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AUDIO: Listen to the entire Paul McCartney single.

The dust has settled, and the hype has come out.  You can now listen to the complete new Paul McCartney single –  “Ever Present Past“.
(Link courtesy of http://www.maccaspan.com – You guys rock!)

I think the overall initial reception is very positive. We happen to like it very much.  What do you guys think of the new Paul McCartney single?  What are your hopes for the new album? 


12 Responses

  1. I am totally thrilled ! I cam fairly late to later period McCartney. His rough patch starting with “Pipes of Peace” really turned me off…the last one I’d heard, and at the time it was too little too late, was “Flowers in the Dirt” (FITD). Well about 2 years ago I began to finally get curious, with all the great reviews for “Chaos & Creation…”, and I went back to FITD first, and really dug it…then I was blown away by “Flaming Pie”, “Off th Ground” & “Chaos..”…I also really liked “Driving Rain” & “Run Devil Run” a whole lot. In short I was not an easy sell, and I was happily shocked at the quality of his work as he started to release works of original material every 4 years or so. I was a bit worried about this being such a quick follow-up, but if this single is any indication then I have nothing to worry about. I am just amazed that he has hit such a later life peak streak of wonderful stuff. What a pleasure !! Ever Present Past is a fantastic single, and whether it sells or not…I have good feelings that the album will. Blessings of Love & Light to all !!!

  2. Wow, it sounds like the Strokes (I think that’s a compliment).

  3. i love love love love love this…

    and correct me if im wrong, but the background music sounds sort of geroge harrison-esque.

    i love it

    and this picture of paul is the cutest thing eevr

  4. & i have no doubt that the single will be a hit

  5. Great song!
    The sound is reminiscent of McCartney2!

    Top of the charts!!

  6. What a great, poppy tune! His voice is still there and punching through. Extremely catchy and a great retrospective song. Hope the album is awesome!

  7. one problem i have had with more recent macca releases is that they sound like a 60+ year old man making music. they haven’t been songs i could relate to, and weren’t as fresh sounding as some of his early 70’s albums still sound to this day. but this is poppy! this is even danceable! this IS fresh!

    JudasConstant, it does sound a little like the strokes. the strokes if they joined forces with adam schlesinger of fountains of wayne. i’m diggin’ it!

  8. Well,this is a one-dimensional throw-away tune even lacking a decent chorus!If Macca had presented it to the Beatles it would have landed in the dustbin!

  9. love it. it’s paul mccartney, not rob zombie, thank God……..can hardly wait for the cd…….2007 is gonna be a beatles year.

  10. I´m from Uruguay, South America, and I like to consider me as number 1 macca fan, but, I have to admit; I DON´S LIKE HIS NEW SINGLE, is a great great disaster.
    I think he is trying to sound as if his 18 again, let Justin Timberlake do a song like this one !!!!! not Mc Cartney please !!!!!!! nobody told him this is a big step back ?
    Do something serious like the Chaos album, let the children do stuff for the top ten .
    Give my regards to Niles Godrich.
    A big, big dissapoint….

  11. […] Also, if you haven’t heard the single Ever Present Past, remember to check it out here. […]

  12. […] a few times at least.  Also, in case you haven’t heard the first single from the new album, Ever Present Past, make sure that you check it […]

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