John and Yoko from Charlottesville, Virginia?

Virginia has a whole mess of weird ties to The Beatles.  There are a fair number of Beatle-themed restaurants and bars.  (One of which is rebuilding after a fire.)  The laid back atmosphere of Virginia is something that I could see attractive to a Beatle, but could you imagine John and Yoko, the artists rockers hunkering down there in quaint Charlottesville, Virginia.  I guess it was supposed to be.  It nearly was. 

I can just picture the young family of John, Yoko, and Sean walking along a quaint little main street soaking in the Americana living on borrowed time.  It’s sad to think of what might have been.  But it’s hard to see John and Yoko as vacationers in anytown USA.  I know they were buying properties and cattle and things at that thime.  It’s kind of neat to think about.

Here’s what we’ve read.

When a delusional fan shot and killed John Lennon outside his home in New York in 1980, his family lost a father and husband; the world lost a visionary. But what has never been confirmed until now is that Charlottesville lost its chance to be Lennon and Yoko Ono’s summer home.

In an interview with the Hook this week to promote the upcoming show of Lennon’s art, the avant garde artist and Beatle widow Yoko Ono reminisced about driving through Charlottesville looking for real estate. Ono says she didn’t remember the Charlottesville trip until very recently, a lapse she attributes to the timing of the trip, which occurred shortly before her husband’s murder.

If the details of their Virginia visit remain hazy, Ono, now 74, says she now recalls that she and Lennon came away from the area with a positive impression.

“We were looking for a nice summer house,” she says. Despite the fact that they didn’t tour Monticello or check out other local attractions, she says the spirit of the area affected the artistic couple.

“It was almost like being in touch with the true history [of America],” Ono says.

Source: The Hook


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  1. in this article there’s nothing shocking!John when was married with Yoko had some houses,we all know his apartment in Dakota building in N.Y. city,then he already had another estate in Ascot (and you can see it in his film-documentary:”imagine”),but he would like to buy another house in a country in Scotland,because he loved that country,cause it was so quiet,so he bought an house there,but after few days Yoko and him had a car incident because John drove his car while he was drunk and they went to hospital!but i don’t really know exactly if this house is still there or not!he always thought that one day when he would be grown older,he would like to live in Wight isle with Yoko.John would always like to live not as a VIP but as a normal person,in fact in his life before with Cynthia then with Yoko he chosen always houses (where he could live) quite hidden,far from the centre of the,reading this news for me makes no difference because he loved change,everything,always.

  2. and at last,i would like to say my sincere thought:i know ill crazy people live everywhere,but maybe if John was lived there,now he could be still alive,and who can say?maybe we could see him walking happy,along some streets holding Yoko to him,and taking Sean’s hand,like every normal family.

  3. Odd place to put this I know, but…I’m off to a grad school exam ASAP…here’s a link to clips from all the songs on the new Macca !!! Thanks to the “Beatle News Briefs” folks for the tip…”Dance Tonight” & “Ever Present Past” are full versions, and the rest are 30 second clips (no bonus tracks- just the regular 13)…sounds great ! Blessings-JCL

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