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More details on the new McCartney single airing today.


A lot of this information really is a reiteration of what we posted yesterday, but we thought we’d put it up here.  We personally have not heard the new track on the radio waves yet, but hopefully you all will fill us in with your reports.  What is the song like, do you like it?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments please.  We are too anxious to wait!

Here’s what we’ve read.

The first single from Paul McCartney’s upcoming album Memory Almost Full will be released to radio on Friday (April 20th). The news of the single, called “Ever Present Past,” was posted on the chat board for studio technician Steve Hoffman’s website. It was on Hoffman’s site that the tracklisting and description of the upcoming album was first leaked.

The track was described on the website stevehoffman.tv as being, “Musically quirky — McCartney II (album) fans will love this one — hooky and clever with great lyrics, addictive robotic rhythm, nifty distorted guitar riffs and terrific double-tracked vocals. Fully realized top-drawer ‘Macca Pop’ in every respect, (with the) opening line: ‘I’ve got too much on my plate — I’ve got no time to be a decent lover.’ A+”

There’s been no official release date set for the single of “Ever Present Past,” but a video reportedly was shot for the album’s lead-off track, “Dancing Tonight,” starring Natalie Portman and The Office star Mackenzie Crook. Memory Almost Full will be released on June 5th.

Steve Hoffman is a well respected album mastering engineer, who is responsible for conforming digital sound and analog tape into either a vinyl LP or compact disc.

Ringo Starr’s longtime producer Mark Hudson first worked with McCartney in 1997. He says that McCartney has more than earned the right to be as experimental as he wants to be: “There’s a weird thing about getting older and being relevant. And sometimes we try to be, ‘Oh, we better sound like Coldplay or Radiohead, ’cause that’s what’s happening now.’ And I think that when it come to the Beatles, they have nothing else to prove other than being what they wanna be. And if they wanna stretch out and try something new, they could do a polka album — ’cause they paid their dues and done their stuff.”

Source: Rock Radio


8 Responses

  1. There is a 30 second clip here:


    sound like this might be the iTunes clip.

  2. i havent heard it yet today… and ive been listening

  3. but the 30 seconds is amazingg

  4. This single really is catchy. I don’t know if it is top 40 material, but catch!

    As a fan, I love it.

  5. Full track available here (source: Hoffman’s forum):
    [audio src="http://jack_benny.podomatic.com/enclosure/2007-04-20T21_16_01-07_00.mp3" /]

    Again Macca has created something new and something different in his catalogue. He proves he’s still able to write catchy song. Good one! I’m looking forward to hear the whole album.

  6. Has anyone else heard the new song on the radio? i havent and im really upset about it…. ive only heard that 30 seconds from above and its liketorture not to be able to hear the whole thing

  7. http://www.beatlesfanclub.nl/content/view/1477/47/ click on the new single and you hear it.

  8. I’m sorry for bad link above, I haven’t noticed it doesn’t work anymore…

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