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Yoko Ono to speak in defence of Phil Spector.

So Yoko Ono and Keith Richards walk into a courtroom…no no this is not the beginning of a joke at all.  The two superstars are coming to the aid of the troubled producer extraordinaire in his murder trial, and appearing as character witnesses. 

I find this quite strange, considering that Phil once pulled a gun on John Lennon, but I guess they are all old friends, and share a kindred bond in creative genius.  It’s just a  sad situation all around. By the way, Phil Spector is arguably one of the craziest people alive today in our opinion.

Here’s what we’ve read.

A 12-member jury was on Thursday chosen to hear the murder trial of legendary music producer Phil Spector.

Spector (67) is accused of shooting dead B-movie actress Lana Clarkson at his home in Los Angeles on 3 February 2003.

Spector, who denies committing the murder, is alleged to have told police officers who arrived at his place immediately after the shooting: “I didn’t mean to shoot her.”

He told Esquire magazine in 2003 that Clarkson shot herself. “She kissed the gun,” said Spector.

Yoko Ono will be a character witness at the murder trial of Phil Spector.

The widow of Beatle John Lennon will join Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards to testify in defence of Spector as he faces life in jail.

According to Daily Mail, Spector once fired a gun over Lennon’s head during a stormy recording session in Los Angeles.

Lennon reportedly said to Spector: “Phil, if you’re going to kill me, kill me. But don’t f*** with me ears. I need ‘em.”

Source: TLT News


3 Responses

  1. rock’n,roll is never die

  2. I have to be a little snotty here and say that if you want to get out of a murder change by claiming insanity, that hairstyle will almost certainly stand as evidence!!

    I actually have no opinion on his guilt but I have certainly reached the opinion that he’s a few bricks short of a well.


  3. Kf15Ly comment3 ,

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