Has McCartney turned his back on Pepper anniversary?

Yesterday we reported that we may or may not see a commemoration of the release of Sgt. Pepper.  We weren’t sure if it was a hoax or a failed mock-up of things to come.  Or, if it was indeed true.  Well folks, it looks like another anniversary may just slip by with little fanfare.

It looks like Paul himself may be too busy to recognize the Pepper anniversary himself.  Just because Paul chooses not to celebrate the anniversary of one of the most influential albums in rock history doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t.  Hopefully one day soon we will see some kind of deluxe anniversary celebration of Pepper. Personally I would love to see it get released in some kind of expanded format with remastered audio.  Maybe the suits at EMI will recognize the anniversary even if Paul himself is too busy?

How will you celebrate the release of Sgt. Pepper this year? Let us know in the comments section.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Paul McCartney has reportedly decided not to mark the fortieth anniversary of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band with any particular significance.

A source close to the singer believes the former Beatle is just too busy to contemplate an event to celebrate the occasion, which sees what is arguably the Beatles’ most famous record ever hit a landmark date. Most of his McCarteny’s time in the foreseeable future will be taken up promoting his new album Memory Almost Full.

A host of bands, including Oasis and the Kaiser Chiefs, have entered the studio recently to record their own versions of songs from the album.

“While it would have been nice to see Paul and Ringo Starr do something to mark the occasion this time around, Sir Paul is simply going to be too busy promoting his new album to make a big deal out of it,” the source told the Daily Express. “While he is obviously extremely proud of Sgt Pepper’s, it’s more rewarding for him to be concentrating on making sure his new album’s a commercial success.”

Source: Digital Spy 


5 Responses

  1. this time i couldn’t say a negative or positive opinion about what Paul decided to do.in fact,i believe everyone has own private business,and no one can tell anything about it!i think we must respect Mccartney’s decision.because what i really think is that he never forgotten sgt. Pepper’s anniversary!but,sometimes,in life there are other many things to remember,and maybe he chosen…… but i’m always sad about who forgotten sgt.Pepper’s anniversary 😦 well,i ‘ll celebrate this anniversary like a normal fan!:-) in a very simple way:i’ll listening “sgt.Pepper’s lonely hearts club band (but original version not made it by Oasis or somebody else!!!) maybe,about 100.000 times in a day! maybe i will become deaf but i ‘ll could tell one day :”…..i celebrated sgt.Pepper fourtieth anniversary!!!”

  2. While there is no way my first listen to Sgt Pepper’s can be recreated, I will do my best.

    I still have the original mono LP I purchaced in 1967 (for $1.98!).

    I will snuggle up with a doobie, put on the headphones (My parents hated the Beatles), turn the lights down low and let it take me back. You all should do the same. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

  3. I’m so bummed that it’s going overlooked. But I of course will celebrate like any fab fan should!

  4. Based on what he’s saying now about it being “imminent”, I think the remastered version will be available in stores and on iTunes by the anniversary.

  5. Ill give my poor current CD copy of it a spin…..i dont mind waiting longer for a remaster……as long as they get it right!

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