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Mandolin helps to lift McCartney’s spirits.

It seems that Paul is truly putting his musical talents to great use.  Not only is he producing, what people are speculating as his greatest body of work in decades, with the latest string of albums as of late, but he is also using it as a theraputic tool.  Yes, some of the new songs are a direct response to his personal life.  Who would have thought though that we would get to see Macca sport a new instrument in all the flury of writing.  I thought the “uke” was his latest fascination, with him lugging it on his latest set of tours? 

Nope, it looks like his new muse is a mandolin.  I thought for some reason that Paul had already mastered the mandolin years ago?  I guess I was mistaken.  Maybe he will take the new instrument out with him on tour as well?  It would be cool to see Paul playing a mandolin onstage.  Everytime I think of a mandolin I think of Peter Buck of R.E.M., he would be proud to see Paul playing one of his favorite axes too.  For those of you who haven’t seen the promotional behind the scenes video clip from the new McCartney website, there is a clip of Paul talking and holding, lo and behold, a mandolin. Check it out.

Here’s what we’ve read. 

What better way could the English singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sir Paul McCartney find to come over his blues than learning a new musical instrument.

The former Beatle star’s new hobbie is to try his hands at mandolin and the 64 year old insisted that the medieval instrument ‘lifted’ his spirits.

The music icon revealed that the instrument is quite new to him as it is not akin to guitar but fiddling with the chords makes him feel young at heart and he remembers his heydays.

“I bought a mandolin. It isn’t tuned like a guitar so I didn’t know my way around it,” Mirror quoted McCartney, as telling Uncut magazine.

“But the feeling of picking my way through and finding chords was magic. It was like I was 17 again,” he said.

“I remembered – this is what it is all about. It was like me and John (Lennon) learning piano. You play and then you hit a wrong note and you go ‘ooohh!’ And you write a whole song on that chord,” he added.

Grammy Award winning McCartney is the first artist signed for Starbucks’s new record label, Los Angeles-based Hear Music, and his CD will be released in a revolutionary new deal.

It will come out in June and be sold in the coffee shop chain’s 13,500 outlets.

McCartney revealed that his passion for mandolin has inspired him to write the opening track of the album.

“The excitement of getting the mandolin, finding new chords – that’s really lifted me, that has. That’s the opening track to my new album,” he revealed.

Source: Daily India


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  1. hey webmaster great story about the mandolin HOWEVER there is breaking news that a Beatles reunion song is finally about to happen–try and get some news real news it doesnt get any bigger than this–call your best sources do you believe this!

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