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Paul McCartney producer says leaked tracklisting is bogus.

This past week has been one full of rumors and speculation about Paul McCartney’s hotly anticipated album.  Most of these rumors have been nothing more than that-speculative rumors that we have read elsewhere.  I guess we did help to feed the rumor mill, but it really is fun to speculate, and after all we are a blog.  That’s what we do.  Hopefully we hear an official announcement soon.

Once we hear an official tracklisting for Paul’s next album, we will be one of the first to post it here.  We will keep you updated.  For now, we will keep those rumors quiet about the new album just for a little while.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Several supposed tracklistings to the upcoming Paul McCartney album, called Memory Almost Full, have made their way onto the Internet. The most notable was posted on the online blog starbucksgossip.typepad.com, which listed 12 song titles, gave a thumbnail description of each song, and even printed the lyrics to the album’s opening and closing tracks.

Macca’s producer David Kahne told the McCartney fan website maccareport.com that the information is bogus, stating that, “This is a fake tracklisting. It has nothing to do with the album, pretty funny, though.”

A new tracklisting has been making the rounds with a 13 song lineup, with notes from a fan who purports to have heard the yet-to-be released album several times. The notes, which seem quite believable due to their detail which cross-references Macca’s solo work, could only be written by someone who is familiar with McCartney’s catalogue.

Fans are confused as to what to believe. In the past McCartney has been known to release the track listings, along with advance promotional copies of his new work well in advance of its release date. The June 5th release of Memory Almost Full will be his first away from longtime label Capitol/EMI, so no one knows whether the new Hear Music label is actually letting insiders hear the new work or whether the reports are only an online “in-joke.”

Source: Rock Radio


3 Responses

  1. > 1. Dance Tonight
    > 2. Ever Present Past
    > 3. See Your Sunshine
    > 4. Only Mama Knows
    > 5. You Tell Me
    > 6. Mr. Bellamy
    > 7. Gratitude
    > 8. Vintage Clothes
    > 9. That Was Me
    > 10. Feet In The Clouds
    > 11. House Of Wax
    > 12. End Of The End
    > 13. Nod Your Head

  2. Eu quero Paul no Brasil fazendo turnê desse álbum!

  3. And you can hear “Ever Present Past” at:

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