. I mean I don’t like anyone to truly get hurt no matter how much I may or may not like them.

    Truthfully though, it is my belief that this article is simlpy a tabloid talking things up to sell newspapers too. For all we know it may be completely false. We’ll have to wait and see.

  10. I love Paul’s music but he is lying in the bed he made…

  11. Please say …..ITS NOT TRUE! She just misses not meeting or going to parties with all the people Paul knows. (That Glam life) What ! All of a sudden she wants to be a stay at home Mom???? Miss Mills No more good thing . Too bad go away You made your bed lie in it.

  12. for Matt:thanks a lot for your answer,now i can clearly understand your thought.sorry,for told you that youhave twisted thoughts,but my first impression that i felt reading your introduction to the article,was that!someone told that all is happen is a Paul’s fault,but i think Heather ,too!i trust in her,but i don’t consider her like a victim of this situation because who sowin wind reaping whirlwind!her fault is to put their baby in the middle of their troubles,instead of protecting her,to be careful about her!so,for me in this only case she makes a big mistake!ihope she will understand that!thank you again,and sorry!

  13. for “lovely”Rita Scuder:hi girl!i’ve read your comment,but i would like if you understand what have you written above.you told that Bea wants to stay with her mummy again,and if you think that isn’t good cause her mummy is so bad!right?ok then i will tell you a thing:i don’t know if you are a mother or you are a daughter,but could you tell me which person should be,(in your opinion) better than a mother?in your point of view who?ok,we all know Bea has got a wonderful daddy,that’s clear,but she’s got even a mother!maybe she’s making a big mistake now(if you want read above my message to Matt),but Heather is always a mother,bad or good she is,whatever case she is so!and Bea isn’t an adult,yet!she’s a baby!i don’t know where do you come from and in your country what kind of law there is ,but if you know there’s a general rule,an ethic rul that it tells that until eighteen years old you aren’t an adult and you can”t consider yourself in that way,and until ten or eleven years old (more or less) you can’t decide (if you have separeted or divorced parents)with who do you want to live.so,do you really think Bea decided to live with her mummy?Bea is too much little for deciding something important like this,so law tells that every mother in separation or divorce case has the right and the duty to have her own son or daughter with herself .it’s really a law’s right!but apart of law try to think of feelings side,of who given you life,who suffer for nine months and you are in her bosom,who teach you how to behave,the education etc.always a mother.try to think of it!and if you think to every child of poor countries,or countries in war,and they always haven’t a mother or a father or even both,what do you really think in that moment?could you tell it to me?and all mothers that abandoning their babies sometimes in no saved places,what do you say now?Bea has a big fortune,to have them both,and i think they love her,too!so,re-consider what you have written above,because you told a really hard thing above all to imagine,and this isn’t right,at all!i ending my message for you but i would ending with this famous sentence taken up from a beautiful famous song:”Mother,you had me,but i never had you….” 😉

  14. I really hope this is just a bad tabloid joke. If it’s true and he does take her back then he is the biggest sap that ever walked the earth.

    And what up with the rumor I read today that she was pondered as a replacement for Rosie O’Donnell on The View? Why all of these job offers all of a sudden? Why is it that in America if you do something wrong, you get all of this publicity and all kinds of offers?

  15. She NEEEDS the media attention.
    She’s trying to take advantage of Pauls loving nature and public opinion since her Dancing with the has-beens show gave her good pr.

    In my book she doesnt have a leg to stand on

  16. This whole story smacks of another publicity stunt meant to try and sway not only public opinion in Heathen’s favor, but directed towards Paul and his legal team to soft-soak them and everyone else reading this shite. She comes off like the poor, faultless little woman who has been wronged and rejected. If Paul takes her back, she’s in the saddle again and then obviously he’s the one who was at fault in the breakup cause she still wants him back. If he doesn’t take her back then oh woe is me, the poor single mother who wanted nothing more than to repair her marriage. Gimme a break. She accused him of mental and physical abuse, called him an alcoholic drug taking wife beater who wouldn’t let her breast feed her child or have a chamber pot in the bedroom instead causing her to crawl to the bathroom for midnight pees. And now she wants him back? Wake up and smell the doo-doo.

  17. She’s not a girl who misses much ( come on SING IT WITH ME 🙂 dededededede oh yeah


  19. for Maccamate:hey i read in some articles what have you written in your comment about Heather,but if you say this all publicity,i can say even what have you written(and i already knew) it’s another publicity!if you think that everything is publicity,i think you want denying reality!and go to smell the doo-doo!YOU!!!!and…do you know what i say to you?”BUT YOU CAN DO SOMETHING IN BETWEEN,BABY YOU CAN DRIVE MY CAR,YES” YOU’RE” GONNA BE A STAR,BABY YOU CAN DRIVE MY CAR AND MAYBE I’LL LOVE YOU”!!! 😉

  20. Ok, here’s what I think,
    *She really does regret her divorce
    *She’s a gold digger
    *The divorce was a publicity stunt
    *Them getting back together is a publicity stunt
    *She wants attention

  21. kristen, for being 12, you sure know a lot about the beatles. wish all teens would give them a listen too. john lennon’s solo work is incredible. plastic ono band. imagine. sometime in newyork city. mind games. walls and bridges. rock and roll. double fantasy. and of course milk and honey. every single john solo album is fantastic. hopefully paul will eventually find someone who will make him happy, just like the beautiful barbara bach starr. that ringo was the luckiest in love. that episode of dancing with the stars will never leave my memory, when heather fell on her back side. …….. memory almost full, only 5 days left, here in the u.s. 4 in the u.k………

  22. {Читаю {ваш|этот|} блог, и понимаю, что {ничего|нифига} не понимаю. Все так запутано. 🙂

  23. Скажите, а у вас есть RSS поток в этом блоге?

  24. Познавательно написано, на самом деле все читал буквально на одном дыхании 🙂

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