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Sgt. Pepper is not Ringo’s favorite album.

Ringo - circa January, 1967It seems that Sgt. Pepper is getting a bum rap.  As this album ages, it appears that it is not holding up as well as expected over time.  I remember when one of those “greatest albums of all-time” polls slotted Revolver at the top instead of Sgt. Pepper.  Imagine the horror.  I have to agree with Ringo on this one.  Pepper, while great, life-changing, earth-shattering, and monumentous, is not the first Beatle album that I reach for in the canon.  Usually, I too choose The White album or Revolver as my album of choice when caually listening.  This is to say that, “no,” I do not have a favorite Beatle album.  I love them all in different ways and for different reasosn.  My personal opinion on all of them changes constantly.  I don’t like to play favorites with my Beatle albums.  I love them all equally. 

If I were to rank them today, tomorrow’s ranking would be quite different.  I will say though that it is rare that Pepper lands in the #1 spot in my ranking as far as total albums go.  Is it still a classic?  YES.  Is it worthy of expanded treatement?  YES.  Time will tell how well it ages further. Maybe Ringo will change his tune once the remasters hit, and he gets to hear Pepper in an expanded treatment too.

How well has Pepper aged for you?  Give us your thoughts about the album, the anniversary, and your expectations on some kind of expanded treatment in the comments.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Ringo Star has confessed that he prefers The Beatles’, ‘The White Album’ and ‘Revolver,’ over ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.’

Although Starr admitted that ‘Sgt. Pepper’ “served it’s purpose,” he has revealed that he prefers the other two albums. He said: “As a musician, I preferred ‘Revolver’, and I preferred ‘The White Album’, because we were back to being musicians. It was like everybody got the madness out on ‘Sgt. Pepper’, so it served that purpose.”

In an anniversary edition of Rolling Stone, Paul McCartney also spoke about The Beatles musical library – specifically, ‘Sgt. Pepper,’ which he attributed to Elvis.

“We had this idea that we’d make a record, and the record itself would go on tour for us.”

He continued: “That came from a story we’d heard about Elvis’ Cadillac going on tour. We though that was an amazing idea: He doesn’t go on tour, he just sends his Cadillac out. Fantastic!”

Source: Gigwise 


16 Responses

  1. I have to say that my favourite albums are Abbey Road and Help over the others, although they all have great songs on them.

  2. I vote for the White Album but I recognize that Pepper probably had a bigger impact than any other Beatle album.

  3. I’m very much a “new” Beatles fan. Oh I loved a lot of their music at the time but didn’t know till I got into Beatle’ology in late 05 that some of my favorites were theirs. I like Rubber Soul very much and tend to play it and Abbey Road more then Pepper.


  4. Me too!
    My favourite is “Revolver”

  5. Yeah, I knew George and Ringo were not big on Pepper at all… neither was John, really. I prefer the White Album a lot more too. But hey, Pepper did make #1 on Rolling Stone’s 500 best rock ‘n roll albums.

  6. Revolver takes on Pepper anyday, as far as I’m concerned. Actually, I haven’t voluntarily listen to Pepper for years. I only truly like A Day in The Life because it has both Lennon on McCartney on, which was pretty rare by than. I like the way they collaborated on that song. But that’s pretty much it.

  7. My top three are Rubber Soul, Revolver, and “The White Album.” Some days I prefer one of these ahead of the other two. Other days I may favor another. Pepper is in the next three.

  8. so i def agree…when it comes to beatles you cant have any favorites they are all so different you have to love them for different reasons. but yes i loveeeeee revolver and the white album and i usually listen to them before sgt. pepper.

  9. sgt Pepper for me is very psychedelic and rockin too that sometimes, listening by chance, Oasis music makes me remind of sgt.Pepper’s music!in my opinion, i love Abbey road and white album cause i found inside them a kind of music that influenced other many rock bands or singers in 70’s and their songs for me are unforgettable.

  10. Revolver is and has been my favorite since I got my import lp some thirty(!) years ago. Rubber Soul and Pepper are a close 2 and 3 – a run of three brilliant albums in a period of other classic lps released during that time (Pet Sounds, Face to Face, Aftermath, Surrealistic Pillow, Sunshine Superman, Blonde on Blonde, Younger than Yesterday and 5D, to name but a few).
    In short, The Beatles came of age with Revolver, the sound and texture is like no other record. Two examples – the gritty guitar sound of And Your Bird Can Sing and the saturated horn sound of Got to Get You into My Life illustrate this. Ringo’s drumming on Tomorrow Never Knows and Taxman is awesome.
    Regarding Pepper, replace weaker tracks (choose your own) with Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane, and it gives Revolver a run for its money. A Day in the Life is simply an incredible achievement. It is no sin to be a runner-up to Revolver.

  11. Revolver, Abbey Road and Rubber Soul each very good and very different. Sgt Pepper
    was a theme but in reality there are really only a couple of songs that stand out.
    Lucy in the sky, A day in the life and A little help from my friends. The acoustic sounds of Rubber Soul, the heavy guitar sounds of Revolver and the total production of Abbey Road define the Beatles. They are real group acheivements as far as albums go.
    The white album is not far behind though.

  12. I like how these articles take a small comment or two from the new Rolling Stone interview in their latest edition, and make it into a news story! Same with Ringo “dissing” the Police & Sting, just a comment from the Rolling Stone article made into a self contained news article! 😉

  13. I will pick up the gauntlet and say Pepper is the acheivment of a lifetime. You can disect it track by track and I will agree that other Beatle albums contain more “hits”, but most in this forum dismiss the impact this album had. But it is this impact that sets this work appart.

    I’m not going to go into detail, that has already been hashed over many times since 1967, but make no mistake, no one ever had released an album that turned the world upside down, like Pepper did (or has since). Everyone, I mean everyone was talking about this album. When my brother returned from Nam that summer, the first thing he said to me was “Do you have Sgt Pepper?, I’ve got to hear it.” He had heard parts of it the day he left south east asia and it was the day Pepper was released!.

    I want to go on record and say, in my opinion, Sgt. Pepper’s Loney Hearts Club Band is the best album ever released……period.

  14. No matter I still love Sgt. Pepper. Heres a cool interview with Geoff Emerick on the recording of the record:


  15. Great link, pardoe!


  16. Sgt. Pepper has aged very well for me. Of course, I’ve listended to it a million times and I don’t listen to it as often as I did ten-twenty-thirty years ago. But you know, eating cookies till you puke and can’t stand them anymore, isn’t the cookies fault. Many people have overdosed on Sgt. Pepper, partly because of the media hype. I wish EMI could just re-release The Beatles catalog and put it to rest. Let their legacy speak for itself. The Beatles dosen’t need anymore publicity. It just makes people sick of them.

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