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Sgt. Pepepr anniversary forgotten?

It looks like the folks at EMI/Capitol have dropped the ball on the upcoming anniversary of Sgt. Pepper once again.  I mean really. This time around it was only the 40th anniversary of the landmark album.  No biggie.  They may have had something in the works though with the remasters.  

This poster has popped up on ebay.  It looks like a proof of some kind.  No way to tell if it’s a fake or not though.  You be the judge. 

How  many anniversaries of Sgt. Pepper’s release do you think that EMI/Capitol let pass without some kind of commemoration?  Maybe one day in my lifetime I will get to see a deluxe Sgt. Pepper boxed-set? 

That’s saying something too because I’m a second generation Beatle fan.  One day.


13 Responses

  1. I hear thru “the vine” that a Pepper box set will finally come out (as advertised) in June along with digital downloads. So what that it’s 20 years late…

  2. I hope that is really a proof and not final art, ’cause I see at least one typo.

  3. oh boy!how many commemorations about albums,people etc they forgotten!how many!and this is not the first and i think won’t be the last!unfortunately and i don’t really understand why,people forget all these events,that for us are very important,because we are fan,and probably they aren’t but it doesn’t matter,because they could try to remember …..this is a sad,very sad situation!they said it was fourty years ago today,yes but it’s not our fault!CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL PEOPLE WHO WRITTEN THAT!!!!REALLY SENSITIVE AND WORRIED PEOPLE ABOUT BEATLES FANS!!!

  4. If you see a typo at this stage you can bet it is a fake…sorry. However, I can’t see the typo. It’s probably obvious and I’m just overlooking it.

  5. I’m a Graphic Communications major and this looks legitimate (from what I can tell.) The three color bars at the bottom are spot colors. Spot colors are used to create rich solid colors on a printed piece instead of using combinations of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to make the color. The posters seem to use various screens of these spot colors throughout the piece while using CMYK to reproduce The Beatles images. The CMYK targets are probably on the top side of the poster that is not pictured. In other words…if this is a fake than someone really knows what they are doing.

    Where are the typos? Maybe I should go back to college?

  6. I wish and hope it’s true. If it’s true, they (Apple/EMI/Capitol ) ought to consider firing their marketing people because this kind of thing should have been built up for at least a couple months. As it is, the magic day is a half a month away. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but I aint’ gonna hold my breath until I see a little better proof. Next up for this treatment (again, if true) should be Revolver.

  7. Well the appointment of Jeff Jones seems to have changed things in regards to remasters……but it will probably be for the better if we end up with better remasters even if we have to wait longer. The Sgt Pepper drum face used is different though from the actual one, which would suggest that its a fake. I also wonder how you could fit 5.1, mono, stero and alternate takes onto only two discs?

  8. Obvious fake! Read what it says: 2-cd set. They wouldn’t put a 5.1 surround mix on a cd, it would be on a dvd like they did with LOVE. Otherwise it would have to be a DTS cd and those aren’t even made any more.

    Because of the format differences, mono/stereo would have to go on the other cd. A 39 minute album in mono/stereo would fill up 78 minutes of the disc, how many alternate takes does that leave room for?

    It is a nice piece of artwork though.

  9. Obviously, this is the type of commemorative package the fans want. It defies all logic as to why it will not happen. If we keep pounding the blogs and keep the idea in everyones mind, maybe, just maybe we will be rewarded for Christmas (I am the eternal optimist).

  10. Anyone else on here notice that bootlegzone is down again? Also, a few other sites have received letters from Apple Corps telling them to cease operation. Where can I find a good bulleting board or forum to see what’s going on?

  11. BZ is back up. The point joefu makes on the number of discs is revealing. I am still hopeful that the re-mixed, re-mastered titles will be worth waiting for. Especially Pepper!

  12. The Pepper drum head is the ‘alternate’ unused version, owned now by Paul and seen for the first time in the Anthology book.
    But, yeah, this can’t be right. I don’t expect any Fab releases until closer to the end of year.

  13. […] McCartney turned his back on Pepper anniversary? Yesterday we reported that we may or may not see a commemoration of the release of Sgt. Pepper.  We weren’t sure […]

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