More details on new McCartney album deluxe edition.

Is there any question of any of you dear readers here about which version of the new McCartney album you should buy?  I assume that all of you without exception are going to go after the deluxe-sized version of Memory Almost Full.  It can’t be that more expensive and you get that many more McCartney-penned joys.  Who wouldn’t opt for the grande-sized version of the hotly anticipated album?

Here’s what we’ve read. 

The deluxe limited edition of Paul McCartney’s upcoming album, Memory Almost Full, will feature three bonus tracks. The expanded version of the album is available for presale through According to unofficial reports posted on the McCartney fan website, the three tracks are called “Why So Blue,” “222,” and “In Private.” The album will also be released without the bonus tracks, at both Starbucks chains and other regular outlets, and will be McCartney’s first album to be released digitally.

McCartney band member Brian Ray told that during the early part of the album’s sessions, McCartney and the group recorded at London’s legendary Abbey Road studio where the Beatles recorded the majority of their work together, with the “Fabs'” longtime engineer Geoff Emerick.

Ray, who began working with McCartney in 2002, recalled McCartney taking him aside during the sessions and telling him, “Brian, I want you to play bass on the tracking sessions but I’m sorry to say, I will probably end up overdubbing my own bass on the songs… I feel bad, because you play great!'” Ray went on to tell him, “Paul, if I went out to buy the new Paul McCartney CD and someone else was playing bass, I’d be angry! I completely understand.”

A homemade videoclip to the song “Mr. Bellamy” from the new album can be accessed through McCartney’s website

Memory Almost Full will be released on June 5th.

Source: Rock Radio


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