Paul McCartney Pays Secret Tribute To Linda On New Album

I guess the tribute to Linda is not so secret anymore with this news breaking.  It seems that this album was rumored to be a breakup album in grand style.  It is looking more and more to be a heartbreaking album instead.  Maybe we’ll just call it Paul’s homage to love lost. 

If this is true, and it very well may be, then I guess that Paul is yearning for love of the past, and not the lost love of Heather.  It seems that the lost Linda is the one who will always hold the key to Paul’s heart.  Could this album title be his way of reaffirming his love for Linda?  You decide.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Sir Paul McCartney pays cryptic tribute to his late wife Linda in the title of his forthcoming album ‘Memory Almost Full’.

The title is in fact a perfect anagram of ‘For My Soulmate LLM’, and Paul’s album is said to be dedicated to the memory of Linda, who lost her long running battle with breast cancer in 1998.

A friend tells the Sunday Mirror, “It is a title Paul has had on his mind for a long time – even before Linda died.

“This record is an homage to the woman who remains the true love of his life – and his soulmate.”

However, the friend adds that the material has been inspired by the break up last year of his second marriage to Heather Mills.

They explain, “This record is very much the break-up album. He’d never have used the title if things were going well with Heather.”

Source: Entertainment Wise


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