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Thoughts on Memory Almost Full.

I had time this morning to sit and listen to the album in its entirity.  To me, this is the album that I’ve been waiting to hear from Paul.  There are some rockers, there is some syrup, and there is some sad reflection.  You get McCartney from every angle.  Memory Almost Full is nowhere near as sad as Chaos and Creation, it’s a different kind of sadness.  It’s not an aching feeling, but a reflective one. 

The rumors that we have heard about the singles sounding like nothing else on the album are absolutley true.  Each track on this album are not like the other.  That is to say, though, this album is not an assorted lot of songs.  There is a certain tempo and flow to this album that Chaos and Creation and Driving Rain were lacking.  This album manages to somehow nail a mood while taking you on a journey forward and back all at the same time.  It is catchy at times, challenging at times, accessible at others, and wholly McCartney.  I know I am being rather cryptic here, but once you hear the album you will understand.  To me it is nothing short of brilliant. 

The medley really seals this album for me.  House of Wax in particular is unlike anything we have heard from Paul in a really longtime.  It’s rocking, it’s melodic, and it’s adventurous all at the same time–truly stunning.  It may be one of his best solo works.  As I was listening to the medley I kept wishing to hear the whole thing together live on a stage.  I know the chances of seeing that medley performed as a whole live on stage is a slim chance, but it would be something to behold in a live setting.  It really is breathtaking.

In all of our excitement about this album, we forgot to post some of the credit information about the album that was posted last week.  Here are the full album credits for Memory Almost Full.

All tracks written and composed by Paul McCartney.  Produced and programmed by David Kahne

Paul McCartney played all instruments except:
Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens – keyboards;
Rusty Anderson – guitar;
Brian Ray – bass guitar;
Abe Laboriel Jnr. – drums;
Played on Only Mamma Knows, You Tell Me, Vintage Clothes, That Was Me, Feet In The Clouds, and House of Wax

Recorded at Hog Hill Mill Studios, Abbey Road Studios, Henson Recording Studios, Air Studios, RAK Studios
Mastered by: Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering

Recorded at Hog Hill Mill Studios, Abbey Road Studios, Henson Recording Studios, Air Studios, RAK Studios
Mastered by: Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering

Memory Almost Full will be released on Friday 1st June This release will be the first ever Paul McCartney album available digitally Memory Almost Full is Paul McCartney’s 21st solo album since leaving The Beatles

Source: Macca-central


26 Responses

  1. I’m not sure this is the Paul album I’ve been waiting for, but I too listened to the full album this morning. It’s not quite as good as I wanted it to be, but then I had REALLY big expectations. The clips from the site sound awesome and the reviews even better. I’m close to agreeing, but…

    The best songs of Chaos are still stronger than the best songs here, to me. But, I normally favor sad music anyway. I think the best part of Memory is the modern guitar sound on most of the songs.

    My faves: “You Tell Me” (cuz it’s so Chaos-y) and “Mr Bellamy” (cuz of the bitting lyrics).

    I’m definitely looking forward to getting to know the album better.

  2. It’s simple… John’s not there to kick his ass !

    Silly love songs!

    Not bad, but who’s to tell MACCA when a song sucks, while writing it or recording it?

    Only JOHN could…

    It’s a drag, isn’t it?

    Oh well…

    Keep the beat, bro!

    -Dennis Dubeau, guitarist and song writer

  3. By the way, this pic up here… makes you wonder if he was trying to dodge from platters and plates thrown by Heather Mills, when they were divorcing!

    ha ha!



  4. Heather and Yoko should tag team.. she could learn a lot!



  5. for Dennis:ahahah!c*mon boy,take it easy!!,i agree with you about John,but don’t be so rude about Mccartney,and above all don’t tell these things!everyone can give an own opinion,but i think Paul was and is a good singer,songwriter and musician too!if you are like him(because i read that you are a guitarist and a song writer),you must respect him,and his music too.even if you don’t like his music!and i think if John was still alive maybe helped him and encouraged him for doing better things,they were like brothers and you should know well!John ever wouldn’t kick his ass!about their women,well,Heather is not the best woman in the world,and yoko isn’t too(maybe this last one is the worst one!)but in this moment on this side we must to comment in a KIND way Mccartney’s album!so,remember:”love is the answer!”as John said. and i think that “…….SONT LES MOTS,QUI VONT TRèS BIEN ENSEMBLE……AND I WILL SAY THE ONLY WORDS THAT YOU’LL UNDERSTAND,MY……DENNIS!!!!” 😉

  6. I’ve also downloaed the full album and have given it a good listen to… at first I was undecided and kind of a little disappointed because even though I knew ‘Ever Present Past’ was kind of syrupy, I still loved the vibe I got from the song… I agree with your review when you said that each track on this album is not like the other… there would be a few batch of songs that I would really dig (especially the first half of the album) and then towards the middle/end of the album it was a totally different sound/vibe.

    The End of the End is pretty poignant because of the lyrics “When I die, I want people to make jokes…” – I couldn’t help but think when that time comes, people will look back to that song.

    But I do disagree when you said Chaos lacked tempo… yes, some of the songs were melancholic, but it was a nice change and I really think it’s his masterpiece. I also really liked Driving Rain although it’s far less superior than Chaos… but I do believe MMF is better than DR. MAF will definitely grow on you. I don’t think it’ll be a slam dunk on the first go.

  7. I read someone’s humourous but cutting comment the other day: the Beatles are dying in the wrong order. Paul’s big misfortune, if you can put it this way, is to be still alive. We don’t treasure his work so much as we do John’s or George’s because there is the potential for more. And we know that he can produce songs that are amongst the best of them (when “Imagine” wins all those plls for best ever single/song etc, where is “Yesterday”?). So we expect Paul to produce “Hey Jude”, “Penny Lane”, “All My Loving”, “Let It Be” on every album. Can’t be done. This album is actually about as good as any of his post-Beatles albums – I think there are a couple of classic McCartney tunes, some mawkish moments and some bits for which the forward button was invented. Never mind, we can all pick out bits of Press To Play that we like listening to. Treasure what we do get and be thankful that we have the chance to hear a new McCartney album. I would dearly love to have heard what John would be producing at 65 but it was not to be. Bear in mind what Paul says on the Anthology DVD abou the White Album: it’s Paul…

  8. for Andrew:can i ask you something?can you explain me what do you mean when you tell:”we don’t treasure his work so much as we do John’s or George’s because there is the potential for more.”and “i would dearly love to have heard what John would be producing at 65 but it was not to be.Bear in mind what Paul says on the anthology DVD about the white album:it’s Paul…”,please?because i don’t really understand your point of view,so i agree with you about the Beatles are dying in a wrong order,but what do you really mean with that sentences?can you try to be more clear,please?which comment do you refer to?i’ll waiting for your answer!thank you very much.*Ulla*

  9. You’re right, I didn’t make it clear. What I meant was that a lot of the press will review this album as just another McCartney album, we’ve had plenty. They won’t give it a proper listen. I re-read a review of Brainwashed last night and it was glowing – but I’m sure the reviews of my all time favourite George album, Somewhere In England, were not so good because, at the time, it was just another George album. The reviews for Double Fantasy were not good. I think Paul’s quote on the Anthology DVD about the White album is something like It’s the Beatles, shut up. (Correct me if I’m wrong) My point is that Paul’s albums are still a hell of a lot better than just about anything that will be in the charts on the day of release, us Beatles diehards will buy it and it will be in and out of the top twenty albums in a flash. We do have to wait two or three years for each McCartney album but he has been an ever present in the press in England in the last five to ten years so it seems like a non-event. This is a shame because I really like the album and will queue up in HMV to get my hard copy to hear it properly. John and George underwent a critical revision because we could put a full stop to their careers. Paul’s is still going, thankfully, and like Dylan, it’s getting better again.

  10. Hey Andrew, don’t beat youself up. I fully understand where your at. Any Beatle fan worth his weight in bootlegs does a “what if” concerning John. I personally dream of a John and Paul collaboration on a single album (pause……it would have been glorious……unpause). The book on John and George is closed and sealed. We can reflect and opine on these works with a sense of definity. Paul on the other hand is still adding to the legend, yes I said legend. Paul may be catagorized, scrutinized, inflated, overrated and under appriciated. But he is active and each offering from him is a treasure.

    His latest offer, MAF, qualifies as a treasure. After my fifth listen (I still cannot stop playing it) its brilliance shines through. Like any great work, it takes an effort to appreciate. I do not like to rank albums against past works becase they tend to have such a personal touch, but the true measure of the quality of a work is how long you will be listening to it. I played Chaos on a slow ride home from work just last Friday, Saturday I got a copy of MAF and have not stopped since.

    Take what is offered and enjoy, relish, cherish for when it stops, we will be dreaming of one more Paul album, just like we dream of John and George.

    BTW, End of the End will suck your heart out and make you cry.

  11. for Andrew:listen i’m a John’s fan,but believe me if i tell you that iwouldn’t like to see stopped John’s career and neither George’s one.i don’t tell you this cause i try to protect John’s name but because we can listen Paul ‘s music as we listen John’s music or George’s music!they were great in the same way,i know very well that their kind of music are completely different from each other,but why stop their careers?you should think that if you stop for example John’s one,Mccartney’s career won’t become never bigger or smaller than others just it will be still the same as it is now!just be proud of his music,to get it,to buy it,to listen it……..don’t think of who is the greatest one or who is the worst one!i think if Mccartney felt how many people loving him,probably he came back like Beatles time when he wrote Yesterday,Michelle,Eleanor Rigby etc and he came back at the first position of every top charts.and in fact,something is moving…………..HE WON A GRAMMY AWARD!!!! 🙂

  12. Joefo, you’re right. Here we are thinking about a great new album from Paul forty years on from Sgt Pepper: there aren’t many who can measure their careers in decades. I’ve got tons of music by artists who fell by the wayside, burned brightly but burned out quickly. There’s something satisfying in seeing a great artist put out something with the sparks of brilliance that MAF has. I have this thing of comparing the three sixties icons who brought out albums on the same day in 1983: Paul Simon (Hearts And Bones), Bob Dylan (Infidels) and Paul McCartney (Pipes Of Peace). It’s the Simon I go back to most of those three but his latest album and Dylan’s latest don’t do it for me, good as they are, as MAF does.

    I must admit I wasn’t beating myself up. I am annoyed that Paul gets such a silly press. Someone with his back catalogue (if it has only been Band On The Run and a handful of solo/Wings singles, we’d still be calling him a genius) deserves the respect of critics but I get the impression that they have Silly Love Songs in mind when they listen before writing their reviews. I don’t think Paul’s reviewers (that’s the ones that get paid to listen, not the ones that pay for their CD and take it home to listen) really do bother to listen. Mojo magazine in the UK almost certainly would give more space to a new Oasis album of cut and paste Beatles pastiche than they would to MAF. That’s a shame but totally predictable. When Paul dies, many years from now I trust, there will be the great tribute specials and they’ll say how great this album is then. That’s really what I was trying to say: Paul doesn’t get treated with respect for a new album in the way that lesser artists do.

  13. Andrew, I fully agree. I stopped reading McCartney interviews a long time ago, but have never stopped buying his works. Simon and Zim are good benchmarks as they are great talents that also have lasted way past the average artist and again I agree with you, I listen to the last three McCartney albums way more than Simon and Zim’s last few efforts.
    I often wonder how many fans would cherish a McCartney tour where he only plays his solo material. I know you will be there.

  14. So he played conkers when he was a little dustbin lid, did he? So did I, but I don’t go round singing about it. All this bunking off school, short-pants romance, Just William stuff is just not interesting – or at least PM doesn’t make anything interesting, profound or poetic of it, not any more.

    The man probably knows more than anyone about the Swinging 60s, from Carnaby St to Harley St, Marrakech to Rishikesh… there’s something I’d be interested to hear him get creative with, if he still can – and maybe call up the vets again (Gilmour, Paice etc), as it’s only with pros like that he gets any real bite into his sound.

    Meanwhile, as for nonsense like melting the House of Wax – it’s obviously set in his ears (and anyone who can sit through this awful album).

  15. […] all those usual places.   The album truly is a stunning piece of work.  You can read our initial thoughts on the album that we posted earlier in the week.  ENJOY! We can’t wait to  hear the […]

  16. I have heard just 2 of the tracks, and thought they were OK, but nothing special.
    However, I just wanted to make a comment about Paul’s music generally. I own all of his albums and all of John Lennon’s solo stuff. I recently used my MAC to burn a disc of the best of John Lennon – I struggled to fill up the 80 minutes. In contrast, I have 3 discs worth of wonderful McCartney music. I accept that Paul’s output is greater in quantity, but IMO it is far superior in quality. Take away Imagine and 4 or 5 others, and Lennon’s post-Beatles output was every bit as self-indulgent as some people say Paul McCartney’s is. The ultimate differnece is that Paul’s music lifts you, but John’s just makes you realise how many things there are wrong in the world !


  18. for Richard W:sorry,but i would like to tell precisely,that John wasn’t just a preacher of peace who told us about what was right or wrong in world!John was even a man who loved,who suffered,who joyied etc,it’s not just the author of:”imagine”,”power to the people”,”give peace a chance”,etc but he was also the author of:”woman”,”beautiful boy”,”God”,”cold turkey”,”dear Yoko”,”watchin’the wheels” etc,so don’t describe him like just have youwritten before,but try to see him even like a man,like Paul! I WOULD LIKE TO SAY I’M REALLY SORRY TO ALL MCCARTNEY’S FANS,CAUSE I TOLD ABOUT JOHN,BUT IT WAS JUST FOR MAKING MORE CLEAR SOME THINGS.SORRY,AGAIN!!!

  19. Macca’s new album rocks. Just give it time – it takes a few listens to ‘get’. I listened in near-horror the first couple of plays but it grows and grows on you into something pretty special. He’s still the man.

  20. My friends, I think you all ought to take a deep breath and understand this. The long fueled contention of John vs Paul is not because Paul is living in the shadows of John Lennon, as many have suggested, but rather because Paul is living in the shadows of Paul Mc Cartney (the Beatle). Paul strives to do something as great as a Beatle song-in his own words,” I want this record to be compared to everything I have ever done.” That’s a tall order and impossible to accomplish, amigo-not even by Paul. The Beatles were a unique group of musicians with an unmatched talent and creative genius that came along at the perfect time in the on-going musical evolution, guided by the academic musical genius of George Martin (who deserves much credit for their success). In my opinion, there are only two post-Beatle songs that ever matched up to a Beatles song in terms of historical significance. Those songs are “Give Peace A Chance”
    and “Imagine.” Hard to argue-don’t you think? In any event, whether or not Memory Almost Full is well received, critically acclaimed, or overlooked, no one should ever compare it to any Beatle record-not even an ex-Beatle. I commend Mr. McCartney for his enthusiasm, longevity, and divorce from an obvious diva who brainwashed Paul into making unkind comments about his old songwritting partner (my guess is it was on Heather’s insistance that Macca wanted to change some Beatle songs from Lennon/McCartney to McCarney/Lennon). Paul should keep making the music he loves to make, reflect on the past but don’t try to duplicate it, and simply just LET IT BE.

  21. for Dan De Bellis:i would like to tell you some things for making everything clear:well,i completely agree with you about Paul and that’s ok,but there’s a thing,just a thing which really bothers me and i can’t stand it:these too many bad words ,sentences or to give offences to Heather.try to follow me,i don’t think of what you’ve written above about Heather would like make change the sign Lennon-Mccartney in Mccartney-Lennon like an offence for John,but i think she made a mistake in the way of talkin,and all that she would really like to tell is this:you know many Beatles songs are signed up by Lennon-Mccartney,but if you know well the story,you can even know well,that many of them always aren’t written by John and Paul together,but often by one of them,for example:”yesterday”that it belongs by only Paul!in fact,once in N.Y.city a fan stopped Lennon in a street (who was walking with yoko),and asked him for have an autograph but he would like to receive it on “yesterday”score and on the bass guitar which paul used to play in the Beatles times,John laughed and told him:”ok i’ll give it to you,but remember i haven’t written “yesterday”because it’s a Paul song!”so,Heather would like to place after Lennon’s name in the sign,because of just giving real merits to who has written some songs alone with no help by other friend!but she wouldn’t removing Lennon’s name at all!so,let’s tell what is real,and let’s stop talking about Heather!cause she’s always a woman who loved her man,and the bad chattin’ of people expecially Beatles fans has completely destroyied her marriage!and if you think about it,in your opinion,it was a good thing?and i would like to remember,that Heather has no need of Paul’s money,cause she was even famous and she already had money,before meeting Paul!so,let’s stop ,please!

  22. and if someone would say:”well,and why if she’s got her money,asking him in legal way other money?”i just want to say that she’s asking him more money,because of their child,because Bea,their daughter is just 3 years old and her father should love her,it’s obvious,but he should give her all that she needs,because she’s a baby,and she can’t working,she can’t have her own money etc,so her father must care of her,even if Heather and him are divorced.so,i repeat,let’s stop here!

  23. TO ULLA: Fair enough-I guess I just wanted to point out that prior to meeting Heather, Paul often spoke in admiration of John. During the 3-4 years with Heather, I noticed Paul became very self serving about his role in the Beatles-when he talked about his Beatle days, it sounded like it was the “Paul Mc Cartney Show” and these three other guys who were backup singers. On this new record, since separated from Heather, he seems to be kind to John again citing how he recalled how he and John used to write songs together and tried to employ that style on his new record. Maybe it’s just a coincidence.

  24. for Dan De Bellis:sorry for being so much angry about this argument,but i can’t really stand some fans(not you,in particular)that thinking that a wife of a singer should be like a saint!that’s impossible above all if this wife is young lke Heather is now!everyone makes mistakes but it’s not right hating her!yes,maybe what have you written isn’t a Heather’s fault!maybe Mccartney feels himself in the centre of attention,as the only singer of the group to be still alive!and sometimes he thinks of him,of to be proud of himself!you know,it can happen!nothing is impossible!remember that!P.S. don’t worry,about my reactions! 😉 this is a reaction that every GOOD fan should has!

  25. Oh well, Ulla… Paul can try to rewrite history, and don’t get me wrong, I love Paul’s music just as any musicians do! But, definitely, no one will argue with Paul when a song really sucks and some on this album do! How can you ever stand up, as a producer or a co-musician and tell Paul: Man, this melodic line or this beat isn’t it!! Ouch…

    If it wasn’t for Macca’s name on top of it, this album would never would have seen the light!! For instance, take the ‘naked let it be’ remixed album… John can not give his opinion anymore, so, Paul should just,,, Let it be!! I like the man and his ability to write beautiful songs.. One of my faves from him is My Love!! A true masterpiece among a lot of them…

    But, on the other side of the token, we’re still fortunate that Macca still tries to write and play live… I am grateful, if only for this! It spells… inspiration and motivation! Cause Macca is one hell of a workhorse!!

    have a nice day, dear…


  26. yes, dennis paul is still a work horse. and his work is so swesome. i love maf, so much.

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