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VIDEO: Snippets of video from Paul’s new album.

We have collected some new snippets of video from Paul’s upcoming album Memory Almost Full.  These videos are available at: http://www.meyesight.com.  We have collected them from youtube though, and put them all in one post. 


So far we are impressed with what we have heard of Paul’s album.  What are your thoughts with the full songs and snippets of A/V that you have heard so far?  Let us know in the comments.

For now enjoy the videos. There are a few others floating out there, and we will update when we get the links together.

Only Mama Knows – Air Drums Video

(There are more under the cut too.)

Mr. Bellamy– Mr. Bellamy’s Desk

Dance Tonight-Behind the scenes at the video shoot

Paul McCartney’s promo video for Meyesight.com


One Response

  1. Hi guys! Thanks for keeping us up to date! great video snippets…keep it up!!!


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