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Beatles to release new single.


For many long-time Beatle fans, this is simply not newsworthy.  Many do not consider these “new” tunes as true Beatle tunes.  I like to include them in the Beatle cannon personally.  We have previously reported that the first wave of digital download releases may include a new tune from The Fab Four.  It looks like it just well may happen. I just hope that they also release a single in a physical format as well.  I mean I’m all about downloading music, but I like to have something that I can hold as well.  Here’s hoping that we at least get a CD-single of the new tune as well. 

We have been hearing reports for some time that this new track might well actually see the light of day.  The media is still following this story with a full head of steam.  I won’t belive it fully until I see a press release for myself.  We’ll keep you posted.

What are your thoughts on the news of the upcoming single?  Is it a true Beatle track?  Are you excited to hear it?  Do you believe the hype?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Here’s what we’ve read. 

The surviving members of The Beatles are to release a new single compiled from archive recordings.

The track, called Now And Then, is based on a John Lennon recording given to McCartney by the late musician’s widow Yoko Ono.

Archive tracks from George Harrison will also be woven into the new song, along with vocals from Sir Paul McCartney and drumming from Ringo Starr, reports British newspaper the Sunday Express.

ELO musician Jeff Lynne, who produced the track’s original sessions, says, “The song had a chorus but is almost totally lacking in verses. We did the backing track, a rough go that we really didn’t finish.

“It was sort of a bluesy sort of ballad, I suppose, in A minor. It was a very sweet song; I liked it a lot, and I wish we could have finished it.”

Source: andPOP


16 Responses

  1. I certainly want to believe the hype. I suppose that makes me no purist, but I’ll take something over nothing anyday. Besides, I truly adore Real Love and FAAB, and if this ends up being anywhere near the same quality then I think we’re all in for a treat. I too hope they release it in some physical format. I may be 19, but I’m the type who still plays her Beatles on vinyl when possible. I think a vinyl single would be even cooler. Other bands these days are doing it. It’d be so appropriate if Apple did. Either way though I’m definitely looking forward to it. If it comes out as being all rumor, I’ll be really disappointed.

  2. I’m all for new Beatles tracks in whatever form or fashion. I’m just wondering if George actually tracked any guitar parts for “Now And Then” during the Anthology sessions. If that is the case then full speed ahead. I don’t know how I would feel about a mashup with archival Harrison riffs. I want NEW. I’d rather not be listening to “Now And Then” and notice a guitar line from another Beatles tune interwoven. We have the wonderful “Love” soundtrack and I think that is where all that should end.

    On a side note; I’ve never really been a Paul fan. I find him as the antagonist of The Beatles and the main reason why the band split. This is very easy to see in the Let It Be film. I feel like Paul eventually always gets his way with projects. Paul removed all of Phil Spector from Let It Be because John wasn’t around to stop it (don’t get me wrong, I love Let It Be…Naked). And now he’s going to finish and release “Now And Then” which George was not keen of and therefore bumped from Anthology 3. I just keep wondering. I mean, what project does Ringo appose that Paul is planning on completing once he eventually meets his maker? Don’t want to put a bad spin on all of this good news but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

  3. what a a wonderful news!!!XD i’m so curious to hear this new song!i listened “free as a bird”,and it is very nice then “Real love” and i loved it instead!some Lennon songs are wonderful for me but what i think is Paul Mccartney and the “lovely”Yoko should respect much more the John Lennon works!Johnny was a poet,and everything belongs to him is a gift from the sky but unfortunately,his japanese wife understands anything as always!

  4. I agree with Brianna: an old fashoned 45 would be great, especially if some other nice tidbit from the Beatles were to be used as the “B” side. I also agree with Andy: to call it a Beatles song, it must contain original input fron all four Beatles.

    However, I do not agree with the comment that Paul was main reason for the split. I have always attrributed their demise to all four. George has stated that he began to lose interest after Revolver, Ringo quit during the White Album sessions and John allowed the presence of Yoko in thier most intimate environment, the recording studio. She used to sleep under Paul’s piano. Try writing Let It Be with someone snoozing under your feet.

    I think Paul has limited his personal involvement in the back catalogue since his run in with Yoko over songwriting order on Yesterday. That may be why box sets have never been spawned.

    In any event, it looks like a great year unfolding: a new Beatle tune, albums from Ringo and Paul, remixed downloads and a possible re-issue of the entire back catalog. The jury is out as to how good some of these will be, but like someone just said, “I’ll take something over nothing”.

  5. I’m afraid I don’t believe this, I think it’s just media hype with nothing behind it other than the comment last year that Paul would like to finish the track

  6. I do want it to be true, and I bet it is. I’m betting on Beatles music being released on iTunes, remastered, in June and of course they’ll throw in a new track just to break all digital download records.

    From what I’ve heard, all 3 Beatles did work on the track but Geoff couldn’t fix it up enough. I’m sure technology has improved greatly in 10+ years and is now more possible.

    What bothers me is Geoff Lynn’s style of production. It was outdated 15 years ago, how lame will it sound now?

  7. Looking forward to Now and Then. I really liked Free as a Bird, which I’ve always thought of as “Beatlesque”, not in a derogatory way. Don’t care much for Real Love, though the intro piano bit is excellent. My real interest lies in remastering the catalog, especially making mono mixes available for Revolver, Pepper and White Album. Also looking forward to Macca’s latest. Yes 2007 looks promising!

  8. I’m very excited about a new release. It should be noted that there are songs that are other songs that are more individual than colloborations that are thought of as just Beatle songs,ie. Yesterday, many songs on the White Album (Why don’t we do it in the road), that were written and performed by Paul. Revolution No. 9 was exclusively John’s I believe.

  9. i was/am enthralled by both “real love” and “free as a bird”- the music and the videos. when i saw the videos on the last dvd of “anthology”, it was just a wonderful treat, a thrill…..heartrending, but a coda of sorts to the beatles’ music.

    who wouldn’t want another lovely treat like that? even if it doesn’t come up to the high standards of the two previous songs, i’m all for it!

    questions about the complete authenticity of art always surface….and really, who decides? who is the highest expert? shouldn’t the fans decide? as i expect they will, with their pocketbooks…..i imagine the new single, if it is, indeed, released, will generate huge numbers on i-tunes. i know i’ll be buying it a.s.a.p. and yes, a single (record) would be very nice…..i have the single (f.a.a.b.) with john’s drawing on the white cover, on my wall…..it sure belongs there. -sue

  10. I too look forward to the release of Now and Then. I have always assumed that it will also be released as a CD EP (as Real Love and FAAB). Which makes me wonder which bonus tracks we will get. Although no single was released from Anthology III, I expect 3 tracks were laid aside for release with Now and Then before the project was shelved.

    It would also be interesting to know exactly how far the ‘possible’ McCartney Harrison new song ‘All for Love’ developed. Was it actually recorded as well? The sessions are reported to have not gone well. However, who knows it may have progressed far enough to be potentially releasable as well.

  11. For Doc M:you believe right!”Revolution 9″ is written by only John,and in fact,in the first demo never published at the end of the song the “dear” Yoko shouted :”allright” with John,but in the last version that we know well,her part was completely substituted ,putting into the song some noises ,and just leaving John’s voice(that was better!!!)

  12. For Sue:u’ve written something that is true.u see,i don’t know how people would answer to one of your questions,as for example:”shouldn’t fans decide?”,because most of the people think that nobody could decide better than a member of the group,but i don’t know exactly if the choice to publish another single be for fans loving,or just to obtain much more fame……u know ,we all know Paul Mccartney was and is a very good singer,but when he was in The Beatles or in The Wings(his group),he sold many,many albums and for people he was so popular,but when he started the solo career,he lost his fame that he acquired in past years,and i think nobody could remember his latest songs,in fact when he sings in live shows,he sings just old songs who given much more success than today!so sometimes,i think he tries to publish something who can give him success than once and people can remind of him through some songs.

  13. I’m with Edmund on this now clap your hands make some noise and let the Beatles and their people know we want this song and if AllFor love or something else is available we want that too we cant change poverty or some of lifes injustices but we can start a petition and keep this rolling if we don’t care why should they –as for those of you against it kindly don’t try and ruin it for those of us who “get it” come on now twelve years is a bloody long time wheres that petition lets have that song(s) Please Please all that bloody loyalty all that money give us the song already joy for millions whats anybody got to lose come on whos with me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. How many times does this rumour need to surface? I wish this story would just die already!

  15. for crimpies:c’mon!don’t be angry ! we can’t hide the truth,we don’t need of other illusions!we want these songs just for love and anything else!i wish John was still alive,i wish George was still alive too, i wish The Beatles sang together again,i wish that the true art was without price ,and was made just for love!but who can tell us the truth?maybe,can you say the truth?can i say the truth?no one can say it!if the real intensions was really good,i’ll be happier than now,but if the intensions aren’t so real,i think in that case this album shouldn’ t be sold!!! we given love to The Beatles,and we want only love!”the love u take is (must to be) equal to the love you make”(“The End”,”Abbey road”album,1969)these are not rumours ,these are everything we really want! I’M so sorry for your reaction,i don’t want to do a revolution,but it’s important to say what we really feel inside us and don’t hide it!

  16. it could be the last ever new beatle’s song. what a treat.

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