According to Dylan, McCartney’s still got it.

I love the fact that Rolling Stone is trotting out all the stars in this interview series for their 40th anniversary.  It’s almost as if we get to see some of these artists speak a little more candidly than usual.  We catch them talking about current music, but more often than not they are reminiscing at best.  Dylan dallops the praise out for Paul McCartney in his round of interviews.  We certainly don’t disagree with him.  In our opinion Paul still, indeed, does have it. 

His newest material proves that he still is at the top of his game.  So, do you guys agree with Bob?  Does McCartney still have it?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

What are your favorite, or most annoying McCartney moments  of recent memory.  Personally, since Flaming Pie, we think he’s been on nothing but a tear this late in his astounding career.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Bob Dylan has spoken out about his continuing adulation for Sir Paul McCartney.

Despite fierce criticism from some quarters about Macca’s solo work, Dylan completely believes that the former Beatle has still got it.

Dylan made the comments in a fresh interview with The Rolling Stone magazine, where he began by talking about George Harrison being overshadowed by McCartney and Lennon.
He said:  “If George had had his own group and was writing his own songs back then, he’d have been probably just as big as anybody.”

The singer continued by speaking about the main songwriters in The Beatles: “They were fantastic singers. Lennon, to this day, it’s hard to find a better singer than Lennon was, or than McCartney was and still is.

“I’m in awe of McCartney. He’s about the only one that I am in awe of. He can do it all. And he’s never let up… He’s just so damn effortless.”

Source: Gigwise 


6 Responses

  1. love takes love!i think if John was still alive was be so thankful to Dylan’s comments,cause John loved so much Dylan. and i think, Paul is thankful to Dylan.what i think is Bob said a true thought,and nothing personal thought about Mccartney is the recent memory about Mccartney is his divorce with Heather Mills(and this argument isn’t about his music or career,but it’s just about his private life,i know,but it’s always a memory!)and what made me angry about his broken-up marriage.and in this memory,i can remember Mccartney’s image which showed a shattered man but always with his unforgettable strength and courage,that gave and give him an opportunity for being always not just a singer like many,but for being a a man who lives emotions and difficulties of life like everybody does.

  2. Once again Dylan hits the nail on the head (whop!).
    Paul is an amazing talent. What the press, for the most part, have always missed about him is his determination to do great work.
    I’ve seen Paul in concert 3 times. They are without a shred of doubt the three best concerts I’ve ever seen. Nothing else comes close.
    In the Sixties there were the Beatles…and there was everyone else.
    Nowadays McCartney is still beating everyone in the world on the concert scene and he’s about to become a senior citizen. Let me take that back. Paul will never become a senior citizen. Neither will I. Why? We are the first Rock & Roll genereation.
    The first generation to “own” our own music.
    Paul is entering territory never traveled before and just like his former bandmates
    John, George & Ringo he simply isn’t afraid of it. -Mikey likes it (M.almost full)

  3. For Mike Pool:sorry,but i don’t agree with you for a little part of what you told told that he couldn’t be a senior citizen because he’s a rocker,maybe rock is a trasgression symbol,maybe who is a rocker is often a rebel singer who can’t follow rules………well,in my opinion Mccartney was a real citizen and still he is!like John was,George was and ringo is again now.all of them were citizen!rock shouldn’t be a bad way of living,but it must be just a kind of music and nothing else.we all are born (someone before,someone after)in a rock generation,but it doesn’t means that we are all rebel people!maybe you feel like in this way,but don’t talk in a general way…..not for everybody.i hope you understand what i meant to say to you.sorry again!*Ulla*

  4. I’d say he’s been on an amazing streak from “Flowers In The Dirt” onward…in my top 5 Macca’s 3 are from ’89-’05 (Flaming Pie, Chaos & Creation & Off The Ground…the other 2 are Band On The Run and Ram), and in my next 5 there are two more from this period (Flowers In The Dirt & Driving Rain…the other 3 are Tug Of War, Back To The Egg, and Venus & Mars)…I didn’t count albums of non-originals, but Run Devil Run is amazing (as are the originals on it), and so much of his great live stuff is from this period (Tripping The Live Fantastic, Paul Is Live, Unplugged The Official Bootleg, Back in The U.S./World) even though Wings Over America remains my fave live one.
    It took me years to even get back to giving him a chance…I was soooo put off by his 80’s decline/output (McCartney II, Pipes Of Peace, Press To Play, Give My Regards To Broad Street) that I just threw in the towel until Chaos & Creation came out…I’d seen him on tour in ’89, and found his showbiz side really offputting (not to mention terrible seats in a Hockey Arena in Toronto) back then- although I had to grant that some of Flowers In The Dirt was at least far superior to what had been going on…I just was going elsewhere (The Mekons were about to become my fave band for years…then Yo La Tengo)…Eventually I was happily shocked at what he’s done…I do hope I get another/last chance to catch him while he is still at the top of his game live !! That last live album was amazing, and I know that the years can take their toll after awhile, so I am bound and determined to see him once more…saw Paul Simon (whose “Suprise” album is my fave album of this decade so far !!) last year and it was amazing !

  5. i love dylan, and i love his praise to john.

  6. How might such a collaboration go? I think it might be a little bit like…this!

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