Paul McCartney planning promotional shows.

I love when new Beatle related records come out.  There are flurries of activity….TV spots, commercials, EPK’s, in-store visits, record flats to collect, and touring.  We get to catch these small additional glimpses of these artists that we love.  It is getting more and more rare these days to see a working Beatle in action.  With Paul’s new album we get the treat of hearing new recorded music, but we also get to see him perform again.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to do so, I can’t impress upon you enough.  You need to see Paul live doing his thing.  Are parts schmaltzy and scripted? Yes.  Can he still perform up to snuff? Yes, his shows are nothing short of brilliant.  Think of things in these terms.  How many times were people able to see Mozart or Beethoven perform their own pieces while they were still alive?  Not that many. 

It sounds like Paul may be giving us another opportunity to see him perform his masterpieces old and new.  These promotional tour stops seem like simply a warm-up for a larger full-blown tour.

Here’s what we’ve read. 

Paul McCartney is planning two U.S. shows with his band, in New York and Los Angeles, to promote his upcoming album Memory Almost Full. reported that a London gig is also planned. A spokesperson for Macca said that no definite plans regarding the concerts were ready to be announced.

Memory Almost Full comes out June 5th, and in addition to a retail release, it will also be his first to be available online. According to Billboard, the Starbucks label Hear Music, which is putting out the album, will prominently feature Memory Almost Full in its iTunes store. McCartney also said that arrangements to sell Beatles music online are “virtually settled.”

In related news, music from Memory Almost Full has been made available in Japan via mobile phones. reported that yesterday, (Thursday, May 10th) a master ringtone version of the overseas single “Dance Tonight” was released, with additional mobile-based full-song downloads of the entire album to follow on June 6th.

Meanwhile, Macca has been spotted out and about in London, dining out with his adult children, and last week sat next to frequent collaborator David Gilmour of Pink Floyd at a London concert by good friend James Taylor.

McCartney is expected to hit the road in support of the new album sometime this fall.

Source: Rock Radio


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