AUDIO: Green Day cover Lennon classic.

What do you folks think of cover albums?  I know, I know most of them are quite horrible, and few, if any, ever do the songs justice.  I always think of them as curiosity pieces.  I somehow manage to always buy them though, even the attrocious ones.  I know a while ago we posted the audio for the REM cover of #9 Dream, now we have the next “single” for the Lennon tribute album, with all proceeds going to Darfur.

Green Day is up with their take on “Working Class Hero.”  It’s kind of an odd choice for me, but I kind of like their rendition. I will tell you though, Cyndi Lauper’s live version of this song will always be one of my favorite Lennon covers, even though she forgot the words mid-song.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Working Class Hero will be released on April 30th, and will be available on iTunes.

Green Day’s newly recorded cover of John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero” will be available for purchase through iTunes starting Monday (April 30th), with all proceeds from sales of the track going to Amnesty International. The band will also shoot a video for the song, which comes off an album called Instant Karma: The Campaign to Save Darfur, a tribute to the late Beatle that will benefit Amnesty International’s campaign to end the Darfur genocide.

(Link to 30-sec. audio snippet at the end of this post.)

Other artists contributing their versions of Lennon songs to the collection include Snow Patrol, R.E.M., Christina Aguilera, Jack Johnson, Corinne Bailey Rae and the Postal Service. Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, is donating all publishing royalties from the album to the Darfur campaign. Instant Karma will arrive in stores on June 12th.

This is Green Day’s second charity recording in the past 12 months. Last summer, the band collaborated on a single with U2 to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Earlier this month, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and his family helped Habitat For Humanity to build new houses for New Orleans residents left homeless by Katrina.

Source: Rock Radio Online


15 Responses

  1. green day is going to ruin this song for me.

    i hate most beatle/john lennon/paul/ringo/george covers. they piss me off usually.

  2. but its for a good cause… so whatever, its fine

  3. and this one is actually okay.

  4. It’s really good. I’ve seen Green Day live twice and always thought it would be cool if they did a Beatles cover and here comes this one. Billie Joe’s vocals are superb. I knew there was going to be more instruments on this version because with Green Day you need Mike Dirnt’s excellent bass and Tre Cool’s killer drums. It is well done and Lennon finishing it off at the end is just brilliant.

  5. I feel I should clarify my last post. Where I said “I always thought it would be cool if they did a Beatles cover and here comes this one,” obviously this is not a Beatles cover but a solo John Lennon track.

  6. I really love it! I’m thoroughly impressed! I’m stoked about the album’s release. It’s even better that it’s charitable as well. I used to be a snob when it came to covers of Beatles or their solo works, but I’ve realized the more openminded one becomes, the more there is in the world to enjoy. Such as this piece. Thanks for the link!

  7. so many singers try to sing Beatles songs or Lennon songs,but i disappoint with that.Ithink those songs should stay in our mind and our heart as we knew for the first time because its beauty is to continue to live throughout years.i think after others for example 10 years people will love always original versions of those songs not covers because these will be completely forgotten.

  8. the cover is great. i’m a big fan of green day so that’s probably one of reasons i really like it. and billie joe sings so awesome. i really love his voice

  9. OH MY GOD!!!! I can’t believe the moment has come!!! I’ve been waiting for so long for a new greenday single/album to come out! WOOT! sigh…so happy…


  11. sorry people,but i listened “workin class hero”sung by Green Day,and sung by Marilyn Manson.and i liked insted Manson’s version!it’s the same like John’s version!Marilyn caught perfectly the soul,the meaning of this John’s song!in fact,he singing it quite like John did!the Green Day’s version,it’s the same at the beginning of the song,but then it changing completely!i mean how music is playied,the way of singing etc.sorry,but i like most Manson’s version!

  12. and i never thought, that we was gonna see each othe. Stacy Fabian.

  13. oh lord my baby your driving me craz. Vaughan Domitilla.

  14. I do love the classics.

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