VIDEO: ‘Bush is Over’ embodies spirit of Lennon.

It looks like the folks at BushIsOver.Org and Justice Through Music have come together for a cause using a song mimicking the Lennon classic Happy Xmas (War is Over).  It seems that they are taking their message for peace and calling on the spirit of Lennon to convey their message. I have to say it’s not a bad cover at all.  I think John would have approved of this message in these days and times. I know he was one to jump on and off bandwagons, and causes would ebb and flow, but you have to think that the state of the world currently would have been a reason to restart his peace movement with the war continuing on in Iraq and other parts of the world. 

I commend the people involved in this peace movement, and I think John would have as well.  Check out the link if you are interested.  Nicely done.

Here’s the video for their performance of Happy Springtime, Bush is Over.

Here’s what we’ve read.

This week, the non-profit organization Justice Through Music, in conjunction with the musical group Op-Critical and the Harmonic Angels children’s choir, released the song “Happy Springtime, Bush is Over,” a plea for peace amidst the war in Iraq and the looming influence of the Bush administration.

Using the John Lennon song “Happy Xmas, War Is Over” as a starting point, the musicians composed new lyrics to fit present-day issues, but were careful to retain the music’s original message. “Like Lennon more than 30 years ago, we are hoping for a quick end to an era of darkness,” said Storm, a member of the band Op-Critical. “So we are psyched that Justice Through Music worked with us to get this song out so quickly.”

In promoting and working with active musicians to relay their message, Justice Through Music attempts to educate and activate young people about the importance of civil rights and voting. “We are making a statement with this song that we will not live in fear and by imagining peace we will create peace,” said Craig Gillette, spokesman for the organization. “This is a real tribute to the message and spirit of Lennon, and we want every person on earth to be inspired by the song and video.”

Since being launched, the video has receieved over 8,0000 views on YouTube and enthusiastic support on the band’s MySpace page.

Source: Raw Story 


14 Responses

  1. well,what more can i say?this is a very clear message and i think it s for a very good reason!unfortunately,war is becoming the only one way to obtain something with evil power ,talking politely isn’t enough anymore!Bush is been a wrong choice for america,that’s sure!!!but,i disappoint with something connected to the song:ok the message,i agree completely and i ‘ve got nothing to say,but why change completely one of the most beautiful Lennon songs?ok the song was HAPPY X-MAS,now it’s not christmas,it was ok change that,but the rest of the song is a perfect peace message,it has no need of changement!!!!for me this song is become a parody now!!!sorry people,but Johnny would been agree with the message,but with the change of the words of the song………………well……….i don’t think so!!!! it’s just written like a peace message and people should use it like it is!REMEMBER SINGERS:FOR THE NEXT TIME,DON’T TRY TO CHANGE SOMETHING WHEN YOU HAVE “THE WORK”ALREADY VERY WELL DONE!!!!JUST……LET IT BE!!!***

  2. speaking of John Lennon hiw bout that beatle reunion song now and then you have been reporting on !! that would do a lot more for you me and the cultural enrichment of the world that would be a tributr in the memory of mr lennon–this story you printed is just people using the name and song of john lennon if yoko didint endorse it theyre just going for their fifteen minutes of fame-for their own gain-he was an artist not a politician if people want to do something productive to honor john lennon or the planet lets get that beatle reunion song now and then that might in its own way help the world a little bit dont you think if youre with me whistle have you got the petition ready lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ok are you with me NOW AND THEN__three cheers for now and then

  4. for mr happy:i don’t want to use John Lennon name or somebody else name!!!!John for me is not just a singerbut he’s my world!!!!you understand me????i don’t want some commercial intentions on art,all that i want is that he will must be reminded in some better ways!and if you understand what i’ve written to you,i think that you are “fighting”just for lovefor music!and i was agree with you because it’s a good cause!!!JOHN LIVES AGAIN IN THIS WORLD!!!!JOHNNY FOREVER!!!!-Ulla***”ALL WE NEED IS LOVE!!!!”

  5. for mr happy:what i ask to you,is to try to understand my point of view.i know very well John wasn’t a politician,that’s obvious!!!but what he really would was to stop war,to “talk”to some consciences:can you remember what he said?he said:”make love not war”!and if just one of the people remembered his words,i think all the terrible things that happen in this world never existed!!!so i ask you,please and i repeat please help me to spread out this message:art mustn’t have a price,no commercial intentions,not to grow rich famous singers,it must be done just for love and (why not?)for peace.and for everybody told that these are rumours,i repeat these aren’t rumours,and if it wasn’t enough,i’ll make too much loud so that those people who told about rumours will be completely deaf!!!finally,i’ll tell you one thing mr happy,PLEASE DON’T CALL ME WHISTLE!!!OR I’LL BECOME MISS SAD!!!!UNDERSTAND BOY???? 😉 i’ll waiting for your answer!!!**Ulla**

  6. All the peaceful thoughts in the world wouldn’t have prevented the terror attacks on 9/11 in the USA which were being planned for years. You can sit and chant “make love, not war” all you want but it will not change radical extremists from their self stated goal of killing anyone who does not believe as they do. If you think it will work, try preaching it to the terrorists and and not to those who have tried to “live as one”…

  7. for Raj:we aren’t preachers,so we can’t preach anything!but John said:”you may say i’m a dreamer,but i’m not the only one”so,whywe can’t think about a better world ,living together without war,violence and something like that…………..whywe can’t???i think you would like to live in this way,too!!!don’ t try to be so hard,with no dream,no hope,we must hope ,always !war isn’t the answer!!!!try to listen John and his songs,and you’ll understand!!!maybe people won’t change,but what do you know about the future?no one knows anything,but we pray and we hope for a better future!so let’s try to be all united,and give peace a chance as John said!!!try to stay with us,try to follow us! i hope you’ll be here with other comments somewhere else! 🙂

  8. Your message is positive; just misdirected. Let me know if the Muslim extremist are willing to “give peace a chance.” It would certainly help the world “live as one”! The USA refrained from retaliation during the several attacks during the 90s only to see 9/11 hit them square in the jaw. In the real world, quoting John Lennon to Muslim extremists is absurd. I am not willing to lay down my arms because John Lennon said we should all think about peace. Didn’t England fight back in the 40s because Europe’s hands-off approach to Hitler wasn’t working? I encourage you to post your message to Al Jazeera as a challenge to Muslim extremists and report back what their response is. I would NOT encourage you to take that message to them in person however…

  9. for Raj:i think we should take this kind of message all together,not just one see,you told right things that are truly happened in the history,but i don’t want to tell you how you can think or how you can tell the’s normal!everyone has an own idea.i respect yours,but you try to respect told me that you won’t change it,i say you ok,but i won’t it too!so,you know that my words aren’t so powerful and i’m not the right person to talk to them!i think politicians should do it ,but every time i hear the news on tv,the situation is just the same!so,i wait ,because time can change everything!you know,i’m trying to be positive about the future,we already had bad times!so,you must to be yourself,and don’t change because i told you,or because John said something like that!but all that i asked you before it was just to be not so hard!and as i started these argument,i would like to prefer stop it,cause this is a Beatles blog,we should talking about Beatles music,not about serious,sad,bigger situations which are around us!so,i hope you will agree with me just for this !and come back to the Beatles song! 😉

  10. All politics aside, I still can’t believe that we are listening to music from a band that essentially started in the late 1950’s! How cool is that! And a bunch of new stuff coming out in 2007 with “Memory Almost Full”, Ringo’s albums, Wilbury re-issues, and a new Julian CD by the end of the year! Beatle music is my escape from politics. I’m listening to Julian stuff right now in fact instead of the news! Stay informed but let the music entertain. Amen!

  11. for Raj:lol !!! but music,real good music is with no age!!!and The Beatles will be evergreen in the music story!i love Julian too!he looks like his dad!don’t you think too?well,ifwe are listening them is because we understand that they were a real rock band,not like most of the group that we hear today!they were the best in the world!!!!and still after so many years they are the best!!!so,don’t care about if this is old music or modern music!!!just enjoy it my friend!!!

  12. Ulla,

    Nothing is worse than picking up a CD of a cool-sounding new band only to read the liner notes and find out that they didn’t play their own instruments! Makes me want my money back! I always looked at the Beatles albums notes to see who played what instrument. It gave them the credibility and the unique sound that nobody else had.


  13. Raj if you think John,Paul,George and ringo never attended a music school,that’s more incredible,too!!!i think you should know well,that they attended an art school,but they never knew how to read notes,which were times of songs,intervals,solo,rythm etc.and probably you couldn’t believe me,but they started to play instruments by ear!!!!that’s very very difficult!!!!i’ve played flute when i was in high school but more than follow notes,i’ve tried to play by ear because my school mates told me that it was simple!but it wasn’t at all!!!to play following notes it could be difficult just for memorazing notes,but after it’s simple,but try to play something by ear,the difficult is so bigger cause it’s complicated to reproduce same sounds,same intervals etc it won’t never be the same !but they were “monsters”so,they “won”!!! 🙂

  14. and what is the most amazing thing is their love for music!earlier when they attended school,George would like to play a guitar,but he couldn’t cause of money,so when he was in the classroom during lessons,he drew some guitars on his block- notes and those drawings were really perfect that seem to be real!!! you see?now which member of which band does this?which one????nobody!!!because now bands,not all but the most,are created around a table,a desk with some contracts where you can find so many sums about fee,that you become shocked!!!and what about how they sing,their voice???no one singer in these last years i mean,hasn’t a good power voice (maybe The Beatles couldn’t have it too,but i don’t think so!!!) and what is clear is that most of the bands,singers etc try to sing The Beatles song,not their song!!!the message is very clear:real music teaches!!!

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