Beatles download deal virtually sealed.

The Beatles are just one step closer to releasing their music in digital format.  Recent reports have surfaced stating that downloads are imminent, and soon.  I love the prospect of The Beatles reaching another generation.  Most hardcore, longtime Beatle fans have been stating, “big deal?” about the prospect of The Beatles being available in download format.  I love the idea of our favorite Fab Four tunes being available to some avid music fans in another format.  It’s just another avenue that they can embrace the music with.  The only question left if which songs will dominate the, now validated, download charts first?  I would love to see some obscure Beatle number top the download charts.  Maybe the new rumored track, “Now and Then” will be another #1 to tack on the award wall.  We’ll have to see.  Good news indeed.

Here are several other reports for this great news:

Here’s what we’ve read.

Are the Beatles poised to transform themselves from digital laggards to digital trailblazers?

Ever since the Fab Four exploded on the pop music scene more than four decades ago, their music has always been “Here, There and Everywhere”–except on the Internet as authorized digital downloads.

Now, no less an authority than Paul McCartney has told Billboard in an interview that an agreement to make the Beatles downloads available is “virtually settled,” the magazine reported on its Web site late Thursday.

It’s a move that’s been anticipated for years and has been widely expected for the past few months. In February a spokeswoman for Apple Corps, which administers the Beatles catalog, confirmed that talks were under way. But here’s another intriguing wrinkle to the saga–the band’s record company EMI revealed last month that it is breaking ranks with other major record labels and will sell song downloads free of usage restrictions, commonly known as “digital rights management,” or DRM.

Unless EMI makes a special exemption for Beatles songs, that means the Fab Four’s music would not only be available for sale as downloads but would also be DRM-free at a time when most other major-label recording artists’ downloads will still be encumbered by usage restrictions.

Could strong sales of restriction-free Beatles downloads add further pressure on Universal Music Group, Sony-BMG Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group to follow EMI’s lead? At the very least, it would add an interesting dynamic to an already fluid situation. While Sony-BMG and Warner remain outspoken supporters of usage restrictions, Universal, the world’s largest music company, has said that it is mulling the possibility of dropping them.

The Billboard story–which was a preview of an interview with McCartney scheduled to appear Saturday–didn’t mention where Beatles downloads will be available first, but Apple‘s iTunes store would be a good bet. Speculation has been rampant of such a move since February, when the company settled litigation over its name with Apple Corps.

When asked if Beatles downloads were imminent, EMI spokeswoman Jeanne Meyer wouldn’t comment on McCartney’s remarks to Billboard, saying only that she hopes “that it’s soon.”

Source: Forbes


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  1. i think today our society is based on technology,and The Beatles are not just a rock band,but they are a lagend ,so why don’t put them on download charts,why don’t downloading free Beatles music?why teenagers can’t hearing and knowing Beatles music?but what i really afraid of is all discographic companies that are sayin’The Beatles will droppin,and the reason is just for stopping this idea.everytime,music must be manipulated,by who would like to have the same idea,but THEY HADN’T IT!DISCOGRAPHIC COMPANIES YOU ARE ONLY ENVIOUSES,BECAUSE,APPLE CORPS HAD ALWAYS GREAT IDEAS AND WILL ALWAYS HAVE IT!AND YOU DON’T!!!YOU OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!! DON’T STOP REAL MUSIC!!!

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