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Pattie Boyd biography available to pre-order.

George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and MeObviously, being a librarian, I have to admit that I am always a sucker for a good read.  I have a soft spot for the tell-all rocker books.  I particularly love the tell-all rocker books by the women who loved these rockers.  It seems that the mother of all tell-all rocker books by the women who loved them is coming to a bookstore near you.  Pattie Boyd the life, loved the biggest superstars, and has lived to tell about it. 

As a Beatle fan you all cannot tell me that Pattie’s story does not intrigue you.  I mean she has three of the classic love songs (Something, Layla, Wonderful Tongiht) of all-time written about her.  That’s not a bad track record.  Could she be the ultimate rock’n roll muse?  We think so.

It looks like Pattie’s book is now available to pre-order on amazon.  We placed our order this morning.  The book will hit shelves officially on August 28th.  Maybe Pattie will do a book signing tour to promote this puppy?

We had first heard reports of the book coming out last July.  Pattie had thrown out some tidbits that would appear in the upcoming book.  It looks like not all was rosy in the land of rock’n roll.  Check out our report from July to wet your appetite for the book.


12 Responses

  1. oh,well i like very very much this woman.for me she wasn’t and isn’t like just a model but she’s a woman who lived a very important part with one of the members of the Beatles!i think she’s not the first ex-wife of one of the Beatles to tell us something about her life,her husbands etc,even Cynthia Powell (first John’s wife)has written a book called:”John”where she told about him that’s sure,but she told above all about her.so,i think Patty is the second one who can tell about her first ex- husband.but now i would like to ask to some fans in particular George’s fans this kind of question:i don’t really understand some real reasons why Patty broken-up her marriage with George,for get together with Eric Clapton and then leave him too!i know maybe love can disapperaing,and sometimes we can love another person,but i never found some real news about this kind of triangle of love,except for one news where told that George was jealous about Patty and Eric..but nothing else.Please,who knows the truth could tell it to me?PLEASE!!!THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH!!!

  2. THIS MESSAGE IS DEDICATED TO ALL GEORGE’S FANS:if you read this message,come into this blog and leave every kind of message or comment,everything youwant,but leave it,please!cause we are all together here:John’s fans,Paul ‘s fans,but “someone” is missing:George’s fans and Ringo’s fans.we need of you,cause it’s important that you comment about your favourite singers!so,come on,boys and girls,don’t be shy!and, if you remember George (with us)……”here comes the sun”!HARE KRISHNA!PEACE!!!by **Ulla**(a John’s fan! 😉

  3. I’ll be looking forward to reading what, if anything, she has to say about Brian Epstein.

    The time has come to give equal attention to the man who made it all happen, and kept it going long after the Boys would have broken up if left to their own devices.


  4. wow! i definitely want to read that! i have always been intrigued by her.

    and don’t forget, donovan was inspired to write “jennifer juniper” after pattie’s sister jenny boyd. that is a family of muses!

  5. for amanda mae: …..and i can adding to your comment:and what muses!!!if patty seems to be like a beautiful greek goddess,i wondering how about her sister,mother and father??!! 🙂 i think when patty was born a star fallen down from the sky and become a wonderful woman on the earth!”……..something in the way she moves,attracts me like no other lovers…….”THIS IS THE BEAUTY!!!!

  6. It’s interesting that she chose a Clapton song as the title for her book. Is she making a choice?

  7. for joefo:my friend i think she was insecure about who she would love,and i think now she still is!but now………………PATTY THE DREAM IS OVER,GET UP!!!! 😉

  8. […] the Yoko memoir surfaces, I guess we’ll just have to anticipate the Pattie Boyd memoir that is due to hit shelves in […]

  9. AmazonUK.com lists two titles for upcoming Pattie Boyd autobiography with Penny Junor — Wonderful Tonight (George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Me) (photo of Pattie sitting) and Wonderful Today, an Autobiography (photo of Pattie holding camera). What’s the deal? Are there in fact two separate books or is this misleading and in fact the same book with just two different titles and covers? Please reply ASAP.

    Valerie Barsema
    Milwaukee, WI (USA)

  10. Pattie Boyd was the perfect icon for all young girls who dreamed of life surrounded by the remarkable musicians who were our agents of inspiration, change & irreverence. As someone who was happily immersed in the Beatle experience, Pattie was the Beatle girl I wanted to be. She had it all and she wasn’t in everyone’s face about it. Will I buy her book?
    Can’t wait!
    Am still a fan of hers and always will be. Yes, she is the ultimate muse. Even my sons, who are now musicians and band members in their own right, have looked through a lot of my memorabilia, caught a glimpse of Pattie, and were quite impressed when I told them of the songs written about her. They got it, too.
    Carol Lynn

  11. Joefo, in answer to your question, I saw an interview with Pattie Boyd on Dateline, and they asked her who was the love of her life. She said that Eric Clapton was her playmate but that George Harrison was her soul mate. She said that George Harrison was such a sweet man and that he was the love of her life.

    • If George was the love of her life, then why didn’t it work out for them? I’m sure Pattie is a sweet woman, but I think she’s a fool saying that George was her soul mate, or the love of her life. Both he and Clapton were absolute jerks to her. They neglected her, ignored her, and fooled around with other women. Is THIS what a soul mate is supposed to do?

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