Rare Shea Stadium poster to go up for auction.

ItsOnlyRockNRoll.com June 2 Music Memorabilia and Photography Auction AnnouncedI have become enamored with The Beatles’ performance at Shea Stadium.  I have been watching it for weeks on a newly obtained bootleg version.  I do have a large collection of Beatle boot DVD’s.  I usually stray away from getting the concert ones, not that I don’t collect those too, but I usually do not jump at the chance of owning them.  The Shea Stadium experience as I like to call it is something else.  It is pandemonium defined.  I have been soaking it in.  Recently, my uncle told me…”oh yeah, by the way…I saw The Beatles at Shea when I was a kid…”  Why oh why has he waited this long to tell me this precious information?  He knows that I have been a life-long Beatle fan, albeit a second generation fan.  I have been grilling him for information ever since.  It’s like I want to ring him out like a sponge, and hope that some of the experience will rub off on me or something.  I know that’s not possible though.

It does look like a small part of the phenomenon known as The Beatles at Shea Stadium is up on the auction blocks however.  I know that not too long ago a Shea poster went for some ungodly sum of money.  This poster looks to be even more rare than the previous record-setting poster.  We can all drool and dream right?  It looks awesome, it would look even more awesome on my office wall.

Here’s what we’ve read.

ItsOnlyRocknRoll.com Announces June 2 Music Memorabilia and Photography Auction Features

Previously Undiscovered 1966 Beatles at Shea Stadium Concert Poster

ItsOnlyRocknRoll.com, the leader in sales of authentic rare Rock n Roll memorabilia, are pleased to announce their next catalog auction of rare and collectible music memorabilia, including music photography, will be online in late May and will close Saturday June 2.

With their catalog auctions having set world records in Beatles Autographs with the recent sale of Louise Harrison’s signed “Meet The Beatles” LP for $115,000.00 this past December, and Beatles Concert Posters with the sale of a Beatles Shea Stadium concert poster for $151,000, this sale will feature memorabilia, autographs, concert posters, celebrity personal effects and lots more.

Now being offered for the first time after 41 years in a dresser drawer, comes a unique opportunity to purchase an extremely rare concert poster previously unknown.

”A consignor has come forward with a very unique concert poster for the Beatles 1966 Tour appearance at Shea Stadium in New York,” says ItsOnlyRockNRoll.com President Marc Zakarin. “This is a paper version, made in the size of a one-sheet movie poster by Murray Printing and is different from the cardboard version we’ve sold in the past. It even lists that tickets are still available. Our consignor was first on line at the Downtown Ticket Agency for the Beatles concert in St. Louis that year when she and a friend asked for a poster as a souvenir. The agent took their address and two weeks later this New York Shea Stadium concert poster, along with one for the Busch Stadium show poster on the wall were sent to them.”

This Shea poster is expected to sell between $50,000-$100,000 in the June 2 auction, and the poster for the St. Louis Busch Stadium poster will be sold in the next ItsOnlyRockNRoll.com catalog auction, along with other Beatles memorabilia, in Las Vegas at the “The Fest For Beatles Fans” at the Mirage Hotel on July 3, 2007.

Some of the features of the June 2 auction include the Muscle Shoals Studio Baldwin Grand piano used on LPs by Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and others, Miles Davis’ trumpet given to Sugar Ray Robinson’s son, Curt Cobain prescription bottle, Stevie Wonder Grammy Award for “Superstition,” numerous Jimi Hendrix items including a hand written poem, a Sex Pistols signed contract, James Brown’s shirt, Wilson Picket’s stage outfit, Stevie Nick’s cape and stool from the “Rumours” album cover, Bill Wyman’s custom belt, Mick Jagger’s guitar capo, and Charlie Watt’s drumsticks, an important Grateful Dead posters and ephemera collection, vintage films with copyrights of The Who, The Doors and the Rolling Stones, along with the Circus Magazine Photography Archive with thousands of photographs featuring dozens of photographers and hundreds of groups photographed and lots more.

The auction is online in late may and closes on Saturday June 2, 2007. There are over 1500 lots in a 200 page color catalog, available by mail for $25.00 postpaid or you can register and view online at http://www.itsonlyrocknroll.com. Catalog Back Issues are for sale as well.

Quality consignments are still being accepted for the Las Vegas Beatles Memorabilia auction at the Mirage Hotel July 3, 2007 in conjunction with http://www.thefestforbeatlesfans.

For further Info contact Marc or Debbie Zakarin
Call 631-385-1306 – phone
800-599-9490 – toll free phone

Source: News-Antiques


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  1. sometimes,to collect all the things belonged to someone,is something special,above all if this “someone”is a singer for example and maybe owning all these things is not just for remembering but i think even is being proud to have something which you couldn’t ever have!in my opinion having all these objects,make me feel so close to those singers,to their experiences and their music as if they were still alive!about Shea Stadium,i think that poster will be immediately sold,and even very soon!!!oh,i can remember even if i’m a young woman,that concert cause i’ve seen it on tv,and all screams and shouts,and so many girls crying,and falling down to the ground!that’s a real incredible show,but …….The Beatles were even this!!!

  2. Can you direct me to a website where I might see the Shea Stadium Aug. 23, 1966 Beatles’ concert poster? I’d like to compare it with a poster I bought many years ago. I’m not sure if I have an original or a repro (it has a white border with Tribune Showprint information at the bottom left). Thanks for any response!

  3. Irene, I am the owner of Tribune Showprint and if you would like to contact my staff at the shop they would provide you with info on whether or not your print is an original or reproduction.

    Contact Beth or Todd at 574-943-3281

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