AUDIO INTERVIEW: Talking with The Beatles’ Ringo Starr

 ringo starr, the beatles, rolling stone

Rolling Stone magazine is (no pun intended) rolling out all the stops for its 40th anniversary.  They have a special issue coming out, there is talk about an archive DVD/CD-ROM covering each and every issue of the magazine.  Interesting to Beatle fans, though, is a series of audio interviews that they have done with twenty artists who have shaped the history that Rolling Stone magazine has covered.  No surprise here, but one of the first interviews that they have posted  is with a certain Sir Paul McCartney.  It is now Ringo’s turn to sit down and have a chat with the folks over at Rolling Stone. I really like hearing about Ringo’s new tastes in current music, I always like hearing what they are listening to.  It’s a nice insight into their creative tastes.  It’s always nice to hear new audio interviews with any Beatle.  We gotta hear it all.

  • You can listen to the interview in podcast length segments here.

I have downloaded all segements of this interview, and the Paul McCartney/Rolling Stone interview and put them onto one disc.  It’s nice listening.  It’s an Anthony DeCurtis talks to the Beatles disc.  They make nice bookends on the same disc, and compliment each other quite well.

Here’s what we’ve read.

For our fortieth anniversary, the editors of Rolling Stone have interviewed twenty artists and leaders who helped shape our time. We’ve been debuting exclusive audio clips from the Q&As, giving you unparalleled access to some of the most important personalities in history.

Today we present Fab Four drummer and “Octopus’s Garden” inhabiter Ringo Starr. Starr’s imprint on rock & roll history is unmistakable: As the drummer of The Beatles, he supposedly inspired more people to become drummers than anyone else in history, he captained the Yellow Submarine, and he was the catalyst for millions of Pete Best punchlines. Sitting down with Anthony DeCurtis for our fortieth anniversary issue, Starr talks about his dabbles with drugs, his favorite new music and dealing with the loss of fellow Beatles John and George. Listen to six excerpts from that interview, and for the entire Ringo profile, get your copy of our fortieth anniversary issue, on stands now.

Source: Rolling Stone


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  1. for me listening Ringo’s memories should be so funny!i’ve heard him once talking about The Beatles,and with his so big voice,his friendly way of speaking,made me laugh a lot!Ringo is special,in my point of view,he’s particular ,but what a pity that we can’t see him often i mean on tv,and somewhere else…….i hope this interview will be something that will encourage him to come back on the scenes

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