Heather’s 15 minutes of fame may not be up…just yet.

Amidst the latest flurry of news reports about a new Beatle single, and new audio from Paul McCartney there has been a lot going on with Ms. Heather Mills.  I think by now, everyone and their brother knows that she was ceremoniously booted from here latest gig, Dancing With the Stars.  If this news report is correct, then we may have not seen the last of Heather Mills on the small screen.

I guess she really is milking all of the reality TV-star milk for all it’s worth.  She is in the process of obtaining not one, but many leads on several different reality-based television shows.  I really do hope that her public notierity is used up once the divorce proceedings are over.  More than anything I’m annoyed with her public persona.  I’ve had my fill over the soon-to-be former Mrs. McCartney. I agree with the article, she is not a gold-digger, she’s worse.  She truly is a fame digger. Famous for what exactly?  Being famous. Hopefully, she just goes away quietly.

Here’s what we’ve read.

When Heather Mills was voted off Dancing With The Stars this week no one could accuse her of not milking the moment.

Seconds after her fate had been delivered, the estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney whipped a piece of paper from the bra beneath her lacy black dress and proceeded to give an Oscar-style thank-you speech.

Having bestowed appreciation on everyone down to the orchestra and make-up girls, Heather, 39, ended the gushing address by switching to one of her pet subjects – vegetarianism – and urging the now baffled viewers not to eat meat on Mondays. “If you can’t stop eating meat, do a no-meat Monday and go vegan and change the world,” she exclaimed.

No one could underestimate her guts in taking part in the US talent show. Having lost her leg in a 1993 traffic accident, she tangoed and samba-ed her way through six weeks of the programme, even once crashing to the floor after slipping on her prosthetic limb.

But while the studio reaction might have been a largely kind one, her dramatic exit was mocked by US comics.
It’s unlikely Heather will care. The whole episode has brought her the positive attention she craved especially in the US, a country in which one critic dubbed her: “The most loathed amputee since the one-armed man in The Fugitive.”

Now, according to reports, Heather is set to appear in the next series of Channel 4’s Celebrity Big Brother. She has reputedly been offered a £250,000 contract and special privileges – including being allowed to take in up to six spare artificial legs (one for every day of the week).
“You either love her or really really hate her.”

C4 source

“You either love her or really really hate her,” said a Channel 4 source. “She really stirs conflicting emotions among viewers – and that is food and drink to Big Brother.”

Should Heather agree to go into the house, it would be a mutually beneficial relationship – because she loves being the centre of attention. Just last week, during a flight back to Britain from LA, Virgin’s entertainment system went down and Lady McCartney was said to have treated passengers to an impromptu dance down the aisles. The only problem was, no one clapped.

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“It was totally embarrassing and all a bit shambolic,” said one passenger, while a Virgin spokesperson said witheringly: “It was not our captain’s idea.” Still, it was all being recorded by US TV channel ABC at the time, so it should reach a wider audience at some point – and that, presumably, is all Heather is concerned about.

“Whatever Heather does next, it’ll be something populist,” predicts Geoff Baker, Sir Paul’s former publicist of 15 years who parted company with his boss after a sometimes tense relationship with Heather.

“Everyone has got her wrong. She’s not a gold-digger, she’s a fame-digger – whether it’s to promote herself or her anti-landmine or anti-fur causes.

“She is probably the best publicist on the planet. She will go for what­ever has the maximum audience. The quality of the show is not important – it’s how many people watch it. I think she’s becoming the world’s biggest celebrity.

“She’s very clever. She has tremendous drive, a determination and spirit. She is a celebrity and col­ourful with it. She will become the equivalent of Jackie Onassis, who became much bigger after President Kennedy was shot. Heather will become bigger after Paul.”

But what of the former Beatle? He is said to have found watching her on Dancing With The Stars uncomfortable and is reportedly furious at the idea of her appearing on Big Brother. It has also been suggested that Heather could use her Big Brother offer as a bargaining chip in her acrimonious divorce from Sir Paul, 64.

He has already toppled down this year’s Rich List based on a pred­icted £100million div­orce payout. He may still be worth £725million but he is one of this year’s biggest chart drops by a figure in the music industry.

“Nobody really knows for sure how much it’s going to cost him. Estimates range from £30million to £200million,” says Dr Philip Beresford, who has compiled the list for almost 20 years. In the Rich List of Music Millionaires, Sir Paul has slipped to No3, having been replaced at No2 by Lord Lloyd-Webber. None of which will make Paul any happier at seeing his soon-to-be ex wife smiling in front of the cameras again.

For Celebrity Big Brother is not her only reported offer. Ladbrokes is offering odds of 5/1 but she is also 6/1 to appear on Strictly Come Dancing – the UK version of Dancing With The Stars – 8/1 to take part in I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! and 10/1 to appear on Celebrity X Factor.

“If she has been bitten by the reality TV bug it could be only a matter of time before we see her on our screens this side of the pond,” says Ladbrokes spokes­man Nick Weinberg. “She appeared to enjoy her stint on prime-time TV.”

That, many would say, is an understatement. The bombardment of offers she has received in the US include a role as stand-in presenter on CNN’s Larry King Live. American producers are also desperate to get her to appear on their version of Hell’s Kitchen.

Added to this are reports that film executives are planning a TV documentary, lifting the lid on Heather’s “sensational” life.

She is being courted by a lucrative contract to reveal all about her chequered past, taking into account her early modelling years – which saw her pose for a German sex manual – and to answer the allegations that she was once a high-class prostitute for rich Arabs in London.

Late last year she was thought to be in negotiations with both the BBC and ITV to give an hour-long Martin Bashir-style interview. And ever since her divorce was announced, Heather has barely gone anywhere without a camcorder.

While she has never revealed when she will release the footage, she has been recording a video diary with the help of her pers­onal ­trainer, Ben Amigoni, her sister, Fiona, and friend and make-up artist Mark Payne. It was also claimed she had secret taped evidence to support her allegations against Sir Paul of wife-beating during their four-year marriage.

If yet more proof were needed of her limelight-loving nature, look no further than the array of inter­views she gave on one day last month. She was officially appearing as a spokeswoman for animal rights charity Viva! – highlighting cruelty to pigs – but she proceeded instead to speak at length about her marriage split.

In interviews with Sky, BBC News 24, Five, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio One, GMTV and ITV News, she complained about her own mistreatment over her divorce, while hinting at a mysterious conspiracy against her.

“I have never spoken badly about my husband. I never will. But there are huge powers. I don’t have that powerful system he has. There are huge powers that create these things for reasons of their own. There is a huge agenda about trying to destroy me and put me down.”

Her increasingly strange outbursts weren’t helped by the fact that, shortly afterwards, Heather was criticised by police for making a series of unnecessary 999 calls.

Yet she also insisted that she didn’t crave an audience. “Think about it. When do I ever go on TV, how many times in the last year?” she declared without a hint of irony. “I’m not a publicity seeker.”

It was easy to forget that Heather was supposed to be railing against animal cruelty.

Carla Lane – TV writer, animal rights promoter and lifelong friend of Sir Paul and Linda McCartney – says: “I’ve just received a leaflet from Viva! – now boasting that she’s doing things for them. I just think how foolish they are, making out she’s a goody two-shoes. She just thinks, ‘If I’m good to animals, people will love me again’.”

Whether Heather will be successful in that mission with a public that remains largely loyal and defensive towards the much loved ex-Beatle is debatable. But it certainly won’t be for want of trying.

If Sir Paul ever harboured fond hopes that his estranged wife might fade away, perhaps he should abandon them now.

Source: Daily Express


2 Responses

  1. i’m so sorry that Heather wasn’t a good wife for Paul,but what make me feel angry so deeply is that people couldn’t accept this woman cause her not so good reputation about her job!i think in this world today people see everything from nice situation till ugly situation,and people have some kinds of job,sometimes ok,but not always ok,but for this nobody can hurt anyone and be against someone like in Heather case!it’s a shame!and those people have broken with their ideas so foolish a couple who have a little girl and could be happy!that’s not right,at all!how could they do it?i think she was truly fallen in love with Paul,and i think she likes to be under show-biz lights,but it’s normal above all for younger women!who wouldn’t be in this way?i loved Linda,she was an angel unfortunately too soon passed away!but life goes on,and a man who lives alone,still an handsome man,good singer,songwriter,perfect father can’t make a new life with another woman???i say:sure he can!but at this moment i think that sometimes it’s not worthy let fans decide about singers private life.people should remember Heather is younger than Paul,she was an actress maybe not so famous because of the kind of films she acted,but she was already famous ( before meeting Paul) ………… so,why should be different ,just for being accepted by all Beatles fans?HEATHER I AGREE WITH YOU!!!YOU’LL BE VERY LUCKY IN YOUR LIFE AND I HOPE IT WILL BE SO!!!!GOOD LUCK!!! 🙂

  2. abc.com dancing with the stars

    abc.com dancing with the stars

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