New McCartney single available to radio stations. Details.

Hold onto your seats.  This is a long post.  We have summarized a lot of information about the new single, new album, and new mini-website.  Grab a cup of coffee, sit tight and read all about it. It’s Paul McCartney-palooza!


It has been told on the SteveHoffman messageboards that Friday will be a big day for Paul McCartney and his anticipated LP release for 2007.  The first single from his forthcoming album entitled “Memory Almost Full” will be available to radio stations via digital download at 12:01am ET this Friday, April 20. The track is titled,”Ever Present Past.”  Keep your ears open on your local radio stations for a listen of the track that has been described by some in message board postings as:

“…Musically quirky (McCartney II fans will love this one), hooky and clever with great lyrics, addictive robotic rhythm, nifty distorted guitar riffs and terrific double-tracked vocals. Fully realized top-drawer Macca Pop in every respect….”

Further description:

“…The double-tracked vocals are sung in a low register during the verses, and are largely falsetto during the chorus (vaguely reminiscent of Sparks’ Russell Mael). The lyric is in some ways similar to “Friends To Go” (looking back in hindsight on childhood activities).

The rhythm/feel/tempo is similar to the “live a little, be a gypsy, get around” section of “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey”. The entire track moves along at this pace and tempo, with a bit of slight rhythmic doubling-up on the chorus.

EPP is in the key of C– the verse alternates between Dm7 and C. The “middle 8” section (in the key of F) features loud, crunchy electric guitar and some great pounding electric harpsichord.

After a concluding double-chorus section, the track ends on crashing C chord….”

Is it possible that the lyrics have leaked as well?  It looks like they may have.  We also snagged these from the SH boards.

Ever Present Past (McCartney)

Verse One:

I’ve got too much on my plate
Don’t have no time to be a decent lover
I hope it isn’t too late
Searching for the time that has gone so fast
The time that I thought would last
My Ever Present Past

Verse Two:

I’ve got too much on my mind
I think of everything to be discovered
I hope there’s something to find
Searching for the time that has gone so fast
The time that I thought would last
My Ever Present Past


The things I think I did
I do, I think I did
The things I think I did
When I was a kid, when I was a kid


I couldn’t understand a word that they were saying
But still I hung around and took it all in
I wouldn’t join in with the games that they were playing
It went by, it went by, in a flash
It flew by, it flew by, in a flash

Short guitar solo

Verse Three:

There’s far too much on my plate
Don’t have no time to be a decent lover
I hope it’s never too late
Searching for the time that has gone so fast
The time that I thought would last
My Ever Present Past

Double Chorus


Now remember folks, this is all speculation, and simply what we have read.  We have not heard the track ourselves. But, it does sound like Paul may be doing some wonderful work here people!  It’s an exciting time to be a McCartney fan.  Hopefully we get some reports to you tomorrow about the song.  Hopefully we get to catch it on the radio as well.  I’m sure you’ll be filling us in with reports.  If you don’t want to hear the song before the album comes out, we recommend not turning your radio on.  Some people prefer to hear it in context of the album.  I, personally, can’t wait.  Please, send us your reports.

Also, it looks like Paul is creating a micro-website for the new album.  There is no content available, yet, at this website, but it looks like there will be some there soon.  There are places for content to be activated, ala the “Chaos” website.  So far, you have to log-in to the site using your login. 

You can view the site at:
We like the look of the McCartney signature in pink!   The only real content there is a funny video of Paul on a green background.  Looks like there’s more to come.  Stay tuned!

Also, heard through the messageboard grapevine is the tracklisting for the upcoming album.  It looks like the producer has all but confirmed that this is the true tracklisting for “Memory Almost Full.” 

1. Dance Tonight
2. Ever Present Past
3. See Your Sunshine
4. Only Mama Knows
5. You Tell Me
6. Mr. Bellamy
7. Gratitude
8. Vintage Clothes
9. That Was Me
10. Feet In The Clouds
11. House Of Wax
12. End Of The End
13. BONUS (Japanese track)

Finally, if you’ve read this far, then you are a Macca die-hard.  It looks like our friends over at Macca-span have included some screen captures from Paul’s new promotional videos for the album. 

  • You can download the promotional video here.  It’s only a 30-second-clip for right now, but that’s all that’s up so far.

Check the screen capture photos out here. (To view these pictures you must be a member of the forum. If you are not a Macca-span member, why not?  Registration is FREE!)


4 Responses

  1. may i just say i am incredibly psyched for this?

  2. I’m dying here.

    I have discovered your blog just in time. Thanks for the info!

  3. […] lot of this information really is a reiteration of what we posted yesterday, but we thought we’d put it up here.  We personally have not heard the new track on the […]

  4. Great post! Thanks!

    “Ever Present Past” is a great single in true McCartney tradition. It will undoubtedly be a smash.

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