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McCartney says Lennon was the best.

There are some nostalgic bits on Paul McCartney’s new album coming out in two weeks. I guess he has been looking back a bit and becoming more and more nostalgic for the past as time goes on.  Word cannot even begin to describe the creative power of the collaboration between Lennon and McCartney, but you all know that already, right?

I played the new McCartney album for a friend last night, and we got to talking about what John would think of it, and what John would be doing musically now as well.  There are few musical moments that can approach what Lennon and McCartney accomplished.  There are brief glimpses in Paul and John’s solo careers that come close, but for the most part the two of the working together is truly the cream of the crop.  Paul is recognizing that fact and fondly looking back at his collaborations with John in an upcoming interview.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Sir Paul McCartney has admitted working with other musicians is a let-down after his partnership with John Lennon.

Speaking to BBC 6 Music, the 64-year-old singer said he was “a little bit spoiled” by starting his career with Lennon.

“I’m a little bit wary of collaborating with other people because it doesn’t happen as easily or as amazingly as it did with John,” he added.

The interview will be broadcast on BBC 6 Music on Sunday.

Sir Paul and Lennon met as teenagers in Liverpool, going on to form one of the most successful and influential songwriting partnerships in musical history.

Sgt Pepper anniversary

Since the break-up of the Beatles, Sir Paul has worked with many artists including Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.

But he admitted nothing quite matched writing with Lennon.

“It’s a funny subject the collaboration thing because I collaborated with John and you’re a little bit spoiled after that.

“That was one hell of a collaboration.

“I’ve done it quite a bit since and, I think – and I hate to say it – there’s inevitably a sense of disappointment because it was just so cool for John and me to be working together, because we started so young and knew each other’s ways and minds.”

BBC 6 Music is to dedicate a day to The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album to mark its 40th anniversary.

BBC Radio 2 will also broadcast a special re-recording of the classic album by contemporary artists.

Source: BBC


29 Responses

  1. i love this -i always wonder what john would think of pauls music now.

  2. for sir Paul Mccartney:i would really like if you read my message to you:as a John’s fan,i’m so proud to have read your own words about John,and i want to thank you very very very much for it!and i think i’ll always thankin you!**Ulla**

  3. hey webmaster whats up with that new beatles song-you have neglected to report some interesting little things relating to this story-like mccartney played the recording for dave kahne recently-why do you suppose he did that ?—what sort of bonus music do you think I tunes will be offering in an exclusive with Sir Paul next week—stay on top of it Matt if you let Mccartney know we want that Beatle song maybe he’ll give it to us start doing some reporting MATT now whos with me dont you want a new beatle song ! come on wake up havent yo been reading the reports! lets GO WHO WANTS A NEW BEATLE SONG!!!! Ulla are you with me lets go cap your hands say give us that nw beatle song all you gotta do is ask are you with me!

  4. for mr happy:hey,welcome back,my dear friend! :-)so,i understand perfectly what you meant to say to me,i agree but all i would really do is first thankin him for those beautiful words about johnny,and then…….look at my next message!!!P.S. whose that boy?who is Matt???

  5. for sir Paul Mccartney: sorry sir Paul,but i’ve forgotten an important thing:please could you give us the new Beatles song that you’ve promised us before,some days ago???PLEASE!!!is everything we really want!!!**Ulla**

  6. as long as ringo is involved in it too. if it’s just paul alone, then I’ll pass. the beatles were john, paul, george, and ringo. it must have the approval of yoko, olivia, ringo, and of course paul. i hear a lot about a rumor of paul letting david kahne hear “now and then”, but iv’e yet seen any link to that such report. i have heard the demo on you tube, and it sounds beautiful and haunting. it is in preety rough shape, but it can be fixed with a lot of work. who could produce such a song ? giles martin? jeff lynne? david kahne? …….. or paul and ringo?……it would be nice, but it seems too wishfull. bill king, editor of beatlefan magazine feels that this is an english rumor and should not be beleived. i still wish …….

  7. for awc1967:i agree with you,but in this case i would like to asking the approval of Paul.i don’t like asking the approval of Yoko or of Olivia,because the group were only John,Paul,George and Ringo,they wrote the songs not the two widows!if you understand this,you understand what i’ve done.and don’t pass it by,because you’re a fan,and for a fan it’s not good renouncing of something which is so precious like in this case a new album ever been heard!don’t you think?

  8. oh yea of little faith I think it might be a reunion song for the holidays or the summer even–there would have been a denial if there was no truth to it-of course Ringo will be involved-sure theres mixed feelings but what a great gift what a tribute to the fans the world john-george popular music and culture-and I have cnfirmed Kahne made those remarks–there were many with a dim view prior to free as a bird also if people had been more positive we might have gotten a whole album of new songs-but the negative people gave George H areason for a premature exit from the reunion-wouldnt ou want a lost final picasso or a last piece by Motzart?-would you be obtuse enough to not see it for the great gift i would be ? now clap our hands and stamp your feet and say beatle downloads are ok but wheres that new song does it strike you as curious that i all these recent interviews no one has asked a quetion about it HMMM-you know why –because the hush is on and they ar thinking about putting it out thats why-now are you with me! we can never have the Beatles again unfortunatly BUT clap your hands and say Beatle dwnloads are ok but wheres tat new song!!!ARE YOU WITH ME if we want it they will give it to us why not it will make them happy as well now clap your hands!!!!!!!!!

  9. i totally agree. the beatles are still the greatest musical sensation that ever was. it would be an awesome gift if ” now and then” would be released. paul and ringo would be working together again for one, the other would be getting this fine song released. it is so haunting and it made me see john in a retrospective mood. for business reasons yoko and olivia would have to be involved, but it is paul and ringo who are the beatles. no disrespect to yoko, but i have never bought any of her albums. as a beatle fan i cannot find any solo album un worthy of a good listen. sentimental journey, gone troppo, ringo the 4th, bad boy, press to play,beaucoups of blues , pipes of peace are really good albums to me, a beatlefan. my greatest enjoyment has been seeing paul in 90, 02,02, 05 in concert, and ringo 89,92,95,97,01,03,06 in concert. ulla and mr. happy, you both are really passionate about the beatles, so good to see that. i love everything about the beatles/ solo. memory almost full is a great gift to the fans, i can hardly wait. also ringo’s liverpool , 8 cd is soon to be released too. happy memorial day…..

  10. Hopefully “Now And Then” won’t sound like an ELO song as the 2 Jeff Lynne-produced Threetle songs did in the 90s. What’s really sad is that the surviving Beatles didn’t have access to decent sounding Lennon tracks to build on like Natalie Cole did with her father Nat King Cole when they did “Unforgetable”. Wouldn’t it have been great to have an unreleased oldies song from John’s Rock N Roll lp that the Threetles could have built upon? Instead, we get cruddy sounding noisy demo cassettes…thanks Yoko…

  11. In the studio, McCartney played Kahne a recording of “Now and Then,” a song John Lennon wrote and recorded a demo for, and to which the surviving Beatles added parts during sessions for the 1995-96 Anthology project. The U.K.’s Daily Express recently suggested that McCartney will release it as the first new Beatles track in eleven years. “I really liked it,” says Kahne, who, like the Beatles’ reps, can’t confirm any plans for the song. “There are a couple of chord progressions in it that are just amazing.”

  12. my last post was taken from tribune media services. i forgot to give them credit. since paul did play kahne ” now and then” it should give us all a bit of hope. maybe kahne could produce it they way it should be. all i am saying is give kahne a chance.

  13. for Raj:my friend,please don’t thankin Yoko!or don’t thankin’her too much!you should thankin firstly,and above all John for all that he written when he was still alive!maybe,in certain cases Yoko doesn’t know what she does,i don’t respect her,at all!but i respect John,so THANK YOU JOHNNY FOR YOUR REALLY WONDERFUL POEMS,AND GOD BLESS YOU,ALWAYS!!!

  14. foe awc1967:oh thank you very very very much forwhat have you written before about mr happy and me!you’ve made me happy!thank you again! 🙂

  15. Ulla,

    I wasn’t actually thanking Yoko; I was being sarcastic since the only tapes she gave the surviving 3 Beatles were horrible sounding demo tapes. It was embarrassing when “Free As A Bird” and “Real Love” were released as you could hardly understand John’s vocal. She should have let the Threetles have a few multi-tracks from an unfinished song for them to add to.

  16. for mr happy:my dear friend,but just for curiosity,are you french?cause you’ve written two words in the french way of writing…..

  17. for Raj:ah now,that’s ok!i was afraid of what have you’ve written before!yes,you’ve got reason!in fact,i listened the two original versions of “free as a bird” and “real love”and they are completely different and wonderful!and i can’t hear the recorded John’s voice on those tapes,at all!that’s an horrible effect that only her could give the permission to do it!ONLY HER!!!!(AND ALWAYS HER!!!)STOOP YOKOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  18. it’s just good to see people who love the beatles post here, instead of those haters. thanx to good posters like……. ULLA…….RAJ……MR. HAPPY…..ALEX…… this is really a polite atmosphere. ringo and paul have been in my life since september 1984, when i became a major beatlefan. it’s been a wonderfull 23 years starting with milk and honey till memory almost full. a lot of happiness as well as sadness . cloud nine, flowers in the dirt, flaming pie, time takes time, brainwashed, vertical man, and all those tours…….sadly… linda’s passing…..george’s passing………derek taylor’s passing…..but the music still shines…….

  19. I always get excited when a new solo project comes out. I remember running to the record store with my allowance (I was just a lad in 1986) to get Paul’s Press To Play and I loved it even though the critics didn’t. I’m sure Memory Almost Full will be satisfying too but I hear the critics like this one! Right now I am listening to all the BBC tapes of the Beatles because they were so fresh and exciting. Love to hear them play live before crowds drowned them out!

  20. the downloads are gonna happen-remastering is gonna happen-lets use what modest influence we have to try and make Now And Then happen!!-theres the politcs of the four board members-there are the technical challenges of adding additional lyrics or a muical bridge without ruffling feathers-we know lennon had better archival material-but this is the one available-George already played some bits they can use–there is the fauxpaus of telling jeff lynne thanks but were bringing in somebody else to help finish it-in short diffiult but not impossible circumstances—this is a gift–money is secondary in a way–they have plenty–to those who have adored there work is one last chance–I peronally envision a nice record—now if youre with me let apple or the powers that be that we want this very much–my guess is Macca is with us but he hs to negotiate some dicey approval from other board members-plus the emotons of going in and hearing john and george in the cans–plus Ringo has to be on board and he has to compose someparts to finish off the song—having said that—I need your help many voices are louder and more persistent than one!-and no Ulla I am american but France is lovely-I once had the good fortune to visit–right after I got a peek at the front of Abbey road I might add!–a few days before.–need your help are you with me ?–the Beatles don’t have the unversal power hey did years ago but the music is what counts ad one more record would be nice might help the world just a little—john used to say wish!

  21. for mr happy,Raj,awc1967:ok boys!we are a team!let’s try to be all united,because many voices are better than one! ;-)P.S.hey but we are four,like the Beatles!so,we are fab,too!i’m John,ok?ahahahah

  22. for awc1967:unfortunately,only the best gone away!John,Maureen,Linda,George…..who will be the next one?i won’t knowin that,at all!but in my heart they still alive and all together!thank you again for what have you’ve written before!and i’ll tell you a thing:my first meeting with a Beatle song it was when i was 5 years old in 1987 when was published;”got my mind set on you”by George,and this memory is so funny,cause when i heard it i loved it instead and i started to dance!oh my god,how many years are so passed!and now i’m nearly 25 years old and i still listening to it,and singing and dancing!and maybe i’ll do that even when i’ll growin’older! 😉

  23. HomeTop StoriesWorldBusinessSportsEntertainmentTechnologyHealthLocalSpotlight Most Emailed Photos Videos ColumnsNew! Mon, May 28 Search: Yahoo! News India Web ENTERTAINMENT NEWS
    Yoko Ono lavishes praise on Heather Mills

    By ANI
    Monday May 28, 06:25 PM
    London, May 28 (ANI): One person firmly in Heather Mills’ corner is John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono.

    Ono, who has for long been blamed by Beatles fans for breaking up the band, praised Sir Paul McCartney’s estranged wife for winning over the public in the US, if not in the UK, after appearing on the show ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

    “That was so incredible. Making herself a heroine with that ballroom dancing stuff in America,” the Mirror quoted Ono, as saying.

    And, what has really garnered Mills the respect of Ono, is the fact that she turned around the opinion people had of her on her own.

    “She did it single-handedly. That’s difficult for anyone to do. The worst thing a woman can have is guilt. As long as your intention is not to hurt or upset other people, then anything you do is fine,” Ono said.

    However, Ono’s support for Mills is not likely to endear her to Macca, who has never made an attempt to disguise his dislike of Lennon’s widow since the 60s.

    Macca and Mills recently decided to call a truce on their nasty divorce battle, for the sake of their three-year old daughter Beatrice. not sure why i posted this article but do i agree? no. i do not hate heather or yoko, but what about the way paul has handled himself. paul has been hurting and the fact that his personal life is out in the open. how come yoko can’t ever support paul? i truly beleive yoko does these things to make paul mad. i support paul and so does his fans, that’s all he needs. memory almost full, out in 1 week will prove that…..

  24. for awc1967:my friend,i hate Yoko neither, simply i don’t respect her,and that’s all.but what she said about Heather is with no doubt something provoking of Paul’s repect!you know,i always thought that she had a deep crush about Paul,but she always seen refused by Paul firstly as a person and then as John’s wife!can you imagine,if she would ever told that she liked Paul,Paul’s face and his comment???so,for this reason,she never told that,but i perfectly understand her and her game,now,and she makes always same things,bad foolish things!how can i say,ah yes:the tongue ever turns to the aching tooth! i hope you understand what i mean. 😉

  25. for MATT:hey,listen i’ve noticed some confusion in your blog,because i remember when i was written my first comments in this blog there were just three or four articles that you changed from time to time,but now i’ve noticed that you collected allof them and you put all of them all together,in the blog!i would like to give you an advice,if i can:why don’t return back like you did before?wouldn’t it be better?so you can making more order,because some articles is not useful,anymore,they are old,so,just leave ( if you want) just recent articles and all you’ve published in these last days.believe me,it’s better!(it’s just an advice,ok?)**Ulla** P.S.from now on,(if you don’t mind)i’ll call you sir Matt! 🙂

  26. I always thought they were a good team

  27. the beatles suck

  28. endoclasmic, if you think the beatles suck, why are you on this site?…..the beatles rule, don’t feel bad ……..let someone kiss your boo boo…….hate is such a bad thing………. your little web site sux…………

  29. for awc1967:well said awc!!!!endoclasmic go back to your mom!!!!what a nasty nasty guy,you are!!!GET BACK,GET BACK TO WHERE YOU ONCE BELONGED!!!!

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