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Twist and Shout in Beatles’ T-shirt line.

I have to admit.  I have a problem.  Yes, I am one of those rock T-shirt collectors.  I have way too many.  My wife rolls her eyes everytime I go to the store.  I could easily spend my time simply collecting and wearing rock T-shirts.  I am the epitome of the T-shirt and jeans guy.  I have not updated my Beatle T-shirts in a few months at least, but it looks like I may have some new shirts to look forward to, much to my wife’s dismay.

I am still waiting for them to make up a shirt that has the “Stamp out The Beatles” design that George once wore on a sweatshirt.  I thought it was funny, and have always wanted to see it on a shirt.  Maybe someday we’ll see it.

You can see more of the new Beatle T-shirt designs by going to the Lee Cooper website.  There are two links.  The Beatles’ look book” and the Beatles’ product page.

We know the website does not show all of their Beatle designs, but which one is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments.  We are partial to the one above.  It looks like an ipod ad.  Where have we seen that design before?

Here’s what we’ve read.

Rejoice all you Beatles’ fans! The Fabulous Four are yours for the asking on a newly launched T-shirt line for men and women.

Leading denim fabricator Lee Cooper Wednesday announced the launch of its Beatles collection to ‘punctuate its association with British music and rock in specific’.

Announcing the launch, Ameet Panchal, CEO of Lee Cooper (India) Pvt. Ltd., said: ‘We are proud of our long-term association with British music and culture. The Beatles are regarded as one of the greatest rock bands in history, so what better way to cement this association than to tie up with the Beatles?

‘This truly is the amalgamation of two iconic brands,’ he added.

The collection has been developed with a true vintage feel, with washed treatments in a trendy young profile.

‘It not only strengthens Lee Cooper’s association with rock music, but also connects with Lee Cooper’s Spirit of ’68 Collection which was introduced last month,’ the company said.

The Beatles T-shirts are priced between Rs.749-Rs.899.

Source: New Post


6 Responses

  1. 🙂 well,i like trendy fashion,following fashion shows etc,and when i look at a Beatles photo my first look is mostly on their coats,jackets,shoes,hair etc!it could be a silly thing but for me they created a real style that so many generations later followed!so,i don’t like wearing some t-shirts with the name of the group or their photo etc,but this idea that i’ve read above isn’t so bad!in my opinion,i’d like wearing so much that t-shirt that John wore in a photo of 1975,where there’s a famous sentence:”NYC-NEW YORK CITY”in front of it.he was so sexy worn in that way!i would really like to have that t-shirt,and many other things of his wardrobe.but in this collection i like the first t-shirt in black and white(cause they are my favourite colours).

  2. NOTE:that t-shirt i like mostly in this collection it’s in the first link mentioned in this article!

  3. Yuchhhhh…

  4. for jofeo:my friend what’s happened to you?are you ill?are you feel fine?what’s that word have you written above?ahahah!!

  5. My weak spot, for certain, is Beatles tie-dyes…faves are the old Rubber Soul & Abbey Road ones…sadly I don’t really care for any of the recent ones that can be bought new (hope they come up with some good ones soon…or re-do the old ones even !) and the fact they, for whatever reasons, there are no real solo or individual tie dyes…small exceptions are a McCartney tour shirt (not too great) and an Amnesty International “Imagine” shirt (got it- beautiful)…My only non tie-dye Beatles one is “Help” from a Salvation Army store a decade ago, and I did buy a “I’m an offical Beatles fan” shirt in Liverpool in 1977- when I was a 13 year old kid…Blessings !!

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