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AUDIO: Listen to the album opener “Dance Tonight”


We have heard the opening track to the new McCartney album, Memory Almost Full.  I really like the opening track.  It’s got a pop, sing-a-long kind of feel to it.  It made me smile a few times at least.  Also, in case you haven’t heard the first single from the new album, Ever Present Past, make sure that you check it out.

[May 2.2007] UPDATE: The audio link is down.  We are currently looking for another stream of the track.  We will update this post when we get a new stream.

For now, listen to MaccaSpan radio.  They have been playing the two new singles alsmost at the top of every hour. We’ll keep you posted.

What do you think of the new track? Let us know in the comments.

We like it’s downhome kind of feel. I think it’s catchy. I can picture Paul singing this to little Beatrice.


15 Responses

  1. could be from Beatles white album era right? or early Wings? I like it.

  2. It’s catchy, I like it a lot.

  3. Makes me want to sing and dance-does sound like “Wings”. It’s fun.

  4. It sounds like “Dear Yoko” meets “Any Road”…great song

  5. Very nice site! Someone linked to you from the bootlegzone.com forum.

    On subject though, what I’ve heard about and actually heard from the new Paul album sounds amazing. “Dance Tonight” does sound very Ram-like, which is my favorite Paul album. But I think overall this album will sound most like “Flaming Pie”…but I could be totally wrong about that.

  6. oh yeah, i’d say it’ll be reminiscent of flaming pie. this track definitely reminds me of “great day” off that album. a sing-it-to-the-kids kinda ditty.

  7. Frankly, this song is disappointing…a throwaway. “Recent Past” sounded much more sophisticated and rockin’. No Dancing Tonight to this one.

  8. Hard not to think of both Traveling Wilburys & The Band…the “Dear Yoko”/”Any Road” take is pretty on…I really love it…especially because there is a lot of left field arrangement to it (like a Brian Wilson take on roots music)…anywho I’m really looking forward to the new album…so far I think both tracks are unique winners !!! Blessings of Love & Light to all !

  9. […] and some audio has been released in the form of digital radio singles (some of which we have posted).  It looks like we get a bit of an explanation from Sir Paul about this album.  I know that most […]

  10. First impression is pretty good; the mandolin is a nice touch. I’m sure I’ll buy it when it comes out. I’m inclined to like most of Macca’s material anyway (with the exception of his mid-80’s period). His voice is in good form as well.

  11. I think the Any Road comparison is mostly on. It’s a good opener and I can’t wait until this CD is released. I’m really looking forward to hearing the whole thing.

  12. Last night and today (Weds. May 2nd) I can’t this to do anything but buffer…it won’t play ?!? Anyone else finding this ? Thanks for posting for as long as it worked though…here’s a link to a website where they are playing both Macca tracks (this & Ever Present Past) quite often- sometimes at the top of the hour…
    Blessings of Love & Light to all !!

  13. […] Link update for Memory Almost Full singles. Hear them here. Folks, the original links that we posted earlier in the week to hear the audio singles for Memory Almost Full did not last […]

  14. I don’t like it. It’s very, very poor and extremely long. Very dull, what a choice for a single. I hope the rest of the album is better.

  15. It is a great song, it’s very funny I really enojined, it seems he doesn’t change so much he still been handsome, I tell this beacuse I saw the video, I hope the rest of the album be so good like this song

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