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Scottish Highlands to host Lennon festival.

I really don’t know about all this.  There was a story back in January talking about how the Scottish Tourism board was going to promote Lennon’s fondness for the area as a child in hopes to boost visits to the area.  It sounds like a great marketing plan I suppose.  I wonder how far we can all make the Beatle connection to places anyway?  We can put little plachards for each hotel that they stayed at.  Rename every airport terminal they ran through.  Every venue that they played at, that still exists, will be considered too important to ever knock down.  We could create a Beatle-landmark historical society. 

We could deam the Scottish Highlands a sacred landmark that John Lennon played on as a child.  OK, OK, I’m only kidding.  It is important to remember each and every Beatle landmark and event in some way.  No matter how minor, all these places that the Fab Four remember had some impact on their lives.  Besides it seems that all these Scottish folks want to do is celebrate their small connection with Beatledom.  Even if it is a minor stretch.  Celebrate away I say!  It would be cool to see a Beatle dance event in a cave.  I wonder what that would be like?

Here’s what we’ve read.

A remote village in the Scottish Highlands is all set to organize a major festival as a tribute to late ‘Beatle’ Sir John Lennon.

While announcing that the three-day festival will take place in September, the organizers claimed that it would be one of the “most extraordinary” events.

They also said that 1,100 tickets for the event will soon be released.

Musical performances, poetry recitation, film screenings, and a dance event in a cave are the activities that will form a part of the festival.

The organizers have lined-up ‘Royal Academy of Music’ to perform a world premiere of a Beatles Prom.

Nizlopi, whose JCB Song reached number one at Christmas, is also on the organizers’ list.

English poets Carol Ann Duffy and Michael Horovitz are also likely to take part in the event, while a dance event will be held in Britain’s largest sea cave.

Also to mark the festival would be Beatles’ films, and members of Lennon’s family who would talk about him, reports the BBC.

Lennon’s 72-year-old cousin, Stan Parkes, said that the singer loved the place very much, and had he been alive, he would have been “delighted and surprised” to be an inspiration for such a festival.

The murdered songwriter had spent five summers in the Highlands in his youth, and he stayed on a small farm in Sango Bay with his cousin during that period.

His song ‘In My Life’ was also inspired by the landscape in the area.

Source: SAWFS News


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  1. YESSSS!!!this is a fantastic great news!!!oh well i think every show or every event dedicated for an important singer where people don’t chattin’about gossip,don’t make bad music,don’t do silly things etc could be always a geat event!creat an event like this that it’s not just for remembering someone but it’s also a cultural event it’s very very nice and useful,too!i would like to be so much in the audience of this show,and i think it will be a big event to remember !

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