More details on Memory Almost Full. Including artwork.

It looks like the information is slowly trickling in about Paul’s new LP set to hit in early June.  Could this possibly be the cover?

It is reported that this indeed is the album cover for Memory Almost Full.  The chair seems to make an appearance in the Electronic Press Kit video on the album’s website.  The cover is a little disappointing, but I guess it falls in line with some of Paul’s lackluster artwork.  Hopefully the music does not disappoint. I find it funny that Paul hasn’t had a normal, current,  photo of his face on an album cover since Press To Play.

From reports that we have read, it looks like the album will be released in a few different configurations.  (Remember not all of this information is confirmed, but come from what appear to be reliable sources.) 

The stripped down edition will contain the basic album tracks on one CD. 

A Deluxe Edition will have 2-CD’s. Disc-1 will contain the album tracks. Disc-2 contains a new interview with Paul and 3 bonus tracks. The Deluxe Edition will also contain a bonus DVD. No word on the contents of the DVD.

Source: Macca Report

In addition, it looks like there has been a whole boatload of new material about the new album posted over at: There are video clips, EPK info, images, and sounds.  Things are finally grinding into gear. If you haven’t checked out this site, I highly recommend it.

  • Also, if you haven’t heard the single Ever Present Past, remember to check it out here.


4 Responses

  1. The chair makes it look like he’s ready for retirement rather than a new album!

  2. The chair has some of Paul and Linda’s drawings made for the t-shirts they used to make.

  3. much better looking than nivana’s baby floating naked in the water photo. it’s a nice cool photo .

  4. I like the cover artwork. It’s like poetry where you can read different meanings into it.

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