AUDIO: Link update for Memory Almost Full singles. Hear them here.

Folks, the original links that we posted earlier in the week to hear the audio singles for Memory Almost Full did not last very long at all.  They were cooked, so sorry that they didn’t last very long.  If any of you are looking to listen to the two new singles you can now hear them again for the very first time. 

We have found new audio links for both singles Dance Tonight and Ever Present Past, just in case you haven’t heard them yet.  They are rockin’.  Paul’s upcoming album really does look like a masterpiece in the making.  Give them a listen.

(Links are under the cut, and straight from the Concord Music Group themselves.) ENJOY.


4 Responses

  1. Great news ! THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR EFFORTS !!!! Now we can hear what the album will really feel like…these are the first two tracks…I’ve heard them back to back a bunch and it does make me truly excited about hearing the rest of the album…mini-clips of “House of Wax” (21 sec.) & “Mr. Bellamey” (1:10) are on both Macca’s new official site and at MaccaSpanBlessings of Love & Light to all !!!

  2. […] we are impressed with what we have heard of Paul’s album.  What are your thoughts with the full songs and snippets of A/V that you have heard so far?  Let us know in the […]

  3. awesome songs paulie is back.

  4. Awesome ! I’ve been hanging out for Paul’s next album. Its great that its a bit more “rocky” than the last one (which I also liked). I have missed the rock songs for a little while. Dare I say it… Ever Present Past even sounded a bit like Wings… if only Linda’s voice was in the background.

    The Lad has done good ! Macca – live on, rock on and stay young.


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